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Burbank’s Bexel Brings Media and Event Production Services to the World

Bexel is a very unique company.  From an unimposing facility near the Burbank Airport, Bexel sends broadcast video and audio equipment all over the United States, and around the world, covering events ranging from the Super Bowl to the inauguration.

Greg Bragg in one of the prep rooms, getting equipment ready to head out to NAB in Las Vegas. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Greg Bragg in one of the prep rooms, getting equipment ready to head out to NAB in Las Vegas. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Started in 1981 by a local entrepreneur, David Trudeau, Bexel now has operations in Burbank, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Secaucus, and Sao Paolo.  Bexel was acquired by Vitec, a British company in 1991, but continues to call Burbank home.

My Burbank’s Innovators and Entrepreneurs had an opportunity to visit with Greg Bragg, Associate Director of Network Rentals and Tom Dikinson, Chief Technology Officer to learn a bit of Bexel’s vision, operations, and leadership in media production systems.

A stroll through Bexel’s facility is like attending a technology seminar in media innovation.  You enter a room is for staging audio and video equipment for an event deployment someplace around the world, the next room is receiving equipment from a previous deployment, another room is busy maintaining and calibrating equipment for either return to the warehouse, or preparation for a specific customer requirement.

“Our mission statement is to elevate the quality of the media production experience” advised Dikinson. “Customer service is one of our core values, and we look for people who are customer-focused, with high integrity to ensure we meet the expectation of our customers.”

A glance through Bexel’s client list and recent accomplishments certainly shows the market has great confidence in Bexel’s ability to deliver.  Whether it is supporting the US Open Golf Tourney, ESPN, the Olympics, or E! Entertainment, Bexel has a presence in just about every event, sporting or other, that ends up on television.  And indeed, all points throughout the world.

Bexel -2 GregBragg notes that “Bexel is definitely a services-based organization.  Our emphasis is on customer service, integrity, and delivery.”

Dikinson added “We do consulting for some of our customers, like ESPN and Fox, where we work with them to understand their needs, and how to best achieve what they want to do.  Then we package products together and build kits that are easy for us to deploy to them, as well as easy for the customer to deploy at the venue within their own schedule to meet their requirements.”

Bexel is committed to Burbank, and Dikinson continues “Burbank is a very business-friendly city.”  Not only for the approach to licensing and taxes, but “the fact we are central to the entertainment industry.”  Bragg agrees, adding “other areas like Hollywood are just too congested.  We’re also close to the Burbank Airport making it a really good location.”

Another benefit for Bexel is the dominance of operations and production decision makers in the area.  According to Bragg while New York may have a lot of corporate business function, the Los Angeles area runs the production side of the entertainment industry.  Bragg emphasizes “the people you need to meet regarding a show or production are here.”

Bexel, and the parent company Vitec, are committed to both corporate responsibility, as well as community and social responsibility.

For example, Bexel University is an internal program, providing training to employees on new technology, or to bring employees up to skill levels required to function in their jobs.  Bexel strive to promote from within, with Bragg being a good example.

“I started out with Bexel at 20 years old, working a driver delivering equipment around the area” recalled Bragg.  From there he worked his way up through the company as an office assistant, quality control supervisor, audio technician, and finally into sales with a great position as Associate Director of Equipment Rentals – the bread and butter of Bexel.

In addition to developing and promoting from within, Bexel also heavily recruits from local film institutes and academies, further supporting the community, ordering talented young people great opportu8nities in this dynamic company.

Bragg reflected “we do appreciate being able to provide opportunities for our employees.  Most of the employees have gained experience through working in several different areas within the company, and the senior leadership has a much broader experience than other companies.”

Bexel’s also shows their commitment to the Burbank community through programs supporting the Burbank Police and Fire Service Day with monitors so they can display slide shows, or assisting Jordan Middle School, and just about every elementary school, as well as PTAs with equipment loaners for their carnivals, as well as programs such as BEST, which provides local students an opportunity to be exposed to different parts of the industry, from technical jobs to administrative.

Bragg emphasized “I took the BEST program very seriously, holding kids accountable for their work, while providing them a very healthy learning experience!”

While Bexel has a traditional community service culture, their approach to social responsibility is fully backed by Vitec, which provides a lot of support for local programs.  Bragg explained “we can’t always give money to local programs, but we can certainly provide knowledge and experience to the local community.”

In a world using phrases like “Think Global – Act Local,” it is refreshing to see a company such as Bexel which can actually deliver on their vision, offering a truly global service to the entertainment and video production community.

