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Woman Allegedly Hits Car Driven By Fleeing John

After a john refuses to pay an alleged prostitute for services, he flees the scene. She allegedly strikes his vehicle with her own, causing an accident with a third car on Buena Vista Street on Friday night.

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Peeping Tom Sought After Possible Repeat Incident

A white male age 35-45 is the suspect in a recent peeping tom incident on the 600 block of E. San Jose Avenue.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Bicyclist Struck By Vehicle

The bicyclist remains at L.A. County Medical Center in critical condition with significant head trauma. The driver of the car, while reportedly not under the influence, was arrested for possession of cocaine.

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Two Arrested At Burbank Costco For Burglary

Two men were arrested for burglary at Costco after allegedly cutting open packages in the electronics department and walking out of the store with items in their pants.

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Burbank Police Use Taser To Subdue Man On Freeway On Ramp

Burbank police used a Taser to subdue a man who walked onto 134 Freeway on-ramp away from officers after allegedly kicking cars nearby.

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Four Catalytic Converters Stolen From Vehicles Throughout City

Four catalytic converter thefts are reported throughout the city on Wednesday.

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Man Arrested For Stealing iPhone And Other Items At Gym

A Burbank man was arrested for stealing an iPhone and other property at the Burbank Athletic Club on Monday evening.

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Commercial Burglary Reported On Verdugo Avenue

The business was almost moved out of the commercial space at 1701 W. Verdugo Avenue, but thieves stole some computer equipment

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Copper Thefts Reported From Two Park Restrooms

Copper valves worth $4000 were stolen from restrooms at two city parks during the early afternoon hours on Tuesday.

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Rear Sliding Glass Door Smashed In Home Buglary

A home on Sixth Street was broken into on Tuesday. Thieves smashed the rear sliding glass door to gain entry.

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Cases of Red Bull Stolen From Delivery Truck

Sixty-four cases of Red Bull energy drink were stolen from a delivery truck parked in the Ralphs’ parking lot on Tuesday.

Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse.

Police Chief Addresses FBI Investigation Announcement

After FBI closes investigation into Burbank Police officers involved in different allegations several years ago, it has decided not to file any charges. Chief LaChasse sends an open letter to officers.

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Thieves Attempt To Steal From Band Pro Film And Digital Again

Three unknown suspects almost make off with a truck-load of camera lenses and professional film equipment. Police arrive to find a hole cut in the side of the business and a stolen van parked nearby. The property is left behind but the would-be thieves get away.