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BHS Pennies For Patients Aims To Raise Top Funds For Leukemia Society

Students at Burbank High are waiting to hear if they raised the most Pennies for Patients in the national fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

District schools, from elementary to high school, conduct fundraisers for the society’s Los Angeles chapter. In 2013, Burbank High earned the most money of all high schools. The school will find out if it won again in May.

Over three weeks during the school year, all classrooms are encouraged to raise funds for the project, said Wendy Miller, senior English teacher, activities director and Associated Student Body adviser at Burbank High. She is also a 1992 graduate of the school. She brought the program to Burbank High when she started teaching there in 2000 and over 14 years the school has raised more than $77,000.

This year the school raised more than $6,700. The room that raised the most money, $1,342.71, was Trevor Marca’s freshman English honors class with only 23 students. Their reward was a lunch catered by Olive Garden.

Each year, the society chooses an Honored Hero to represent children in recovery for whom these funds are raised. This year a 9-year-old boy named Stevie was selected. He is in remission from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

“The Honored Heroes come visit the school so the high school students can see that their pennies do make a difference,” Miller said.

A few of the students who raised the most money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are (from left): Rebekah Maynes, teacher Trevor Marca,  Sumani Ojo, Amanda Camacho, Mary Tebbe, Natalie Seremi, Shauna Hosepo and Leonard Wee. (Photo by Joyce Rudolph)

A few of the students who raised the most money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are (from left): Rebekah Maynes, teacher Trevor Marca, Sumani Ojo, Amanda Camacho, Mary Tebbe, Natalie Seremi, Shauna Hosepo and Leonard Wee. (Photo by Joyce Rudolph)

Ninth-grader Amanda Camacho, 13, was the top collector of donations in her class.

“It feels really good to help a specific cause,” she said, adding that employees from her mother’s work donated money.

Second place top donation getter was Mary Tebbe, 14, also a ninth-grader, who collected money from family.

Marca’s fourth period classes have been the top fundraisers five out of the 10 years he has been teaching at Burbank High School.

There are so many causes for which the school raises funds, Marca focuses on one.

“This is one that I think is a really good cause and it’s fun to get the kids excited an it has a nice reward as well,” he said. “I’ve had a handful of students who have had leukemia and they have all survived so it’s hit close to home for me and Burbank High.”

It teaches the students about philanthropy and the importance of giving back to the community, he added. In the end, it’s not about getting lunch from Olive Garden, which is a nice bonus, but it’s about the charity. Plus, it’s fun to get competitive with the other classes.

“One year the classroom wanted to forgo the Olive Garden party and put that money toward the charity, but the society wouldn’t allow that,” said Marca, who graduated from Burbank High in 1996.

Even though there were only 23 students in the winning class, they got their parents and the community involved and Camacho’s mother got her entire office involved.

“Every year there are a few students who rack it up and the others chip in and do what they can do. But the key to charity is giving what you can and what you are comfortable with, so you don’t give anything you will regret later,” Marca said.

Muir Fundraiser Makes ‘Em Laugh And Garners Close To $20,000

Burbank turned out in full force Saturday evening, February 22, in support of John Muir Middle School’s auditorium fundraiser The Really Big Show. Nearly $20,000 was raised from ticket sales, auction items, concessions and donations, according to the John Muir Booster Association.

Business and community partners joined parents, students, teachers and administration of the Burbank Unified School District for a pre-concert reception, silent auction and a night of entertainment.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The evening was emceed by four past and present Principals of Muir: Bruce Osgood, Dan Hacking, John Paramo and Dr. Greg Miller, the current head of the school. The four gentleman had the packed house rolling in the aisles with their rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” complete with dance moves and feather boas.

It was a great night for everyone involved and a great start to our campaign to modernize our 60-year old auditorium,” commented Miller. “The Muir and Burbank High student performers were amazing, and our faculty band, the Muir Mortals, were incredible, particularly ‘Ode to the Aud’ which they wrote especially for the evening.”

“It was great fun to work with former principals Bruce Osgood, Dan Hacking, and John Paramo, who helped out because they love Muir.” 

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Several of Burbank High School’s arts and music programs were well represented, including the VMA Sirens, Third Street Jazz Combo, “Unleashed” Dance, IMA String Quartet, Play Production and Gentleman’s Octet.

In the second act, Muir’s own Drama, Choir and Band programs worked together to present an original musical production about the beloved auditorium and its need for repair.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Arts For All Foundation has provided over $5000 to the Muir auditorium project during the past year. The Muir auditorium has been basically untouched for over sixty years, with only a few minor adjustments made. While some Measure S Bond money is available to upgrade air conditioning and related bond-measure items, the bulk of the renovation falls on the school to provide.

“It was great to see our community come out and support Muir and we are so grateful for everyone’s contribution to a very successful night,” added Miller.

The Auditorium Task Force has been working to raise $100,000 to cover costs of needed upgrades for lighting, sound, seating and more for the 674-seat space the school calls “Our Living Room.” The Really Big Show came about as a way to kick off the campaign, bring the community together and have some fun while doing so.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“The night also kicked off our matching challenge grant from Warner Brothers,” Miller said.

“Thanks to their generosity, they will match dollar for dollar every donation that comes in during the next 60 days,” he explained. “The challenge is that we only get the $10,000 if the whole amount is raised, so we are still looking for donations large and small to help with this project.”

The John Muir Booster Association is collecting all donations towards the auditorium modernization. Donations to the project can be made directly on the school’s auditorium project page or by contacting Principal Miller at 818-558-5320.

The school is also conducting a tile design campaign to raise funds and more information can be found on the same web page.

JohnMuirBoosterAssociation@hotmail.com.calling the school at

Burroughs & BHS Lower Class Size For Spring, Burroughs Adds Teacher

Burroughs and Burbank High Schools are adding more classes to reduce the teacher to student ratio for the spring semester at both campuses. When students return to school on Monday, January 6, many will have new schedules and smaller classes for core subjects like English, Math, Science, Social Science and Phys. Ed.

The Burbank Unified School District has some money available to reduce class sizes from the state’s Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), according to Emilio Urioste, Director of Secondary Education for the district. The money will provide for a full-day English teacher for the spring semester at Burroughs.