You can learn more about Bexel at their website www.bexel.com

High School Sports Weekly Recap

By Dick Dornan
MyBurbank Sports Editor



Burbank Tennis (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank  High Singles Player Clayton Pauff (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burroughs 12 Burbank 6 (Indians now 6-0 in the Pacific League)

Burroughs 13 Hoover 5



Burbank 17 Glendale 1



Burbank 8 Glendale 0 (Angel Villagran threw a complete game shutout allowing only two hits while striking out six. The Bulldogs scored four runs in the first inning on four hits. Harrison Hernandez led the way with three RBI’s while Sebby Santoro had two doubles and two runs scored)

Burroughs 9 Ventura 2 (Daniel Barraza and Luis Pereyra threw six innings of no-hit baseball. Brian Pozos went 3 for 4, Patrick Christopher slammed a home run with two rbi’s in his 2 for 4 performance and Pereyra went 2 for 3)

Providence 6 St. Monica Academy 5


Boys Volleyball:

Claremont 3 Burroughs 2 (25-23, 23-25, 25-23, 20-25, 17-15)

Stat leaders: Shayne Beamer 15 kills; BJ Lagmay 44 assists; Danny Casillas 21 digs

Burroughs 3 Arcadia 0 (27-25, 25-10, 25-18)

Stat leaders: Daniel Jacobs 11 kills; Shayne Beamer 9 kills, 3 blocks; Nick Van Loo 6 kills, Danny Casillas and Daniel Marbach had 9 digs apiece; BJ Lagmay 30 assists

Burbank 3 Hoover 0 (25-17, 25-20, 25-14)

Stat leaders: Derian Blandon 7 kills, 8 digs; Elijah Cowart 5 kills; Jack Dagher 7 digs; Paolo Fabregar 2 blocks; Josh Wright 2 blocks; Ryan Garcia 7 assists, 4 aces; Jason Gomez 11 assists



Burbank        Hoover

Boys Varsity        114        49

Girls Varsity         123        43

Boys JV                89           64

Girls JV                 107        41



Burbank 90 Crescenta Valley 46 (boys)

MEET Burbank v. CV
DATE 3/28/2013
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place SCORE
4 x 100 44.94 CV DQ Burbank 0 5
1600 4:23.87 Mkrtchyan B 4:24.86 Corea B 4:25.0 Collison C 8 1
110HH 15.62 Palacio B 16.18 Afzali B 16.26 Shahmanyan C 8 1
400 53.12 Damla C 53.98 Torrez B 54.6 Pulgarin B 4 5
100 11.29 Williams B 11.37 Kim C 11.58 Byung C 5 4
800 2:00.35 Beatty C 2:02.77 Manolo C 2:03.76 Collison C 0 9
300H 41.52 Shahmanyan C 41.69 Palacio B 43.82 Afzali B 4 5
200 23.39 Kim C 23.40 Ordookhamian C 23.93 Cornejo B 1 8
3200 9:54 Choe B 9:59 Ellman B 10:04 Beatty V 8 1
4 x 400 3:33.76 CV 3:40.72 Burbank 0 5
HJ 5-8 Wray B 5-8 Strang B 5-6 Kim C 8 1
PV 11-6 Pulgarin B 11-0 Miranda B 10-6 Rogers 8 1
LJ 19-9 Palacio B 19-1 Kang B 18-6.5 Kim B 9 0
TJ 40-9.5 Williams B 39-5.25 Palacio B 36-5.5 Walker B 9 0
SP 43-0 Hurtado B 40-5 Lee, J B 39-6 Card B 9 0
DT 147-10 Hurtado B 126-1 Card B 116-2.5 Lee, J B 9 0
90 46

Crescenta Valley 72 Burbank 64 (girls)

MEET Burbank v. CV
DATE 3/28/2013
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place SCORE
4 x 100 50.31 CV DQ Burbank 0 5
1600 5:25.17 Melnyk C 5:30.43 Ruby C 5:34.8 Witzeman C 0 9
100H 17.02 Lapides C 17.41 Anassian B 18.81 Filipian C 3 6
400 57.92 Carillo C 60.66 Martil B 64.04 Ianello C 3 6
100 12.52 Newton B 12.8 Tomitsa B 13.12 Wong C 8 1
800 2:22.08 Johnson C 2:29.4 Ignacio B 2:33.47 Ruby C 3 6
300H 50.49 Lapides C 50.95 Gevorkian B 56.85 Curtis B 4 5
200 24.77 Carillo C 26.78 Tomitsa B 27.0 Zepeda B 4 5
3200 11:42.1 Witzeman C 11:42.4 Johnson C 11:43.8 Melnyk C 0 9
4 x 400 4:06 CV 4:16 Burbank 0 5
HJ 5-0 Walker C 4-8 Frazier B 4-8 McCord B 4 5
PV 8-0 Fiumani B 7-0 Nakamura C 7-0 Stevenson C 5 4
LJ 15-3.75 Wong C 15-1.5 Gevorkian B 14-5 Frazier B 4 5
TJ 31-4 McCord B 28-6.5 Zakevozyan B 28-.75 Palacios C 8 1
SP 28-3.25 VunCannon B 28-0 Khajehmal B 26-3 Anassian B 9 0
DT 89-8 VunCannon B 87-9 Medina B 77-10 Khajehmal B 9 0
64 72


