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Beloved Jordan Science Teacher Steve Saracino Retires

Longtime science teacher Steve Saracino retired in December this year after a total of 41 years teaching, with the past 17 years working with the sixth, seventh and eighth-graders at David Starr Jordan Middle School. In the years at Jordan, Saracino has not just taught science, but has been deeply involved in arts programs at the school as well. Many celebrations of the beloved teacher were held in the final months of his tenure at Jordan, including student-organized lunches, a honored spotlight at the Jordan Choir’s holiday show and a recognition by the Jordan PTA for his years of service and dedication to the students and the school.

Song and video tribute for Steve Saracino.  (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Song and video tribute for Steve Saracino at Jordan VMA’s holiday show in December 2013. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

“Part of my success as a teacher is trying to understand your kids at ages 11, 12 and 13,” Saracino told the PTA members, parents and school administrators at the November meeting at which he spoke about his time at Jordan.

“One of the reasons I am so effective with kids this age is that I’ve had a wide variety of experiences which includes being a teacher on special assignment with gang and drug intervention,” Saracino explained further, in an interview on his final day at the school, December 20. He spoke about his previous work in the early-mid 1990s at Garfield Continuation High School in San Diego. “Every other Monday, I got a group of gangsters, basically, who got thrown out of other schools for narcotics and weapons problems, and I had to talk with them and work with them.”

“I’ve taught many different classes… eighth grade science my first year in New Jersey, then I moved to Kansas and taught high school Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physical Science and Psychology. And I think the variety of experiences I’ve had has kept me open to people in general. I treat students as people, rather than as students, and I think that’s key.”

Saracino’s humor and rational approach to sensitive topics was important as he taught the district’s human development/sex ed curriculum as part of seventh-grade science class. “It’s a very fine line. I don’t want it to be a deep dark secret that they’re afraid of and then make up stories about this stuff,” he commented. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there and it comes from not giving kids the truth, not having the facts. It’s a fine line to present it. So I try to make it accessible by combining serious information with humor and everything I taught was district-approved.”

 (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Steve Saracino waves to the parents, students and audience at the December Jordan VMA show. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

“Mr. Saracino was an amazing teacher. He not only taught science but supported the arts and many other programs around the campus,” eighth-grader Sela Moretti-Hitchcock commented. “He was the best teacher around and he was funny, always happy, and really supportive. So, as a brilliant teacher deserves, a few friends and I decided to throw a party for him. Two actually.”

“Because of him, I not only have more friends but more self esteem and more confidence to try new things. He was one of the best teachers I have ever had or probably will ever have. Jordan Middle School won’t be the same without him. I— and my friends and teachers— will miss him greatly teaching at our school.”

That connection with Jordan students also translated into a strong connection with their parents.

“I have taught in New Jersey, Kansas, many schools in San Diego, and Burbank parents are just amazingly great. These kids, of course they have problems here and there and they go through their middle school angst and their high school angst, but the parents in this community… I’ve never felt more supported,” Saracino commented. “When I’ve called a parent and explained rationally what’s going on with a child, they were 100% supportive. I’ve had a lot of parent interactions in 17 years here and Burbank has such great parents – thank you for raising your kids so well. And they’re such great kids as they are.”

Saracino has taught several thousand children over his time at Jordan, with an average of 160 students per year in his academic classes. When the school had the seventh period extracurricular class and Saracino led the theater program at the school, he worked with an additional 150 young people per year. As Director of the Jordan Theater Company for various productions between 2002 – 2009, he presented many popular shows at the school including Fiddler on the Roof, Guys and Dolls and The King and I.

Saracino continues to plays guitar and piano. His Christian rock band Broken Bread is working on their second album, due in April 2014, and planning a concert tour starting in April. He is also very involved in his church as a lector.


Photo Courtesy of Steve Saracino

As a master of several dialects with a host of interests, including a love of the stage, Saracino intends to step back into the theater spotlight with acting and writing. He also looks forward to finishing a book he’s been working on and developing a television show about musicians.

Although Saracino has retired from teaching, that doesn’t mean he’ll be slowing down or leaving Burbank behind. In fact, he plans to step up his involvement in arts-related programs, including developing a series of national workshops for show choirs with Jordan Choir Director Christine DeMore, Burroughs High School Choir Director Brendan Jennings and Burroughs choreographer Jen Oundjian among others. Saracino also plans to work with Burbank Arts For All foundation, on the encouragement of BAFA Community Outreach Director Suzanne Weerts.