“When we found this money was able to be used to reduce class size in grades 9-12, we met with the principals from BHS and Burroughs and asked them to put together a plan to lower class size in the areas most impacted,” commented Urioste.

Burbank High School administrators were able to consolidate some smaller classes and had some teachers offer to add a class to their teaching schedule and thus were able to open up additional sections in English, Social Studies and Phys. Ed. for the spring. Burroughs also was able to find teachers interested in adding a class to their teaching schedule and with the addition of a full-day teacher, who will be a substitute to start the semester, was able to add six English classes, plus three in Math and one in Science.

“With large high schools like BHS and Burroughs, it is not unusual to have schedule changes at each semester,” added Urioste. The additional class sections will be added throughout all grades at the high schools, reducing the teacher to student ratio in the most critical areas, as identified by the schools’ principals.

“Because of these new class additions, students will need to arrive at school no later than 7:30 in the morning on Monday, January the sixth, to pick up a new schedule in the quad, just like we do on the first day of school,” Burroughs Principal John Paramo stated on the high school’s website, as all 2700 Burroughs students will receive new schedules – some with changes and some without. “Zero period classes will not meet on Monday, January the sixth, to accommodate students picking up schedules.”

Vocal Music Assn.’s Carroll’s Corral Raises Funds For Burbank High

It was a rootin’-tootin’ time at Carroll’s Corral and Cookout over the weekend.

Burbank High School’s Vocal Music Assn. volunteers saddled up for a Western-themed fundraising dinner featuring singing and dancing by students in teacher Brett Carroll’s choir classes — thus the event’s name.

Members of the Burbank High VMA perform during Carroll's Coral Fundraiser. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Members of the Burbank High VMA perform during Carroll’s Coral Fundraiser. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The parents cooked up spicy chili — meat or vegetarian– and served it with cornbread smeared with honey butter and garden salad. Students bustled around taking food orders, delivering plates and bussing tables. The Impressions choir baked brownies and chocolate chip and sugar cookies for dessert.

For $5 a basket, friends and family could purchase fricles — deep-fried battered pickles — that could be dipped in a creamy sauce.

About 500 relatives and friends attended the Friday and Saturday night events held in the school’s outdoor lunch shelter, said Rima Shideler, who serves as co-president of the association with her husband, Ray.

Members of the Burbank High VMA perform during Carroll's Coral Fundraiser. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Members of the Burbank High VMA perform during Carroll’s Coral Fundraiser. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Students, who were dressed in jeans, plaid shirts, boots and white aprons, left the tables they were waiting on to sing Western songs on risers set up on one side of the shelter. The boys wore cowboy hats and the girls tied red bandanas around their heads. They had personalized their aprons with their names and painted designs.

Rima Shideler expects to raise more than last year’s $11,000 from the two-night event, which will go to defray the total budget — between $400,000 to $500,000 — to go to competitions this year. The budget covers such costs as paying for choreographers, band members, music arrangers, sound and lighting technicians and costumes.

“Our kids have three costumes for their competition set,” she said.

Proceeds from fundraisers also go to scholarships for students who cannot afford to participate in the program, she said.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Event named for BHS Choir director Brett Carroll. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Student groups performing in the Carroll’s Corral were Out of the Blue intermediate mixed choir, Impressions advanced women’s choir, In Sync advanced mixed choir, Sound Dogs men’s choir, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and a cappella groups the Sirens women’s choir and the Gentlemen’s Octet. Musical selections varied from the melancholy “Desperado” to the exuberant “Oklahoma.”

The theme was changed from Italian to Western, so the students had only three weeks to rehearse new material, Rima Shideler said.

“Kids rise to the ability that you allow them to rise to, so when you give them a challenge and you push them, they really do it,” she said. “And if they love it, which they do, they really do it! I think sometimes we underestimate our children by not wanting to put them in so many activities. But I think that when you give them a lot to do, they are bright, they’re young, they’re still like sponges, they can take on so much more than we can, and they just do it so well.”

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Custom apron displays the event’s humorous side. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Her son, Raymond, 17, a senior, sings with In Sync, Sound Dogs and the Gentlemen’s Octet.

His favorite part of the show is performing with the Gentlemen’s Octet, which allows the young men freedom to showcase their humor and personalities.

“It is always so fun to just be up there with eight guys. We mess around and have fun,” he said.

The a cappella group was one of the live auction prizes, and three people paid $450 each to have the group perform at their private parties. The funds will go to the association.

“We were all very happy about that,” Raymond said. “It was a big accomplishment for us. Our goal was to clear the $1,000 mark and we did. So we were all very excited.”

The fundraiser was a better opportunity to connect with the audience, Raymond said.

Members of the Burbank High VMA perform during Carroll's Coral Fundraiser. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Members of the Burbank High VMA perform during Carroll’s Coral Fundraiser. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“It’s so fun to walk through the audience and see parents of students who have already graduated that are still coming back to support us and kids who have graduated come back to support us and you see a lot of familiar faces interacting with the public like that,” he said. “But at the same time, you also meet a lot of new people that you will see at future events, and it’s beneficial because the audiences remember you and feel more of a connection to us.”

Raymond’s private vocal coach, Joyce Warman, attended the fundraiser with her four grandchildren ages 2 to 10. She coaches a lot of the students in the choirs at Burbank High and Burroughs.

“I just love that they have all these opportunities to perform as well as it teaches them self-discipline, time management and team building skills,” she said adding that it also allows the parents to share in a project with their kids through attending competitions and helping with fundraisers.

“I thought this was a fun fundraiser,” Warman said. “The two-year-old loved it. She clapped and danced. It was so entertaining. And I thought the moms did an amazing job with the food!”

While the musical training and education is wonderful, what is even more exciting is the life lessons these young people are learning through the program, said choir teacher Brett Carroll

“They are learning how to engage and interact with adults in appropriate and positive ways, how to serve others, and how to be a part of a team working towards a common goal,” he said.

“Studies have shown that most people’s number one fear is public speaking. If we can get our students to grow in confidence and learn to engage — then we can expect our students to have more productive and successful lives as adults. It’s exciting to be able to use music as a vehicle to prepare our students for success!”