Burroughs vs. Hoover

March 28, 2013

Girls Varsity

B – 122, H – 6  



Noelle Garcia (1)         13.5

Sarah Prystupa (2)       13.6



Kayla Avila (1)                        29.4

Noelle Garcia (2)         29.9

Deanna Fierro              31.1



Gigi Chamberlain (1)   66.2

Kayla Avila (2)                        67.9

Deanna Fierro              71.4



Dayanna Yanez (1)      2:42

Gigi Chamberlain (2)   2:43

Miranda Acosta (3)      2:45

Natalie Hernandez       2:54

Sammantha Fajardo     2:55

Ashley Velasco                        2:59

Brittany Trinidad         3:00



Gracia Innocentia (1)   5:36

Miranda Acosta (2)      5:38

Sammantha Fajardo (3)            6:07

Ashley Velasco                        6:23

Natalie Herenandez     6:37



Eileen Eckles (1)          12:20



Carissa Jackson (1)      18.0

Arianna Leonardo (2)  18.2

Johanna Reyes (3)       18.4

Carla Jimenez              23.7



Johanna Reyes (1)       52.6

Carissa Jackson (2)      54.4

Arianna Leonardo (3)  55.4

Carla Jimenez              64.5

Evette Villegas             66.4


4×100 (1)                     56.7


4×400 (1)                     4:40

Arianna Leonardo        69.0

Kayla Avila                 69.3

Deanna Fierro              69.9

Sammantha Fajardo     72.60



Sarah Prystupa (1)       9’

Ellaine Ilano (2)           7’6


Sarah Prystupa

#4 JB G PV



Arianna Leonardo (1)  4’



Jamie Phan (1)             12’5.5

Talin Hallajian (2)        12’4.5



Jamie Phan (1)             27’6

Talin Hallajian (2)        25’6



Ashley Sapone (1)       27’0.5

Emory Goodwin (2)     24’7.5

Kimberly Santos (3)     23’9.5

Olivia Villegas             22’8



Olivia Villegas (1)        73’5

Ashley Sapone (2)       71’9

Emory Goodwin (3)     56’7

Kimberly Santos          53’


Girls Fr/So

B – 118, H – 4



Daisy Casteneda (1)     14.0

Laura Rodriguez (2)     14.2

Brianna Castillo (3)      15.7

Cynthia Monteros        16.6



Daisy Casteneda (1)     30.4

Camila Franco (1)        30.4

Jaymie Olea (3)                       30.9

Brianna Castillo                       33.7

Emily Wilson               34.0

Cynthia Monteros        35.7



Camila Franco (1)        70.7

Jaymie Olea (2)                       72.1

Emily Wilson (3)         77.7



Ignatia Teresa (1)         3:11

Mila Santos (2)                        3:26

Jennifer Diaz (3)          3:26

Rhiannon Giever         3:43



Ashley Contreras (1)    6:09

Samantha Miceli (2)     6:09

Betsy Ramirez             6:22

Lili Hooshivar              6:41

Ignatia Teresa              6:42



Ashley Contreras (1)    13:15

Betsy Ramirez (3)        14:16



Breanna McCallum (1)            20.0

Katherine Espinel (2)   20.1

Kristin Turner (3)         21.9



Katherine Espinel (1)   61.3

Kristin Turner (2)         64.0


4×100 (1)                     57.8


4×400 (1)                     5:12

Kristin Turner              73.6

Katherine Espinel        76.9

Emily Wilson               80.9

Cynthia Monteros        81.6



Kristin Turner (1)         7’

Laura Rodriguez (2)     6’6

Cristina Valdez (3)       5’



Breanna McCallum (1)            3’10



Laura Rodriguez (1)     14’1

Maya Anding (2)         11’8

Jennifer Diaz (3)          9’11

Mila Santos                  9’5

Rhiannon Giever         8’6





Breanna McCallum (1)            24’1

Carolina Zuniga (2)      22’11

Alexa Gray (3)             21’2.5

Mariah Murcia                         20’9.5

Sarah Han                    20’8

Hennessy Hasbun        20’2



Sarah Han (1)              58’9

Carolina Zuniga (2)      56’6

Mariah Murcia (3)        52’6

Hennessy Hasbun        51’