“I’m never going to give up helping people and helping kids. It’s just in me,” Saracino added. “Burbank is just a beautiful town. When I came up here in June of 1997 to interview – I was just so impressed with the friendliness of people up here and the cleanliness of the town. They really cared about our youth. People here in Burbank are just wonderful people.”

“My daughter grew up in this community. When we moved here, she was in kindergarten. She graduated from Burroughs in 2009,” Saracino concluded. “I love Burbank, it’s where my daughter grew up, and we had great times here and will continue to have great times here. I love the town.”


Jordan Middle School To Host ‘STOP-IT’ Campaign Meeting

Jordan Middle School will be hosting a Community Information Night  on March 28, to inform community members about its “STOP-IT” campaign aimed at creating a positive school culture and halting the spread of bullying on campuses in the Burbank Unified School District and beyond.

The meeting, which starts at 6 p.m. Wednesday evening,  will take place in the school’s library. All local community members are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  The school is located at 420 S. Mariposa St.

“STOP-IT,” which stands for “stop teasing, offending, pushing, intimidating today” was created by the school’s new Assistant Principal of Discipline Leonidas Tarca, who was previously an administrator in the Simi Valley Unified School District.

More information about the campaign can be found at  www.thestopitcampaign.com.

Tri-School Track Meet Returns to Newly Refurbushed Memorial Field

Some traditions continued as new ones were born when the three middle schools opened the gates of the new Memorial Field Saturday, March 10 for their annual Tri-School Track Meet.


Muir's Cade Hollingsworth finshes the 400 meter in record time of 57.4 a meet record. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir Middle School won the meet for the 10th time in 11 years in the first ever sporting event at the new Memorial Field. After the event some members of the public stuck around to set foot on the surface of the new field for the first time.

The Mustangs scored a total of 493.5 points, topping Luther (410.5) and Jordan (312) for bragging rights in the city for another year.

“Once again we are proud of the kids at Muir” Mustangs’ Coach Doug Nicol said, “But more than anything else we are proud to be able to be able to bring all of the kids together for an event like this in the new stadium.”


Muir's Brandon Alba jumps 13.1 feet ion the long jump during Burbank's All City Track Meet.(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The three middle schools renewed the longstanding tradition in 2001 after a hiatus since 1984, when the sites had been 7th through 9th grade and were still junior highs. Many Physical Education teachers at the middle schools are former Burbank Unified School District alumni and were thrilled to bring the event back eleven years ago.

“We have memories of it and wanted our students to have the same type of memories,” said Branko Sevic, also a PE coach at Muir.

Muir placed first in the overall boys’ totals with a mark of 272.5 and the overall girls’ totals with a mark of 221. Luther finished second in both areas with scores of 194.5 and 216. Muir also won both the boys and girls for both the 7th and 8thgrades while Luther placed first for both the boys and girls results in the 6th grade.

Jordan’s Elizabeth Switzer was the 6th grade girls’ MVP finishing second in the 4×100 relay and the long jump and second in the 60 and 100 meter dash. Luther’sJacob Calderon won the 6th grade boys’ MVP taking first in four events – the 60M, 400M, the 4×100 relay and the 4×400 relay. The performance in the 400M (65.40) was a meet record as was his team’s 4×400 relay performance ( 4:47).Drew Gorsuch, Christian Valles and Alex Carvajal were his teammates in the later.

Muir’s Khalid Taylor and Jordan’s Izzy Funes with the MVPs of the 7th grade – each set three records on the day. Taylor won the 60 M, 100 M, 4×100 relay (with John Atherton, Dillon Rosen and Joey Miller) and finished second in the hurdles. Funes won the 400M, the long jump and the 100M. She also was a part of the Cougars’ 4×400 relay team alongside Dominique Silva, Emma Bartam and Bella Nava.

Muir’s 8th grade tandem of Josh Cantong and Candela Fernandez were MVPs for the Mustangs – each took first place in three events. Cantong won the 800M, 4×400 relay, 4×100 relay and finished second in the 400M race. Fernandez won the 800M, 400<, 4×400 relay and the 100M. Cantong’s record setting teammates in the 4×400 included Niko Guerrero, Connor Garden and Adam Navar with a time of 4:08.7. Fernandez was joined by Paige Pauff, Dalia Farazdaghi and Erin McGuire in the 4×400 relay. She also broke a record in the 800M with a time of 2:44.