The next fundraiser, which pulls in the most money to pay for the choral program, is the Night of Magic set for Nov. 9 at Pickwick Banquet Center. The cost is $80 per person and that includes dinner, silent and live auctions and musical performances by the students. To purchase tickets, contact Kristin@mediacitychurch.com.

Burbank Girls Volleyball in Search of Elusive League Title

By Dick Dornan
BurbankNBeyond Sports Editor

Onward and upward. The Burbank girls volleyball program took significant strides last year when the Bulldogs advanced to the second round of the California Interscholastic Federation playoffs for the first time in 36 years. A loss to Whitter Christian, the eventual CIF champion, prompted these lady Bulldogs to take the next step this season.

With nine lettermen returning including five starters, a shot at the league championship is at the forefront for Burbank Coach Sarah Brown. After finishing in third place a year ago with a 10-4 league record and 11-5 overall, Brown feels this year’s team has the makings to claim Burbank’s first league title since 1975.

Coach Sarah Brown

“I feel like since we finished last season as we did, the seniors are really pushing to win league,” said Brown, who begins her sixth year at BHS and is a 1994 alum. “This is the first time I have athletes who genuinely want to win league and are not just saying it. I want to have a winning tradition here.”

Brown has established the groundwork for a successful program. Attention to detail and an emphasis on fundamentals and team play have led to positive results not seen at Burbank in more than three decades.

“I want people to respect Burbank volleyball. Not just for our volleyball playing on the court but for the type of program that we are,” Brown said.  “I want the girls who come through Burbank High and play volleyball to have a good experience. I want them to learn how to play volleyball, to be competitive but also to become good people.”

The Bulldogs will be led by a trio of formidable players who form the nucleus of the squad. Seniors Stephanie Eskander, Stefanie Lin and Tyler Brooks each begin their third year on the varsity level.

Eskander was a first-team all-league selection from 2011. As one of the top middles in the league, Brown relies on Eskander to be the leader on and off the court.

“She is such a good leader,” Brown said. “Stephanie gets the job done on the court but after practice she is always motivating the girls as well.”

Lin and Brooks were named to the all-league second-team last season. Lin, a libero, and Brooks, the team’s setter, need to be consistent throughout the season for Burbank to have a shot to unseat Burroughs as Pacific League champions.

“We have to rely on Stefanie a lot to pass, to receive, to dig and to keep our rallies going,” Brown said. “Tyler is the quarterback out there. They are really good players.”

Seniors Jamie Gonzalez and Sharon Youn round out the returning starters. Brown describes Gonzalez, an opposite hitter, as the “silent killer” who takes care of business in a quiet manner and Youn, a middle, as a “force in the front row.”

Burbank had a good summer capturing second place in its own league and third at Crescenta Valley. A strong showing at the Gabrielino Tournament provided more confidence for BHS.

The Bulldogs open their season on September 5 at home against Golden Valley at 3:30 p.m. Pacific League action begins on September 13 at Muir.

Experience at the high school level is irreplaceable. Burbank has the experience and talent to go farther in the post-season than last year’s team did. But the number one goal is to win that elusive league title. And if they were to do that?

“I probably would cry,” said Brown, who has led Burbank to four consecutive postseason appearances. “I would be more excited for them because I know how much they want it. They were so excited last year to make it to the second round because they knew they were the first team to do it in such a long time. To win league for the seniors would mean so much.”






Sports Shorts

As the start of Pacific League play nears the two local softball teams continues to stake their claim as the team to beat. The Burbank softball team won its seventh straight game to improve to 7-1 on the season with a 4-2 win over Victor Valley on March 24.

BHS Softball won its seventh straight and claimed the Division II High Desert Softball Classic (Photo courtesy Nicole Drabecki)

With the victory, Burbank claimed the 2012 Division 2 High Desert Softball Classic in Lancaster.
Freshman Caitlyn Brooks was named Division II Tournament MVP. She had six strikeouts in the championship game and is now (5-0) on the season.
Brooks is also hitting a team-high .522 on the season.
Nalani Hernandez, Katie Hooper and Laina Do were all named to the All-Tournament Team as well. Hernandez, Hooper, Brooks and junior Ashley Russo were all 2-for-3.
Hernandez is hitting .500 on the season with a team-high three homeruns.
In the semifinal game against Sultana, Russo picked up the win in the circle with five strikeouts.  Do was 2 for 3 with a run scored and Hooper was 1 for 2 with 2 runs scored with a double.
The Bulldogs fell to 2-4 on the season following a 11-4 loss to Capistrano Valley on March 24 in a game played at the University of Southern California as part of the Chet Brewer RBI Tournament.
Burbank won’t make excuses, but in all likelihood the Dogs were rusty following a two-week layoff caused by the school’s early spring break and the lack of nonleague tournaments available last week.  Although, they hardly showed it early jumping out to a 3-0 after their part of the second and scoring all four of their runs in the first three innings of play.
The Cougars (5-4) responded with two in their part of the second and then one in the third and three in the fourth to lead 6-4 after four innings of play. A five-run sixth inning broke open a close game.
Paul Frias and Harrison Hernandez each had two hits to lead Burbank offensively. Burbank will open league play against the Pasadena Bulldogs this afternoon, March 27. Although early, it is a crucial Pacific League contest for playoff positioning.

Burbank Hero Marc Cutter Remembered

Burbank has lost one of its beloved and revered heroes.

Richard Marc Cutter, a 1964 graduate of Burbank High School, died suddenly on December 5th in Fresno.  He was 65.  Marc was well known in Burbank, active in many community service organizations supporting veterans, charity organizations, and local community groups.

Honor Guard for Marc Cutter (Photo By John Savageau)

Marc was remembered on Sunday during a ceremony attended by family and friends at Burbank’s McCambridge Park War Memorial.

As an Army Lieutenant serving in Vietnam, Marc received numerous decorations for actions in combat, including the Silver Star, Bronze Star (with “V” device for valor and 2 Oak Leaf Clusters), Soldier’s Medal, Purple Heart (indicating Marc was wounded in combat), and the Air Medal.  A group of brothers from “A” Company of the 2nd Battalion, 60th Regiment, 9th Infantry Division at Tan Tru, Marc’s unit in Vietnam, traveled from all corners of the United States to participate in his memorial.