Alexa Gray                  46’8


Boys Varsity

B – 98, H – 28



Niko Guerrero (1)        11.4

Corwin Scherer (2)      11.5

Garrett Manoukian (3) 12.2

Jason Hamm                13.3



Niko Guerrero (1)        23.9

Corwin Scherer (2)      24.2

Robert Martinez (3)     24.4

Eric Casillas                 26.0



Robert Martinez (1)     53.1

Augusto Corea (2)       53.7

Eric Casillas                 56.9



Everth Vargas (2)         2:07

Francis Hilao (3)          2:13

Carvin Ortega              2:32



Everth Vargas (3)         4:43

Francis Hilao               4:48

Thomas Switzer                       5:07

Jarrett Duran                5:08

Carvin Ortega              5:26



Shane Thompson (1)   9:43.5

Luis Celaya (3)                        9:55

Ricky Mendez             10:03

Garrett Boulais             10:05

Thomas Switzer                       11:50

Jarrett Duran                12:09


 Shane Thompson

#2 JB BSF 3200



Nathan Bradley (1)      17.1

Corwin Scherer (2)      17.7

Carlos Ortega (3)         18.2

Omar Nuriddin                        22.1



Nathan Bradley (1)      43.0

Carlos Ortega (2)         43.5

Omar Nuriddin (3)       49.0


Nathan Bradley

#4 JB BSF 300H


4×100                          DQ



Team A                                    3:43

Everth Vargas              54.2

Nathan Bradley                        55.7

Eric Casillas                 56.3

Carlos Ortega               57.1

Team B                                    3:50

Robert Martinez           54.2

Francis Hilao               56.4

Omar Nuriddin                        56.4

Carvin Ortega              63.5



Matt Schwartz (1)        13’6

Kent Truong (2)           11’6

Mark Allsman (3)        9’6

Nick Garduno              9’

Josh Leyva                  9’

Albert Manukyan         9’

Brent Caballero                        8’



Matt Schwartz (1)        5’7

Keith Lohacharoen (3) 5’2

Nick Garduno              5’2



Niko Guerrero (1)        18’3

Garrett Manoukian (2) 15’1.5



Garrett Manoukian (1) 37’5



Brian Jones (1)                        48’11

Jason Hamm (3)          37’1

Andrew Bui                 36’11

Ermar Cruz                  33’2

Deon Castillo               31’5

Tony Phi                      28’11

Matt Manarchy                        28’4.5



Ermar Cruz (1)             130’

Jason Hamm (2)          96’8

Deon Castillo (3)         88’2

Brian Jones                  86’7

Andrew Bui                 76’7

Tony Phi                      75’7

Matt Manarchy                        55’1


Ermar Cruz

#4 JB B DT


Boys Fr/So

B – 108, H – 10



Hunter Guerin (1)        11.7

Michael Huynh                        12.4

Michael Fajardo           12.9

Nathan Soriano                        13.9



Hunter Guerin (1)        25.1

Michael Huynh (3)      25.8

Michael Molina                        26.1

Devlin Jimenez                        27.4

Michael Fajardo           27.8



Michael Molina (1)      57.0

Devlin Jimenez (2)      59.2



David Olympia (1)       2:21

David Carrillo (2)        2:25

Cody Avila (3)             2:25

Daniel Beimford          2:25

Quang Nguyen             2:28

Matt Cardenas              2:29

Aaron Palilla                2:29

Adam Villalpando       2:33

Eddy Goshorn             2:33

Mitchel Fernando         2:34

Jared Perez                  2:35




Cole Wantland (1)       4:56

Jack Howe (2)             5:02

Christian Fuentes (3)    5:07

Daniel Beimford          5:09

Matt Cardenas              5:13

David Carrillo              5:14

David Olympia                        5:15

Quang Nguyen             5:17

Cody Avila                  5:18

Aaron Palilla                5:19

Adam Villalpando       5:28

Jared Perez                  5:34

Mitchel Fernando         5:39

Carlos Rodriguez         6:17

Eddy Goshorn             6:19



Elias Hoxsie (1)                       9:59.1

Jack Howe (2)             10:55

Cole Wantland (3)       10:59

Christian Fuentes         11:27

Elias Hoxsie

#8 JB BSF 3200



Emerson Sosa (1)         18.5



Emerson Sosa (1)         46.1

Liam Taylor (2)                       59.9


4×100                          DQ






















Team C (1)                  4:04

Hunter Guerin              56.7

David Carrillo              60.4

Quang Nguyen             63.7

David Olympia                        63.8

Team D                                    4:16

Michael Molina                        58.0

Ben Mathov                 64.4

Nathan Soriano                        66.7

Aaron Palilla                68.0

Team B                                    4:19

Michael Huynh                        58.0

Michael Fajardo           63.4

Matt Cardenas              67.9

Liam Taylor                 70.0

Team A                                    4:20

Jeremy Phan                62.5

Cody Avila                  62.7

Eddy Goshorn             65.3

Mitchel Fernando         69.7

Team E                                    4:20

Emerson                      58.8

Daniel Beimford          65.2

Adam Villalpando       65.9

Jared Perez                  70.9



Ben Mathov (1)                       8’



Emerson Sosa (1)         5’

Jeremy Phan (2)           4’6



Jeremy Phan (1)           16’3

Gordon Cunningham (2)16’

