Letter: To Burbank Citizens From Sharon Springer

Letter from Sharon Springer

Letter to the Editor: Open Facebook Group to All Citizens

Being among many residents whose requests to join have gone unanswered, I want all Burbank residents to be granted equal access to this group

LETTER: Councilman Frutos Gives Thanks

Burbank Councilman Sends Thanksgiving message to Burbank citizens

myBurbank’s Position: ‘YES’ on Measure B

The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to modernizing the current Bob Hope airport terminal

Letter to the Editor: Councilman Frutos and Wife Laura Sending Words of Support

With the recent tragic events in Dallas, I believe it is time of us, residents of Burbank to express our support for our Burbank Police Department:…

Letter to the Editor: Mayor Frutos Spreads Well Wishes

I want to wish you and your family Peace, Love and Happiness.

LETTER: Burbank Councilman Reports Out to Citizens

Councilman Will Rogers give residents a way to track his activities between council meetings

LETTER: New Bikeway Unifying Factor for Community

By completing this project, the City will be taking a step closer to realizing the vision set forth in the Bicycle Master Plan

Park Land Giveaway Hurts Burbank Now…and in Future

Burbank's City Council is thinking how to give away open park land to nonprofit - how about stop thinking about it

Letter: Councilman Looks for Better Communication Routes to Public

Councilman Will Rogers is looking for best lines of communications to keep public informed and involved on Airport and other City Issues.