Marc’s involvement with veterans did not end upon return from Vietnam.  According to Mickey Depalo, lifetime friend of Marc’s, in addition to being active in the Burbank Veterans Commemorative Committee, Marc and his wife Karen also founded Hands Across the Battlefield, a project which collected and shipped more than 60 tons donated materials to men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Marc had a tremendously positive effect on everybody he encountered in his life” added DePalo.  “He came home (from Vietnam) and had a silent commitment to give back to his community, he exemplified what a Vietnam veteran is.”

Honor Guard Leader handing Flag to Karen Cutter (Photo By John Savageau)

Friends, family, and colleagues had a chance to say a few words in tribute about Marc.   All focusing on Marc’s sense of humor, good nature, and desire to give.

In the tradition honoring all American veterans who have died, Marc was provided a ceremony which included a military detail providing an American flag to his family.  With the sound of bagpipes playing Amazing Grace, taps from a lone bugler, the honors detail leader presented Karen Cutter the flag, with the solemn statement:

“This flag is presented on behalf of a grateful nation and the United States Army as a token of appreciation for your loved one’s honorable and faithful service.”

Donations may be made in Marc’s name to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund to build a new educational center near the Vietnam Wall, 2600 Virginia Ave., NW, Suite 104, Washington, DC 20037.

Burbank High School’s Choirs Brings Cheer to All

Burbank High School's Award Winning In Sync Choir entertains again tonight at 7 p.m. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

If last week’s lighting of the Burbank City Hall Christmas tree was exciting and put you into the Holiday Spirit, wait until tonight!  Trek on over to The Burbank High School  and watch the Award Winning Choirs perform in their Winter Concert.  They will fill the evening with cheer and really get you into the holiday mood. . The show starts at 7 p.m. in the Woofson Auditorium.   Tickets are $10-$20.

The conert is under the direction of award winning Choir Director Brett Carroll, assisted by Donna Dandino.

To order tickets on-line, go to the Burbank High VMA web site.


Spitting Images: Burbank High Expects Both Squads to be Competitive After Similar 2010-2011 Showings

Both Bulldogs’ basketball programs had similar seasons a year ago. Both finished with enough wins in the regular season to earn at-large berths into the CIF Southern Section playoffs and both lost in the first round.

Both programs also have similar expectations for the upcoming season as they both expect to be competitive in the Pacific League and both coaches stating they expect Muir and Pasadena to be the front runners in the league race again this year. Here is a look at the way both squads breakdown.


Misfortune like the injury bug plagued the Bulldogs during the regular season a year ago, then good fortune allowed them to qualify for the CIF Southern Section playoffs by winning a coin flip to break a 4th place tie in the Pacific League.

Burbank (13-14 a year ago) returns an experienced group this year under coach Bruce Breeden. Senior guard Sylvia Granados and forward Jamie Gonzalez are two players he will lean on.

Breeden also expects Damarie Gonzalez and the return of Courtney Seidler from an eye injury to key the Bulldogs success as well as newcomer Ashley Linda, a sophomore forward.

The injury bug seems to be tough for Burbank to shake. Lysette Perez and Irene Pashapour are already slowed by injury. Perez, a junior, is nursing a shoulder injury, while Pashapour — a senior guard — is sidelined with a knee injury.

A tough nonleague schedule should ready the Bulldogs for the Pacific League. The Bulldogs will play in the San Gabriel Valley Classic, the Burroughs Tournament and the West Coast Holiday Fest in preparation for Pacific League play which begins January 3 at Pasadena.


Three starters from last season make-up the nucleus for a Burbank team that went 16-12 overall a season ago — Austin Pope, Remy Youssefi and Ander Spight. Gone to graduation are Adam Colman and Chris White.

Newcomers, Adrian Chavez and Simon Elmoyan should help fill those voids, the latter however will not be eligible until after the new year after transferring from  Hoover High School. Chavez comes from cross town rival Burroughs. Sophomore Albert Marmol is a homegrown impact player who coach Jose Hernandez expects a lot from as well.

Hernandez expects perennial powers Pasadena and Muir to be the favorites again. He also believes Crescenta Valley could be tough.

Burbank and Burroughs Results for the Past 63 Years

Big Game

 63 Meetings; Burroughs leads 41 – 22

Compiled and edited by Dick Dornan


1949 – Burbank 12, Burroughs 7.  The “Big Game” made its debut in 1949. Former junior high and first year high school, John Burroughs, made what was supposed to be an easy Burbank victory a hard fought battle. The stronger Bulldog team prevailed, however, paced by Pete LiPera who later became head coach at Burbank, and Paul Cameron, who later starred at UCLA.

1950 – Burroughs 6, Burbank 0.  Burroughs avenged the previous year’s loss on a rain drenched field as Louie Elias went 41 yards through “Lake Memorial” for the only score of the game. He later recalled that the rivalry was already intense even though it was only two years old.

1951 – Burbank 28, Burroughs 12. Having already won the Foothill League Championship, the Bulldogs could have let down and been upset; but showing true championship caliber, overpowered the Indians.

1952 – Burbank 33, Burroughs 0.  The Bulldogs were led by Bob McCalmont and shut out the Indians for their second straight series win.

1953 – Burroughs 7, Burbank 0.  Paced by a 44 yard touchdown run by Maurice Elias, brother of Louie, Burroughs returned the previous year’s favor, scoring their second series shutout.

1954- Burroughs 49, Burbank 0.  Again paced by Maurice Elias, who set a then single game school record of 162 yards rushing, the Indians recorded their second straight and third overall series shutout. This stands as the most one-sided victory in the series.

1955 – Burbank 20, Burroughs 14.  On their way to a probable playoff berth, the Indians overlooked the Bulldogs and were knocked out of the playoffs. Steve Searock and Bill Reed led the Bulldogs who were under the guidance of rookie coach Ham Lloyd, whose squad included John Lockwood who later became head coach at Burbank.

1956 – Burbank 18, Burroughs 0.  The Bulldogs scored their second shutout of the series in a battle for the Foothill League title (first time in the series). Played before an estimated crowd of 11,000 people, the Bulldogs were quarterbacked by Bob Alfred and paced by Fred Tunnicliffe, whose nephew, Tom, would later start at both schools, winning CIF Player of the Year as a senior at Burroughs.