Michael Fajardo (3)     14’7.5

Oscar Gake                  12’11



Jeremy Phan (1)           34’5

Michael Fajardo (2)     31’5



Austin Bui (1)              37’5.5

Nick Phillippi (2)         33’3



Austin Bui (1)              82’10

Nick Phillippi (2)         80’5




Mt. Carmel Invitational (San Diego) – Saturday, March 23

 B 1600 (Division 2)

Ricky Mendez – 4th – 4:28.10

Shane Thompson – 8th – 4:30.57

Shane – JBHS #5 All-Time BSF 1600

G 3200 (Division 2)

Gracia Innocentia – 3rd – 11:33.48

Gracia – JBHS #4 All-Time G 3200

G Pole Vault (Division 2)

Sarah Prystupa – 6th – 8’2”

B Pole Vault (Division 2)

Matt Schwartz – 1st – 14’2”

 Matt – JBHS #7 All-Time B PV

Annual Plant-A-Tree Events Keeps Burbank Green

Burbank Civic Pride held this years Plant a Tree event at the corner of Riverside Drive and Bob Hope, the corner of Johnny Carson Park this past week.

Burbank's Park, Recreation & Community Services Department prepare the planting of one of the tree planted for this years Burbank Civic Pride Committee's 58th annual 'Plant a Tree Event. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank’s Park, Recreation & Community Services Department prepare the planting of one of the tree planted for this years Burbank Civic Pride Committee’s 58th annual ‘Plant a Tree Event. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Several residents made the event possible after making donations for this years ‘Plant a Tree Month’  they include Jane Williams, Yeprem and Varseing Baghboudarian, Ara & Shoushan Boyadjian, Lisa Boyadjian, Garen Yegparian, Mary Merrit,Ronald & Sandra Coyne, Montgomery Family,Shirley Hoffman. Melissa Malak Self, Cristyann Eveans, Noelene Lilley, Lydia Ray, Diel Family,Sue kyle, Burbank- Valley Garden Club, Carol Szilagyi, Linda Silvas, Drew Sugars, and Leslie Slomka.

The Forestry Division is planting Coast LiveOaks at Johnny Carson park, and they can live to be over 250 years old and stand 50 feet tall.

Whats now known as Johnny Carson Park, even though the sign says Buena Vista Park, was the sight for this years Burbank Civic Pride Committee's 58th annual 'Plant a Tree Event. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Whats now known as Johnny Carson Park, even though the sign says Buena Vista Park, was the sight for this years Burbank Civic Pride Committee’s 58th annual ‘Plant a Tree Event. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Citizens gather for this years Burbank Civic Pride Committee's 58th annual 'Plant a Tree Event. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Citizens gather for this years Burbank Civic Pride Committee’s 58th annual ‘Plant a Tree Event. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)


Burbank High Principal Receives Promotion to District Post

Superintendent Dr. Jan Britz announce that Burbank High School Principal Hani Youssef has been appointed to the position of Director, Safety and Student Services.

Hani Youssef

Hani Youssef

Youssef has been a professional educator since 1994. He received his B.A. at California State University, Northridge, in 1995, and his M.S. and administrative credential at Mount St. Mary’s College in 2000. For six years, Hani taught English at both the high school and middle school levels before serving as an administrator. He has acquired experience as an administrator in three different districts: Los Angeles Unified, Conejo Unified, and Burbank Unified school districts. He has been serving BUSD students since 2003.

Youssef has grown into a proven leader who can make positive changes happen. He possesses strong character traits and leadership abilities. His experience and knowledge of the district and community will aid him as he creates future successes at BUSD.

Youssef will begin his new role on July 1. As part of the recruitment process to hire a new principal, Dr. Britz will meet with staff and parents at Burbank High School. The staff meeting will be held April 10 at 3.15pm in the BHS Cafeteria. The parent meeting will be scheduled shortly.

The district has not announced a timeline in selecting a new Principal at Burbank High School.

Burbank-Magnolia Park Optimist Club Holding Golf Tournament

The mission of the Burbank-Magnolia Park Optimist Club is to be a “Friend of Youth.”  Many youth oriented groups and individuals in our community benefit each year from the
generous support from people and businesses to our service club activities and events, and are now asking for your support of our 26″“ Annual Youth Golf Classic golf tournament.

The 26th Annual Burbank Magnolia Park Optimist Golf Tournament will help Burbank groups.   During the past six years of this tournament, they have been able to support the youth of Burbank with over $120,000. The Youth Golf Classic has many levels of participation and sponsorship available.

The tournament has a rich 25-year history of being an outstanding day of fun and fellowship enjoyed by everyone. This year they are playing golf once again at Burbank’s own DeBell Golf Club. Scott Scozzola and his professional DeBell golf staff will be helping with the tournament. There will be awards ceremonies, silent auction, and opportunity drawing at the spectacular Clubhouse Grill immediately following the 18 holes.