6th Grade Boys6th Grade Girls
Jacob Calderon – LutherElizabeth Switzer – Jordan
1st –60 Meter Dash1st –4X100 Relay
1st –400 M Run / Record1st-Long Jump
1st –4X100 Relay2nd-100 M Dash
1st –4X 400 Relay / Record2nd-60 M Dash
7th Grade Boys7th Grade Girls
Khalid Taylor – MuirIzzy Funes – Jordan
1st –60 M Dash /Record1st-400 m Run / Record
1st-100 M Dash / Record1st-Long Jump / Record
1st-4X100 Relay / Record1st-4X400 Relay / Record
2nd-Hurdles1st-100 M Dash
8th Grade Boys8th Grade Girls
Josh Cantong – LutherCandela Fernandez – Muir
1st –800 M Run / Record1st –800 M Run / Record
1st –4X400 Relay / Record1st –400 M Run
1st –4X100 Relay1st –4X400 Relay
2nd-400 M Run5th-100 M Dash

6TH GRADE BOYSJordan –47
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stAlex CarvajalLuther11.701stYeahoo LeeMuir02:44.0
2ndNicholas RoeMuir11.782ndJagdeep ChahalLuther02:46.0
3rdJaden varelaJordan11.803rdBrett BoucherJordan02:56.0
4thNicholas MannaLuther11.804thPaul WonMuir02:58.0
5thJorge GomezMuir12.105thErvin HartoonianMuir03:00.0
1600 MetersShot Put
1stAlex HirschLuther05:56.01stAndrew CondranMuir27′ 9″
2ndEthan JayMuir06:00.02ndJulian ReadLuther26′ 9″
3rdBlake OasayJordan06:08.03rdMichael SeguraMuir25′ 4″
4thJagdeep ChahalLuther06:21.04thJoel MicioniLuther25′ 2″
5thPaul WonMuir06:32.05thSebastian RodriguezJordan24′ 11″
100 M DashLong Jump
1stSebastian LealMuir14.301stJulian ReadLuther13′ 5″
2ndTopli PetkoJordan14.602ndJorge GomezMuir13′ 0″
3rdJorge GomezMuir14.603rdArden CarnesJordan12′ 7″
4thRakot RahmanJordan15.004thChristian VallesLuther12′ 2″
5thAsif ChowdhuryLuther15.105thSebastian LealMuir11′ 11″
60 M DashHigh Jump
1stJacob CalderonLuther8.50NEW1stJulian ReadLuther4′ 10″
2ndSebastian LealMuir8.84MEET2ndErvin HartoonianMuir4′ 4″
3rdAlex CarvajalLuther8.90RECORD3rdDiego RosalJordan4′ 0″
4thBen PetersJordan9.404thChristian VallesLuther4′ 4″
5thNarek ShirvanianMuir9.605thHakob ShamilianMuir3′ 10″
400 Meter Run400 Meter RelayAlex Carvajal
1stJacob CalderonLuther65.40NEW1stJacob CalderonLuther58.0
2ndDrew GorsuchLuther69.30MEET2ndNicholas MannaJordan59.4
3rdAlan EdgarMuir73.30RECORD3rdChristian ArroyoMuirDQ
4thBrett BoucherJordan76.80Mile RelayAlex Carvajal
5thNick Mac DonaldMuir77.00NEW1stJacob CalderonLuther04:47.0
MEET2ndDrew GorsuchMuir05:01.0
RECORD3rdChristian VallesJordan05:52.0
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stPresely MiragliaLuther12.601stGabby PerezJordan03:03.0
2ndMonica GuzmanJordan13.302ndNatalie CelioJordan03:04.0
3rdMarin GroteJordan13.353rdOdalys MarinLuther03:04.5
4thJulia WareMuir13.804thMonica LabibMuir03:05.0
5thKate JonesLuther14.205thHannah FierroLuther03:06.0
1600 MetersShot Put
1stBianca SanchezLuther06:38.01stMaria RendonLuther25′ 7″
2ndEmily VirtueLuther06:39.02ndSavannah MerciaMuir23′ 3″