1957 – Burroughs 28, Burbank 19.  In another rookie coaching victory, Leon Shortenhaus guided the Indians, led by Bob Hand, to the victory. Playing for Burroughs was Pete Lubisich, who would later go on to play at USC.

1958 – Burbank 32, Burroughs 0.  Posting their third series shutout the Bulldogs were led by the three touchdown performance of Tom Pulford. Tom, whose son, Darrin, also played for the Bulldogs, is one of the many players to have relatives also compete in the series.

1959 – Burroughs 19, Burbank 0.  Trading shutouts again, the Indians scored their fourth win with an assist from Burbank, who was forced to use many J.V. players after having 19 of the varsity members declared ineligible for the game for “egging” the mural over the Burroughs Auditorium. Conde Lick and Brent Vance led the Indians with a TD each.

1960 – Burroughs 19, Burbank 7.  Indian coach Leon Shortenhaus closed out his coaching career at Burroughs with a 3-1 record in the “Big Game”, beginning and ending with a victory.

1961 – Burbank 25, Burroughs 13.  In the fourth of his 22 seasons as a coach at Burroughs, and first as Head Coach, Bob Dunivant watched his Indians and the Bulldogs battle to a 7-7 tie into the third quarter, only to see the Tribe fumble three times in the second half, helping Burbank to the victory.

1962 – Burbank 34, Burroughs 0.  Also beginning and ending his coaching career with a victory, Ham Lloyd posted a 5-3 “Big Game” record with this win in his final game. Phil Culotta scored three touchdowns to pace the Bulldogs to their fourth series shutout and came up just points short of the CIF scoring championship, losing to Steve Grady of Loyola who scored five touchdowns the same evening.

1963 – Burbank 14, Burroughs 7.  Burroughs finally ended a string of seven straight shutout losses since the second game of the season but were unable to contain the Bulldogs’ Gerry Altman, whose 100 yards helped Burbank to its third straight series win.

1964 – Burroughs 27, Burbank 7.  The Bulldogs’ Tom Paggi set a school record with a 74 yard run from scrimmage for one of his two touchdowns on the night but Burroughs snapped a three game losing streak to Burbank.

1965 – Burroughs 19, Burbank 0.  The Indians notched their fifth series shutout.  Bob McCorkle, who passed or ran for a then school record 17 touchdowns on the year, hit Mike Erickson for one touchdown and while playing defense, picked off a Bulldog aerial and returned it 78 yards (also a school record) for another score.

1966 – Burroughs 19, Burbank 0.  Posting its sixth series and fourth season shutout, Burroughs coasted to its favorite score in the rivalry (the Indians have won three 19-0 “Big Games”), and third consecutive series victory.

1967 – Burbank 20, Burroughs 19.  Undefeated going into the game, the Indians again scored 19 points. Burbank, however, on the 173 yard passing of Dale Cirscione and the 85 yard fumble recovery of Randy Ivie for a touchdown, scored 20 for one of the biggest upsets in the series. The win prevented Burroughs from going ahead, for the first time, in the rivalry.

1968 – Burbank 20, Burroughs 13.  The Bulldogs again scored 20 points, led by Bill Johnson who scored all three touchdowns and rushed for 100 yards.

1969 – Burbank 44, Burroughs 8.  Dan Flavin passed for four touchdowns and John Minor rushed for 91 yards for the Bulldogs. The game was so dominated by Burbank that the only Indian score came on a 95 yard kickoff return by Jess Talamantes which remained a school record until 1978. Burbank again won three in a row versus Burroughs.

1970 – Burroughs 15, Burbank 12.  In a well played game, Bulldog star John Minor scored both touchdowns and rushed for 152 yards, only to see his heavily favored team lose to a fired up Indian squad. Burroughs was led by QB Tim Molina who passed for 113 yards and threw two touchdowns to Bruce Wallace. Jess Talamantes rushed for 111 yards.

1971 – Burroughs 17, Burbank 13.  Jeff Budrick and John Funk scored the two Indian touchdowns. Quarterback Tom Lawson completed 19 passes, 10 to Scott Nelson for 117 yards, all of which were single game Indian records at the time. Bob Mendoza booted a 29 yard field goal to seal the victory.

1972 – Burbank 14, Burroughs 0.  Burbank notched their fifth shutout in the series as quarterback Leo Orange and Kenny Walker scored the two Bulldog touchdowns. The game was played for the Foothill League title, and with the victory, Burbank knocked the Indians out of a playoff berth.  Jim Galbraith caught seven passes in a fine effort for the Indians, who went on to shut out Burbank the next three games. The Bulldogs won their fourth league title and would not win another one for the next 37 years (2009).

1973 – Burroughs 6, Burbank 0.  Burroughs tied Crescenta Valley for the league title with their seventh series shutout and went into the CIF Playoffs for only the second time in school history.  Jerry Howell scored the games only touchdown played in pouring rain at “Lake Memorial”.  Indians’ quarterback Curtis Ilhe and wide receiver Randy Simmrin were the inspirational leaders on the team. Simmrin later starred for USC and played for Buffalo and Tampa Bay in the NFL.

1974 – Burroughs 36, Burbank 0.  A boisterous crowd of 12,000 fans came to Memorial Field to witness Burroughs dominate the helpless Bulldogs. Burbank could have tied the Indians for first place in the Foothill League with a win, but were dominated as Burroughs recorded their second consecutive and eighth series shutout, holding the Bulldogs to 36 total yards. All-CIF quarterback Tom Miller passed for three touchdowns and 179 yards, mostly to wide receivers Bob Frishette, Hans Anderson and Kirk Morales. Tony De Felicis, Joe Mersola, Mike McDonald and Ron Wollard all contributed in the convincing win. The Indians went on to post an 11-1 record, tied with the 1979 team for the best record ever, and advanced to the CIF Quarterfinals.

1975 – Burroughs 40, Burbank 0.  Burroughs took the series lead for the first time ever, 14-13, with their ninth series shutout and third consecutive over Burbank. The game also marked Bulldog coach Pete LiPera’s last contest. The rout was highlighted by All-CIF linebacker Mike McDonald, who later played at USC and for the Rams, returning an interception for 67 yards as the Indians finished their first regular season under Craig Bell at 8-1.

