Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday Separate Section

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Welcome to Burbank!

You always knew when you has made it back home to Burbank

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Remembering Burbank’s Sacrifice for Our Country

Each Memorial Day the names of those who were lost are read aloud and a Red Rose placed on their monument to assure that their names ring out in our city once again so their sacrifice is not forgotten

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Own Song

If you would like to hear a performance of this home town song I will be giving a slide presentation this Saturday afternoon at the Burbank Historical Society Gordon Howard Museum at Olive Rec at 2 pm.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank Was Once Wine Country

At one time the Hillsides of the Verdugo’s were covered in grape arbors

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Beach Boys Burbank Connection

All of this was brought about by Burbank High School Drill team member and super loyal student Jodi Gable

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Andrew Jergens Plant

e all told time the same way by the sound of the Jergens Plant break and main steam whistles

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s First Real School Building

It had a belfry or bell tower which housed the bell that called the boys and girls of the community to school each morning

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank Villa Hotel

Dr Burbank himself took on the task of building a first class hotel for local visitors to stay.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: No Factory Here, Just Farms!

Imagine the entire Empire shopping center covered in chicken wire with painted feathers to look like alfalfa fields

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank Community Hospital

Way before Saint Joseph’s Hospital was the main source of Medical care in Burbank, there was a place called the Burbank Community Hospital

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Train Depot

Today under the Olive Avenue Bridge there is a gleaming modern train station. It has ample parking, and Elevator to take people up to or down from…

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Cornell Theater

Located on San Fernando Rd. between Bethany and Cornell Dr. it was one of the most stylish movie houses in Burbank