3rdCatrina VillapondoJordan06:39.53rdSofia NipoteMuir23′ 1″
4thHannah FierroLuther06:57.04thZoe HellwigJordan22′ 8″
5thMarin GroteJordan06:58.05thCamylle RobinsonLuther21′ 9″
100 M DashLong Jump
1stLizbeth MancillaLuther14.901stElizabeth SwitzerJordan12′ 7″
2ndElizabeth SwitzerJordan15.502ndKatie MarcyMuir12′ 1″
3rdSuzana TorosyanMuir15.553rdMacie JensenLuther11′ 1″
4thDiane MendezJordan15.704thDanielle O’BrienLuther10′ 10″
5thAlejandra CanoLuther16.205thElaine KooMuir10′ 7″
60 M DashHigh Jump
1stLizbeth MancillaLuther9.101stJulia WareMuir4′ 0″
2ndElizabeth SwitzerJordan9.15 2ndReace RushingMuir3′ 10″
3rdNatasha OrtizMuir9.60 3rdEmily VirtueLuther3′ 10″
4thDiane MendezJordan9.684thMarin GroteJordan3′ 10″
5thBianca SanchezLuther9.705thHaven DragomerMuir3′ 10″
400 Meter Run400 Meter RelayElizabeth Switzer
1stBene SnyderMuir75.501stMonica GuzmanJordan61.5
2ndCatrina VillapondoJordan77.102ndAimee AlanisLuther62.9
3rdAnysia GonzalezMuir77.153rdDiane MendezMuir63.1
4thEmily VirtueLuther80.70Mile RelayPayton Jensen
5thMarin GroteJordan82.501stMia StaubLuther05:14.0
2ndBianca SanchezMuir05:20.0
3rdEmily VirtueJordan05:22.0
7TH GRADE BOYSJordan –38
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stDillon RosenMuir10.40NEWNEW1stSam GormanMuir02:29.0
2ndKhalid TaylorMuir10.90MEETMEET2ndPatrick WellsLuther02:39.0
3rdDavion GreenJordan11.40RECORDRECORD3rdHenrik AnassianMuir02:40.0
4thEverett KanohoJordan11.604thSteven KnezevichJordan02:41.0
5thPaul MaloLuther12.005thMatt OrdonezJordan02:48.0
1600 MetersShot Put
1stTim WellsLuther05:26.0NEW1stAndy ReyesLuther36′ 11″
2ndSam GormanMuir05:40.0MEET2ndDanny PorrasMuir36′ 3″
3rdZeke IsbaellMuir05:45.0RECORD3rdOscar PerezJordan33′ 9″
4thHenrik AnassianMuir05:49.04thJake kelleyMuir33′ 4″
5thJustin DorrisLuther05:56.05thAdam ProvostMuir32′ 8″
100 M DashLong Jump
1stKhalid TaylorMuir12.80NEW1stAdam ProvostMuir15′ 5″
2ndPreston HernandezLuther13.10MEET2ndForest FajardoMuir15′ 3″
3rdSam DuranJordan13.20RECORD3rdAndy ReyesLuther15′ 3″
4thJohn AthertonMuir13.904thSteven KnezevichJordan15′ 1″
5thMike WoodsJordan13.955thJourney ShankJordan14′ 4″
60 M DashHigh Jump
1stKhalid TaylorMuir8.20NEW1stDaniel HanLuther5′ 0″
2ndPreston HernandezLuther8.28MEETTie   2ndAdam ProvostMuir4′ 3″
3rdDavion GreenJordan8.30RECORDTie   2ndAlec SaavedraLuther4′ 3″
4thDillon RosenMuir8.384thJourney ShankJordan4′ 3″
5thJjourney ShankJordan8.565thJake kelleyMuir4′ 3″
400 Meter Run400 Meter RelayKhalid Taylor
1stSamy DuranJordan60.10NEWNEW1stJohn AthertonMuir53.4
2ndAdam ProvostMuir63.80MEETMEET2ndDillon RosenLuther53.6
3rdForest FajardoMuir64.80RECORDRECORD3rdJoey MillerJordan54.6
4thCobie CortzLuther75.50Mile RelayAlec Saavedra
5thJosiah OrellanaLuther75.80NEW1stAndy ReyesLuther04:43.1
MEET2ndAJ AkobianMuir04:53.5
RECORD3rdPreston HernandezJordan