1976 – Burbank 17, Burroughs 14.  Burbank avoided a fourth consecutive Burroughs win by upsetting the Indians on a 41 yard field goal by George Florez on the last play of the game. Al Penaranda and George Williams, both of whom had brothers who later played for Burroughs, scored the two Indian touchdowns, while the Bulldogs were paced by Denny Caira.

1977 – Burroughs 40, Burbank 10.  Burbank surprised everyone by taking a 10-7 lead into the locker room at halftime but the Indians roared back in the second half with a fine passing performance by quarterback Dean Townsend.  Mike Pate intercepted a pass for the Indians for a touchdown. George Williams, Lupe Yanez and Reuben Torres also scored for the Indians. The defense was sparked by the play of linebacker Jeff Fitzgerald. The game marked the return of Bob Dunivant as head coach of Burroughs.

1978 – Burroughs 28, Burbank 16.  Burbank, led by Tom Tunnicliffe who passed for 182 yards, again came out on the short end of the score. Lincoln Simonds scored three Indian touchdowns and the defense, led by Nick Manocchia, held the Bulldogs to six yards rushing and sacked Tunnicliffe seven times for a loss of 67 yards.

1979 – Burroughs 33, Burbank 12.  In a unique twist of events, Burroughs, now quarterbacked by Tom Tunnicliffe, who transferred from Burbank, the Indians went into the game rated the number one team in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Southern California, the State and the Nation. The Bulldogs put up a strong fight, scoring 12 points against a team that had badly beaten the previous #1 team, St. Paul, 27-12, and allowed only one touchdown to four previous Foothill League opponents, outscoring them 152-7. The Indians were paced by the 191 yards rushing of Edgar Penaranda and Tunnicliffe’s 123 yards passing while the defense held Burbank to 90 total yards.  Burroughs finished the season 11-1 (tied with the 1974 team for the best record ever) and advanced to the CIF Quarterfinals.  Head Coach Bob Dunivant would later step aside from his coaching duties.

1980 – Burroughs 25, Burbank 17.  Taking a four game lead with their fourth consecutive win in the “Big Game” series, a first for either school, the Indians also knocked the Bulldogs out of a playoff berth while recording their fourth consecutive Foothill League Title, also unprecedented in the history of the league. Led by the rushing of Edgar Penaranda and Rick Williams, plus the passing of Gary English, the Indians managed to hold off a stubborn Burbank team, led by the rushing of Eric Burcham. The Indians went on to the CIF Semifinals.

1981 – Burroughs 44, Burbank 21.  Burroughs jumped out to a 30-7 halftime lead on the passing and rushing of quarterback Rich Strasser (34 and 87 yard touchdown completions) and the rushing of Paul Kibala and Joe D’Alessio. The Indians would advance to their first-ever CIF Finals and finish as runner-ups while winning their fifth consecutive league title.

1982 – Burroughs 42, Burbank 6.  Burbank took to an early lead, going 55 yards on 11 plays to take a 6-0 advantage midway through the first quarter. The Indians, behind the rushing of Bret Mersola, Jeff Markland and Eli Montemayor, finally got on track and cruised to a rather easy victory. It was Burroughs’ sixth consecutive win over Burbank.

1983 – Burbank 24, Burroughs 21.  In one of the more exciting games of the series, the Bulldogs opened the scoring with a one yard run by Derek Trabilcy.  The lead changed hands several times in the game until late in the fourth quarter when Burroughs tied the score on a 61 yard pass from Sean Spring to Bret Mersola. Burbank, led by QB Gary Lotka, took their last possession of the game and marched down the field to the Indian 10, and lined up for a field goal with less than 10 seconds on the clock. The first Bulldog attempt was deflected and went wide, but the Indians were called for defensive holding on the play. After the penalty was assessed, Alfredo Velasco nailed his second attempt from 21 yards out with no time showing on the clock for a dramatic, upset victory for the Bulldogs. The win snapped the six “Big Game” winning streak of the Indians.

1984 – Burbank 28, Burroughs 0.  Quarterback Gary Lotka threw for 315 yards and four touchdowns on 18 of 23 passing and led the Bulldogs to their second consecutive victory in the series and their first playoff berth since 1977.  It is Burbank’s first shutout of the Indians since 1972 and sixth in the series. Lotka’s efforts cement his name in “Big Game” lore and he went on to win the Most Valuable Player of the Foothill League.

1985 – Burbank 14, Burroughs 10.  For the first time since 1967-69, the Bulldogs win their third straight “Big Game” behind the leadership of quarterback Sal Velasco.  Burbank overcame a 10-7 deficit as Velasco hit wide receiver Robert Jarrin with what proved to be the game winning pass on the first possession of the second half. The Bulldogs marched 69 yards in seven plays and the defense shut out the Indians the rest of the way.

1986 – Burroughs 33, Burbank 26.  In his return to the sideline for the first time since he left coaching in 1979, Bob Dunivant led the Indians to victory and snapped the three-game winning streak of the Bulldogs in the rivalry.  After trailing 14-12 at the half, the Indians took the lead at 19-14 entering the fourth. The Indians’ Danny Cusumano scored from two yards out to make it 26-14. Quarterback Jeff Barrett led the Indians with 177 yards and two touchdowns.

1987 – Burroughs 41, Burbank 0.  Quarterback Jeff Barrett shined on offense as he completed 11 of 16 passes for 122 yards and three touchdowns. He even rushed for two more touchdowns.  Burbank’s Gabe Jimenez ran for 118 yards on 24 carries and was the lone bright spot for the Bulldogs. Burroughs won their tenth series shutout and first vs. the Bulldogs since 1975. The Indians would eventually reach the CIF Finals and finish as runner-ups as they did in 1981.

1988 – Burroughs 31, Burbank 15.  The magic of former head coach Bob Dunivant was evident again as he helped head coach Butch McElwee lead the Indians to victory.  Having the headsets on again for only the third time in the season, Dunivant surprised Burbank by calling a reverse, flea-flicker for a 65 yard completion early in the game to spark the victory.

1989 – Burroughs 23, Burbank 19.  The Indians were led by a trio of running backs in the win.  Andre Banks rushed for 33 yards in 12 carries, Lionel Portugal ran for 31 yards on eight carries and Danny Suarez added 33 yards in eight carries as Burroughs defeated Burbank yet again.