The tournament is on Friday, May 17.  Enjoy the hospitality and friendship of the Burbank Magnolia Park Optimist Club. If you are unable to attend, we hope that you will consider being a “Friend of Youth” in our community with a donation or sponsorship.

lf you have any questions regarding playing, sponsoring or donating, please call co-chairmen Terry Scott at 818-842-7950 or Gary Oseransky at 818-845-7949, Jim Gascoigne (Fundraising Chairman) at 818-846-2376, or Evie Magnante (Awards, Prizes, and Entertainment Chaifwomen) at 818-845-3863.

Armenian National Committee of Burbank Announces Endorsements

The last ballots for Burbank’s all-mail General Election were mailed on Thursday, March 21, according to the City Clerk’s office.  This means voters should receive their ballots by Saturday, or at the latest Monday.  Watch for this big white envelope, if you live in the city, advises the ANCA-Burbank.

“Everyone is watching our community since our votes put two candidates over the top, getting them elected in the primary.  That doesn’t usually happen in Burbank,” said Gaidzag Shabazian, Armenian national Committee of America—Burbank Electoral/Political Chair.  “Our votes also helped put two City council candidates into the lead positions going into the April 9 all-mail election.”

Burbank adopted the mail-in ballot system a decade ago.  This makes voters’ lives much easier because they don’t have to go to a polling place on Election Day, which is Tuesday, April 9.  All ballots must be RECEIVED in the City Clerk’s office by 7:00 pm that day.  Otherwise they will not be counted.  A postmark with that date is not valid.

The Burbank ANCA’s endorsed candidates are:

City Council: David Gordon and Jess Talamantes

Board of Education: Larry Applebaum and Steve Ferguson

Voting is easy.  Just fill in the bubbles next to the names of the candidates endorsed by the ANCA. (See the accompanying picture of the completed, two sided, ballot).  Then, tear off the top stub of the ballot and insert the ballot in the secrecy sleeve.  Next, put the ballot/secrecy sleeve in the yellow envelope provided.  Sign the envelope.  Drop it in the mail.  This year, for the first time, the envelope is postage-paid, so voters don’t have to put a stamp on it.

See the accompanying picture of the envelope in which the ballot and voter pamphlet were mailed for the February, so you know what to expect.

“Our Burbank voting system is easy because we all vote from the comfort of home,” said Hagop Hergelian, ANCA-B activist.  “Please be very alert and watch for your ballot.  But, voters often mistake the large white ballot envelope for junk mail and throw it out.  Then, they have to get a replacement, wasting time and effort.”

Participation by the Armenian community is very important.  It demonstrates the concern everyone shares for improving Burbank and gets people elected to office who are most sensitive to the Armenian community’s needs.

If you have any questions, please call the Burbank ANCA at 818/562-1918 or e-mail at: Info@ancaburbank.org

Notes From Arizona: Baseball During Spring Break

By Dick Dornan
BurbankNBeyond Sports Editor


Lancer Classic” (Tucson)- Friday, March 22

Foothills (AZ) 5 Burbank 2

Photos By Nathan Zavala

Martin Silva

Burbank endured another tough loss on Friday as they gave up a 2-1 lead en route to a 5-2 loss to Foothills of Arizona.

Foothills scored one run in the bottom of the fourth to tie the game and three runs in the bottom of the fifth. Dylan Mersola and Ian McKinnon each had two hits for BHS. Martin Silva got the start and went 3 and 2/3 innings, giving up just two runs on four hits and coming out with the scored tied.

The Bulldogs (5-6) finished the tournament 2-3 and head back home to L.A. to continue play in the Pacific League on Friday at Glendale at 3:30 p.m.


Lancer Classic” (Tucson)- Thursday, March 21

Sahuaro (AZ) 4 Burbank 3


Harrison Hernandez

Harrison Hernandez

Sahuaro rallied from a 3-2 deficit to score the tying run in the fifth and the winning run in the bottom of the seventh inning to stun the Bulldogs. Burbank (5-5) jumped out to a 2-0 advantage after two innings but couldn’t sustain the lead.

Harrison Hernandez went 2-for-3 with a single and triple; Angel Roman was 2-for-3 with two runs scored and John White finished the day 2-for-2. Shawn Troy threw five innings allowing three earned runs off seven hits.



Lancer Classic” (Tucson)- Wednesday, March 20

Burbank 21 Catalina (AZ) 1

Photos By Nathan Zavala and Angel Roman

Micah Simon

A day after knocking off one of the top ranked teams in Southern Arizona, the Bulldogs rolled along and hammered Catalina, 21-1, in five innings on Wednesday. Burbank (5-4) had 17 hits led by Micah Simon who collected three hits and five RBI’s. Harrison Hernandez and Sam McKinnon also had three hits apiece with Hernandez driving in four runs.

Ryan Porras got the start for BHS and did an admirable job throwing five innings, allowing only four hits and striking out 10. Porras, a sophomore, was on target in his first varsity start as he nailed 18 first-pitch strikes out of 21 batters.

