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Alert Citizen Reports Suspicious Pair Burglarizing Cars in Downtown

Glendale residents arrested for auto burglary in downtown Burbank parking structure

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Burbank Police Want You to Report Suspicious Terrorist Activities

It is your awareness reported to police that can help predict and prevent attacks before they happen

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Water Main Break Causes Havoc Near Fire Training Center

Damage caused by a broken water main will take days to be tabulated along with the repairs it caused

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Fired Police Sgt. Back on the Streets after Reinstatement

Burbank Police Sgt. Chris Canales, who was fired in 2010, was back on the streets of Burbank Monday after being reinstated

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Five Arrested at Burbank Police DUI Checkpoint

Three of the arrests were for driving under the influence according top police who screened 1,278 drivers

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Two Burbank Residential Burglary Suspects Arrested

Two men were arrested in Magnolia Park Wednesday with items identified as stolen from a nearby home. Police think these two suspects may possibly be involved in the recent string of daytime residential burglaries plaguing the western end of Burbank.

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Residential Burglary Reported On Buena Vista

Another residential burglary was reported Tuesday on 800 block of Buena Vista Street. Thieves got away with jewelry and cash.

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Nearly 25 Holiday Weekend Thefts From Vehicles Reported

Most of the thefts from unlocked autos were reported in the west end of Burbank. The police are looking for two suspects and may release video to the public.

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City of Burbank Loses Appeal Involving Captain Bill Taylor and $1.3 Million Verdict

Payment to former Deputy Chief who was demoted to Captain will be in excess of $2 million dollars plus court costs and legal fees.

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Four Residential Burglaries Reported Friday

On Maple, Lima, Cordova and Avon, four residences are struck by thieves during the daytime.

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Woman Allegedly Hits Car Driven By Fleeing John

After a john refuses to pay an alleged prostitute for services, he flees the scene. She allegedly strikes his vehicle with her own, causing an accident with a third car on Buena Vista Street on Friday night.

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Peeping Tom Sought After Possible Repeat Incident

A white male age 35-45 is the suspect in a recent peeping tom incident on the 600 block of E. San Jose Avenue.

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Burbank Bicyclist Struck By Vehicle

The bicyclist remains at L.A. County Medical Center in critical condition with significant head trauma. The driver of the car, while reportedly not under the influence, was arrested for possession of cocaine.