1990 – Burroughs 20, Burbank 7.  Sean McDermott rushed for 183 yards on 23 carries and scored a touchdown as the Indians defeated the Bulldogs for the fifth consecutive year.  Ben Goldwasser added a touchdown and Eddie Gavilan had an interception for Burroughs.

1991 – Burbank 14, Burroughs 12.  The Brenes brothers led the Bulldogs to victory and halted the Indians winning streak in the series at five games. Steve carried 19 times for 123 yards and Frank scored both Burbank touchdowns en route to 72 yards on 14 attempts.  DB Mike Lyneis made a diving interception of a Marco Esquivel pass at the Bulldog 15 to clinch the win.

1992 – Burbank 21, Burroughs 17.  Down 17-14, Bulldog quarterback Brian Casey completed a 30 yard touchdown strike to wide receiver Kendricks Lewis with 53 seconds left to give Burbank the four point victory. Bulldog running back Hector Valencia, who later would become head coach at Burbank, scored on a 56 yard run up the left sideline to put Burbank up 7-3 late in the first quarter.  Burbank increased their lead to 14-3 only to see the Indians come back and take the lead. Burbank wouldn’t be denied as they took their second straight “Big Game”.

1993 – Burroughs 31, Burbank 6.  After finishing 0-10 a year ago, the Indians completed their turn around with a decisive win that sent them to the playoffs for the first time since 1989. Eddie Melgar rushed for 115 yards and scored three touchdowns as Indian head coach Gary Bernardi earned his first win in the “Big Game” and snapped the brief two game winning streak for Burbank in the series. This win began a run of 10 consecutive victories for Burroughs over their hated rivals.

1994 – Burroughs 17, Burbank 13.  The Indians scored the winning touchdown on a four yard pass from Mike Barrett to Tony Listro with 7:05 left in the game. Carlos Moreno ran for 134 yards on 28 carries as Burroughs stormed back from a 13-3 halftime deficit. Burbank’s Carlos Baker rushed for 121 yards on 21 carries.

1995 – Burroughs 21, Burbank 0.  In a game that will be remembered for ending early due to a brawl with 3:21 left, Indians quarterback J.K. Scott led the way completing 9 of 15 passes for 166 yards. Wide receiver Glenn Adriatico caught three passes for 69 yards, including a 23 yard pass from Scott that gave Burroughs their final touchdown.  Burbank was last shut out in the “Big Game” in 1987 and it marked Burroughs’ eleventh series shutout. The Indians defeated the Bulldogs for the third straight time.

1996 – Burroughs 35, Burbank 6.  Quarterback J.K. Scott completed 16 of 29 passes for 202 yards and three touchdowns as the offense continued to put up big numbers and the defense was led by Danny Kang who had two interceptions, two sacks and a forced fumble. Scott would later take his talents to the University of Washington.

1997 – Burroughs 29, Burbank 14.  Glenn Adriatico finished his illustrious prep career catching an 89 yard TD pass from quarterback Chris Santoyo and added an 11 yard TD run too as Burroughs won their fifth straight in the series. Adriatico completed his career with 199 receptions for 3,069 yards. The Indians jumped out to a 14-0 first quarter lead and never looked back in Bulldogs alum Keith Knoop’s first “Big Game” as head coach for Burroughs.

1998 – Burroughs 26, Burbank 21.  In the 50th meeting of the “Big Game”, wide receiver Kyle Cremarosa caught eight passes for 223 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Indians to victory. Burroughs quarterback Joe Kroells completed 11 of 20 passes for 280 yards and four touchdowns as the Indians took an 18-7 halftime lead and held off Burbank. Alan Gutierrez led the Bulldogs with 161 yards on 32 carries.

1999 – Burroughs 35, Burbank 14.  The Indians won their seventh consecutive game (longest in the series) over the Bulldogs by overpowering them from the very start.  Jonathan Overturf scored on an 83 yard trick play on the first play from scrimmage in the game. Randy Beckmann and Michael Perez added a touchdown apiece and Spencer Steward caught a TD pass from Joe Kroells as Burroughs rolled to victory. The game marked the 1000th point ever scored by the Indians against the Bulldogs in their storied rivalry.

2000 – Burroughs 54, Burbank 36.  The Indians’ Mike Perez rushed for 214 yards on 31 carries including a 57 yard TD run with less than a minute to play. Teammate Lonn Salmon threw for 167 yards and two touchdowns on 6 of 10 passing. Burroughs’ 54 points set a record for most points scored by one team in the “Big Game” and the 90 points combined was also a record.

2001 – Burroughs 38, Burbank 21.  Mike Perez rushed for 84 yards on 12 carries and scored two touchdowns and Gabriel Moise Jr. picked up a fumble and rumbled 88 yards down the field for the clinching touchdown in the fourth quarter. Trailing 26-21, Burbank was driving deep into Indian territory only to have the turnover. Moise’s score made it 32-21 and it ended any hope of a Bulldog win. Perez reached the 1,000 yard mark for the second consecutive season. He also had an 80 yard touchdown reception in the game.

2002 – Burroughs 43, Burbank 31.  The Indians had a commanding 30-7 lead early in the third quarter behind the play of quarterback David Brooks, who rushed for 177 yards and three touchdowns. However, Bulldog signal caller Mike McDonald, son of former Burroughs star Mike McDonald Sr., rallied his team to within 37-31 with 3:51 to play on a TD pass to Rico Clark. Burbank was on the drive again looking for the win when Burroughs’ Darrel Ditri intercepted a pass and returned it 55 yards for a score with 24 seconds to play to cap the win. This marked the tenth consecutive win in the series for Burroughs and the longest such streak in the “Big Game”.

2003 – Burbank 24, Burroughs 18.  Finally! The Bulldogs snapped the 10 game “Big Game” winning streak of Burroughs as Mike McDonald finished 14 of 28 for 203 yards and three touchdowns. McDonald connected with Jesse Ayers on an 11 yard TD pass with 3:28 to play which turned out to be the decisive score.