The Bulldogs scored five runs in the first inning, 10 in the third and six more in the fourth to force the mercy rule upon Catalina. Dylan Mersola, John White and Alan Villagran each contributed three RBI’s in the dominating victory.

Ryan Porras

Ryan Porras

With the win, Burbank won its pool (2-1) and earned the No. 5 seed in tournament bracket action. The Bulldogs will play No. 4 Sahuaro on Thursday at 4 p.m. Sahuaro possesses the top prospect in all of Southern Arizona, Alex Verdugo.


Best of the West Spring Classic” (Phoenix)- Wednesday, March 20

Mountain Ridge (AZ) 3 Burroughs 2

The Indians (6-7) finished the tournament 1-4 and return to Burbank to play at Pasadena on April 2 at 3:30 p.m.


Lancer Classic” (Tucson)- Tuesday, March 19

Burbank 6 Ironwood Ridge (AZ) 3

Photo By Nathan Zavala

Joey Bogenschutz

After a day of frustration, Burbank came together and played one of their best games of the season in defeating Ironwood Ridge, one of the top teams in Arizona. Ironwood Ridge came into the game undefeated at 11-0 and averaging 16 runs per contest. Not for long. The Bulldogs made it clear that this was their day.

Joey Bogenschutz (2-0) got the start and ran into some control problems in the first inning winding up with the bases loaded and one out and the Ironwood Ridge team smelling blood in the water. A ground ball to John White started a 5U-3 double play and turned the Nighthawks away without scoring. It was one of three double plays (including a game ender) that the Bulldogs turned on the day.

Bogenschutz ran into trouble only one more time in his five innings pitched and worked out of the jam when the score became tied at three all. On the day the senior righthander threw 86 pitches, allowed seven hits while striking out two, walked two, and gave up just two earned runs against a good hitting team. He came out leading 4-3 and Angel Villagran came in to finish it up and earn his first save of the season.

Photo By Nathan Zavala

Angel Roman

On offense, Angel Roman had a great day. The left fielder had two doubles and a triple while scoring one run and knocking one in and the only player with multiple hits in the eight collected by Burbank.

Harrison Hernandez also had a booming triple and Dylan Mersola doubled.  Ian McKinnon, John White and Villagran also had hits in the game.

The Bulldogs (4-4) proved that they are a quality team and will continue to do well as long as they follow the plan and path layed before them.




Best of the West Spring Classic” (Phoenix)- Tuesday, March 19

Yukon (OK) 3 Burroughs 2 (Game one)

Centennial (AZ) 11 Burroughs 9 (Game two)


Lancer Classic” (Tucson)- Monday, March 18

Cienega (AZ) 11 Burbank 10

Sometimes you have to chalk it up to just one of those days. And so it went for the Bulldogs as they lost the opening game of the Arizona tournament 11-10 to Cienega in a seven inning battle.

After quickly falling behind 4-0, Burbank battled its way back to make the score 4-3.  After that point it seemed whenever the Bulldogs would start to get close, they would fall behind again by three or four runs until time ran out at the end.

Burbank collected only eight hits to score its 10 runs, but were helped by five walks, three hit batters and three errors to account for its scoring.

Dylan Mersola

Dylan Mersola

Angel Villagran continued his hot hitting as he was the only one to collect multiple hits with two singles. He also scored two runs while knocking in an RBI.  Dylan Mersola and Hector Rodriguez picked up the only extra base hits as both players lashed doubles.

Camden Palmisano came into the game after second baseman Chris Okimoto sustained an injury to his right cheek area trying to flag down a throw.  Okimoto remains listed as day to day. Palmisano finished the day 1 for 1 with two RBI’s and had two fantastic sacrifice bunts.

Ian McKinnon, Harrison Hernandez, and John White also had hits for BHS.

For the Bulldogs to be successful, they will have to cut down on both base running mistakes as well as defensive lapses as they committed four errors and ran into numerous unforced outs on the bases while trailing.


Best of the West Spring Classic” (Phoenix)- Monday, March 18

Sunnyslope (AZ) 4 Burroughs 2

The Burroughs Indians lost 4-2 to the reigning Division II state champs Sunnyslope, AZ in the second game of tournament pool play.

Sunnyslope junior Calvin Lebrun went the distance giving up four hits, striking out 10 and only walking one in seven innings of work. He also had two hits and a run scored.

Junior Cameron Rodriguez got the nod for Burroughs and threw six innings scattering 9 hits and gave up four runs, three of which were earned.

Senior Patrick Christopher continued his hot streak in the loss, going 2-3 at the plate. Rodriguez had a sac-fly in the first inning for Burroughs’ only RBI of the game.


Best of the West Spring Classic” (Phoenix)- Saturday, March 16

Burroughs 6 Stillwater (OK) 5

Burroughs baseball (Photo  by Ross A. Benson)

Burroughs baseball (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The Burroughs Indians escaped with a win in the opening game of the “Best of the West Spring Classic” against Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Senior Luis Pereyra threw four innings of no-hit baseball while striking out seven and left the game with a 5-run lead.

