It’s on to the Next Election, Burbank

Candidates for Burbank seats have begun taking out nomination papers for the 2017 elections

myBurbank’s Position: ‘YES’ on Measure B

The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to modernizing the current Bob Hope airport terminal

Measure B Proponents Release Information

The Committee for Yes on Measure B support the 14-gate terminal replacement at the Hollywood Burbank Airport for the November 8th elections

Children’s Protection from Identity Theft Approved by Governor

Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s Bill to Protect Children from Identity Theft Approved by Governor

Adam Schiff Rips Trump at Democratic Convention

Rep. Schiff Hammers Trump in Speech to the Democratic National Convention

Rep. Schiff Speech on House Floor During Sit In Demanding Vote

Schiff: Nothing must be off limits in our efforts to deal with not only the scourge of terrorism, but the scourge of gun violence

Talamantes to Serve Second Term as Mayor of Burbank

Council Member Will Rogers named Vice Mayor after Council overcomes awkward silence

2016 Student Art Competition Announced by Schiff

Rep. Schiff Announces Annual 2016 Student Art Competition with Online Voting for “People’s Choice” Winner

Avance Democratic Club Endorses Kassakhian

One of the largest Democratic club’s in LA County backs Kassakhian’s candidacy

Gatto Introduces Legislation to Curb Fraudulent Disability Placard Use

Irresponsible and fraudulent placard use has become a significant concern

Gatto Introduces Bill Giving Law Enforcement Resources to Investigate Cold Cases

AB 2440 Provides Additional Funding for Solving Old Crimes Where DNA is Present

Gatto Proposes Student Privacy Reforms in Wake of Data Dump Ruling

AB 2097 would restrict school districts from collecting student Social Security Numbers except when required by federal law

Schiff Announces 2016 Nominations to U.S. Service Academies

Six Burbank residents nominated including former Burroughs All-State pitcher Thomas Wilson