2004 – Burbank 26, Burroughs 12.  Jason Barbic did it all for Burbank in their second consecutive “Big Game” win over the Indians.  Barbic rushed for 50 yards in six carries and a TD, caught two passes for 108 yards and threw a 13 yard touchdown pass.  Mike McDonald finished his “Big Game” career completing 7 of 11 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown.

2005 – Burroughs 35, Burbank 28.  As Mike Perez did back in 2000, the Indians’ Thomas Kyle put his team on his back and rushed for 249 yards on 32 carries and a pair of touchdowns, including a 62 yarder that put Burroughs ahead 26-14 early in the third quarter. Burbank’s Robert Linda completed 16 of 36 passes for 283 yards and a score. The Indians regained control of the series after Burbank had won back to back contests the previous two years.

2006 – Burroughs 24, Burbank 6.  First Mike Perez, then Thomas Kyle.  Now Joe Wiggan. He did it all in a convincing manner as he rushed for 288 yards on 47 carries and scored two touchdowns.  Wiggan rushed for 178 yards in the second half alone.  The Indians scored 24 unanswered points to defeat the Bulldogs who could have shared the league title with a win. Led by head coach Keith Knoop, Burroughs finished the regular season with a 9-1 mark and 7-0 in Pacific League play, its first league title since 1981.

2007 – Burroughs 30, Burbank 20.  The Indians rallied from a 13-0 first quarter deficit and scored the game’s next 23 points to lead 23-13 late in the third quarter. After a Bulldog touchdown with 4:39 left in the game trimmed the Burroughs lead to 23-20, Indians’ tailback Dominique Barnes scored on a 27 yard run to seal the victory. Barnes finished with 149 yards in 16 carries as Burroughs won their third straight in the series.

2008 – Burroughs 58, Burbank 22.  Following in the legendary footsteps of Indians’ Mike Perez, Thomas Kyle and Joe Wiggan, Dominique Barnes put on a performance of a lifetime in the 60threndition of the “Big Game”. Barnes rushed for 304 yards, a school record, on 23 carries and scored five touchdowns to lead the Indians to the dominating win. The 58 points scored by Burroughs set a “Big Game” scoring record for one team. Barnes scored on touchdowns runs of seven, 20, 48, 85 and nine yards. In the process, Barnes set the school record for most points scored in a season by a player. The Indians won their fourth straight in the series. On a historic note, Burbank made the CIF Playoffs and won their first playoff game since 1927, a stretch that lasted 81 years. 1927 also marked the year when Burbank won its first league title.

2009 – Burbank 28, Burroughs 21.  The Bulldogs snapped a four game losing streak vs. Burroughs and in the process won their first league title in 37 years! (1972 the last) Before 8,800 fans, these two teams clashed in a thrilling contest.  It marked the first time in the 61 year history of competing against each other that both teams finished as co-champions together (each team finished with identical 6-1 records in the Pacific League. For Burbank, it was their fifth league title. Burroughs won their tenth league title the previous week).  After Dalton Williams gave the Indians a 21-20 lead on a 79 yard touchdown dash down the Burroughs’ sideline late in the third quarter, Burbank’s Ulises Ochoa scored on a one yard touchdown run with 5:36 remaining in the game to give the Bulldogs a 26-21 advantage that they would not relinquish. Williams led Burroughs with 203 yards rushing while Ochoa ran for 127.  Burbank quarterback Adam Colman completed 14 of 23 passes for 174 yards and teammate Jackson Diamond caught 10 passes for 111 yards and was rewarded with the game ball by first-year head coach and Bulldog alum, Hector Valencia. Burbank finished its season with a school-record tying nine wins (9-3) and advanced to the CIF quarterfinals for a second consecutive season.

2010 – Burroughs 38, Burbank 35In front of a boisterous crowd of 9,000 die-hard Indian and Bulldog fans, Burroughs mounted the greatest comeback in “Big Game” history and defeated arch-rival Burbank, 38-35, on a last-second field goal to win a share of the Pacific League title. Amidst an electric atmosphere that only this rivalry could produce, the Indians rallied from a dire 28-0 deficit early in the second quarter and stunned Burbank when junior Cristobal Escobar kicked a 20 yard field goal as time expired to cap off one of the greatest games in “Big Game” annals. Trailing 35-21 early in the fourth quarter, the Indians scored back to back touchdowns to tie the game. After forcing Burbank to punt with 1:15 to play, Burroughs quarterback Lucas Yanez completed three passes to set up Escobar’s game winning field goal. Burroughs fans rushed the field to celebrate as all of us bore witness to the last “Big Game” to be played at venerable Memorial Stadium. Yanez completed 14 of 26 passes for 227 yards and three touchdowns and also rushed for 63 yards while his twin brother Tyler Yanez caught eight passes for 122 yards and two touchdowns. Burbank’s Ulises Ochoa finished with game-highs of 188 yards on 34 carries and three touchdowns (two rushing, one interception). The Indians claimed their third league title in the last five years (2006, 2009), their eleventh in their storied history and won back to back league titles for the first time since 1977-1981 when they won five straight championships. Burroughs would go on to defeat El Rancho in the first round of the CIF playoffs and advance to the quarterfinals, their first postseason win since 1987.

2011- Burroughs 34, Burbank 7. In the first-ever “Big Game” played outside the city limits, John Burroughs won their third consecutive Pacific League title with a 34-7 victory over Burbank. Due to the ongoing renovation of Memorial Stadium, the 63rd “Big Game” was played at Arcadia High School.  More than 5,000 fans traveled to the game to witness a rushing performance like none other in “Big Game” lore. Indians’ star tailback Zander Anding broke the single-game “Big Game” rushing record with 349 yards on 29 carries and four touchdowns. Anding’s 73-yard touchdown run in the second quarter gave Burroughs a 14-7 halftime lead. His 46-yard TD late in the fourth quarter cemented the win and gave the Indians back to back city bragging rights over the rival Bulldogs. It was Anding’s fifth 300 yard-plus effort of the season. He finished the regular season with 2,453 yards rushing which is not only the best single-season mark in the school’s history, but the best single-season mark in Pacific League history as well. He also has scored 25 rushing touchdowns and 29 touchdowns overall heading into the CIF playoffs. Burroughs claimed their fourth league title in the last six years (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011), their twelfth in their storied history and have won three consecutive league titles for the first time since 1977-1981 when they won five straight championships.

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