The Indians made multiple mistakes on defense and gave up five runs in the 6th and the 7th innings.

However, the defensive highlights for the Indians came when they needed them most, as junior Cameron Rodriguez threw out the potential winning run at the plate in the bottom of the seventh and Pereyra made a diving play to his right right on the third base foul line to make the final out of the seventh with the winning run on third.

Senior Patrick Christopher played hero for Burroughs in the top of the eighth with a two-out, two-strike double off the wall that scored Rodriguez from second.

Senior Brandon Ortega shut down Stillwater in the bottom of the 8th 1-2-3 to notch the win. Ortega also had three hits and an RBI on the day.

Junior Anthony Robles went 2-2 in his first two at bats of the season.



Cavalia’s Odysseo Has Added a Week of New Shows

Cavalia’s Odysseo has added a week of new shows on sale immediately. The show is a perfect spring family gathering, seeing the equestrian and acrobatic spectacular is creating a memory that will live on, long after the show leaves Burbank.

Created by Normand Latourelle, one of the founders of Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia set Burbank audiences on the edge of their seats in 2011 with their first production. This all-new show called Cavalia’s Odysseo is set under the world’s largest touring big top – a 10-story giant tent bigger than a football field. Inside 56 horses and 43 acrobats, riders and musicians perform a theatrical ode to horse and man in front of a video backdrop the size of three IMAX screens.  For the finale, the stage floods with 80,000 gallons of water where the horses and acrobats play.

The show, which opened on February 27, has added performances through March 31.
Tickets are available at www.cavalia.net

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

or by calling 1-866-999-8111.

Added Performances include:
Wednesday, March 27th, 7:30PM
Thursday, March 28th,, 8PM
Friday, March 29th, 8PM
Saturday, March 30th, 2PM and 8PM
Sunday, March 31st, 2PM

Creative Arts Center Gallery to Host Youth Art Expo

The City of Burbank Creative Arts Center Gallery and the Fine Arts Federation will host the annual Youth Art Expo. This annual exhibit represents student artwork (K – 12) from Burbank public and private schools.

YouthArt Expo April 2013The exhibit will be on display at the Creative Arts Center Gallery, 1100 West Clark Avenue, in Burbank from April 11 – 25. Opening reception and awards ceremony for Middle School and High School is on Thursday, April 11, 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Opening reception and awards ceremony for Elementary School is on Friday, April 12, 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Awards presentations for both events will be at 6:15 pm. Please contact the gallery for additional information.

The Creative Arts Center Gallery is located at 1100 West Clark Avenue, Burbank, California.  Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Gallery is closed on Sunday.  Please contact the Gallery at 818.238.5397 for additional information.

Burbank Little League Celebrates Opening Day Ceremonies

By Jim Riggio
Special to BurbankNBeyond


Burbank Little League kicked off its 13th season Saturday at Brace Park with its Opening Day ceremonies.

The league will feature 29 teams this season split up over several age divisions in baseball and softball.

The ceremony, which was postponed last weekend due to rain, included well wishes by many in the community.

“I want to quickly welcome everyone out here,” Mayor David Golonski said. “I want to thank the board, the coaches, all the parents and everyone involved in putting this together. This is a great thing for our kids.”

BLLHonored in the ceremony were three All-Star teams from Burbank that won the District 16 titles last season. District 16 President Scott Moro, a Burbank resident, was also on hand to take part in the festivities.

District 16 is comprised of teams from Burbank, Glendale, La Crescenta, La Canada Flintridge and Tujunga.

Burbank honored its 2012 nine and 10-year-old softball team and its 13 and 14-year-old baseball team.

Also honored was the 10 and 11-year-old baseball team, which won for a second year with many of the same players.

Burbank also inducted two new members into its Hall of Fame. Bob Ranney, one of the league’s founders, became the first inductee a year ago.

This year former league president Mike Lockheimer and longtime league official Jim Noud became the second and third to be added to the Hall of Fame.

“From the beginning Jim and Mike have always been with us,” said Ranney. “Jim and Mike have always done whatever needed to be done. At times, Jim has even taken over some teams and helped us with coaching. Mike is the same way. These guys have always opened up their pockets and given everything they can for this league. I can’t say enough about them.”

Burbank Little League President Thomas Magoon also noted that teams from his league also pulled a District 16 sweep in winning titles in the Minors, Majors and Juniors divisions in baseball last season.

The Minor Dukes, Major Cubs and Junior Rays were those teams and were honored by Moro.

“The past few years have been very prosperous,” Moro said of the success of Burbank teams.

Magoon encouraged the players to go out and have fun.

“Let’s get this Little League season started. Some of you little kids have been waiting all week to play some games and we’ll get some games in (Saturday),” Magoon said.

For more information on teams, schedules and game times, please visit the Burbank Little League website at http://www.eteamz.com/BurbankLittleLeague.