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stKamryn CardenazLuther11.601stGabby CollinsMuir02:54.0
2ndRyan IckesMuir12.102ndDru KimLuther02:55.0
3rdBriana JohnsonJordan12.153rdXochitl TorresMuir02:56.0
4thVictoria CarrascoLuther12.404thGraison AndersonLuther02:59.0
5thKristin BroderickMuir12.905thMolly StaplefeldtLuther03:00.0
1600 MetersShot Put
1stKira BochardMuir05:56.5NEW1stKamryn CardenazLuther29′ 2″
2ndMaddie RiggsLuther06:30.0MEET2ndNadime YounanLuther25′ 8″
3rdXochitl TorresMuir06:32.0RECORD3rdDaniella YanezLuther25′ 0″
4thEmma BartramJordan06:35.04thMelissa QuintanrMuir24′ 11″
5thGabby CollinsMuir06:40.05thAni SerkisyanMuir24′ 9″
100 M DashLong Jump
1stIzzy FunesJordan14.20NEW1stIzzy FunesJordan15′ 3″
2ndDominigue SilvaJordan14.30MEET2ndBrieanna JamesLuther12′ 8″
3rdMikaela TeixiaraMuir14.60RECORD3rdRyan IckesMuir12′ 6″
4thMelanie TiradoLuther15.004thDanielle YanezLuther11′ 11″
5thKennedi LipscombMuir15.105thNicole WintersMuir11′ 9″
60 M DashHigh Jump
1stDominique SilvaJordan8.701stMakenzie DolanMuir4′ 2″
2ndKamryn CardenazLuther8.932ndRyan IckesMuir4′ 0″
3rdKennedi LipscombMuir9.103rdHailey HeathMuir4′ 0″
4thCarly PalmisanoMuir9.204thBrieanna JamesLuther3′ 10″
5thMelanie TiradoLuther9.255thDanielle YanezLuther3′ 8″
400 Meter Run400 Meter Relay
1stIzzy FunesJordan65.40NEWNEW1stMaddie RiggsLuther57.7
2ndKira BochardMuir70.70MEETMEET2ndMelanie TiradoJordan57.9
3rdCarly PalmisanoMuir71.80RECORDRECORD3rdKamryn CardenazMuir59.4
4thMaddie RiggsLuther81.00Mile RelayIzzy Funes
5thAubriana RohanJordan97.80NEW1stDominique SilvaJordan04:50.0
MEET2ndEmma bartramMuir04:51.6
RECORD3rdBella NavaLuther05:28.0
8TH GRADE BOYSJordan –46
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stBrandon AlbaMuir10.00NEWNEW1stJosh CantongLuther02:12.0
2ndCade HollingsworthMuir10.06MEETMEET2ndKray BradyMuir02:24.0
3rdBrandon OrdonezJordan10.70RECORDRECORD3rdIsaac ZubiaMuir02:24.0
4thJacob MicioniLuther11.104thAndrew BarrondoLuther02:24.0
5thMax WeismanLuther11.155thBryan StrandeLuther03:00.0
1600 M RunShot Put
1stAndrew BarrondoLuther05:25.0TIEDNEW1stJohnny SahagunJordan41′ 7″
2ndIsaac ZubiaMuir05:27.0MEETMEET2ndJohnathon RussoMuir37′ 3″
3rdJohn HuangJordan05:33.0RECORDRECORD3rdDavid BartaJordan36′ 2″
4thSergio OrozcoJordan05:33.04thHarrison PyrosMuir35′ 9″
5thBryan StrandeLuther05:36.05thAram KrakirianMuir33′ 11″
100 M DashLong Jump
1stIan ArlingtonMuir12.50NEW1stJacob MicioniLuther16′ 7″
2ndNiko GuerreroLuther12.83MEET2ndAlex MichailovMuir15′ 9″
3rdAdam NavarLuther12.84RECORD3rdJohnny SahagunJordan15′ 3″
4thBrandon OrdonezJordan12.904thNevin VelasquezMuir15′ 1″
5thBrandon AlbaMuir13.005thBrandon AlbaMuir15′ 1″
400 Meter RunHigh Jump
1stCade HollingsworthMuir57.40NEW1stNiko GuerreroLuther5” 2″
2ndJosh CantongLuther59.00MEET2ndCade HollingsworthMuir5′ 0″
3rdTrent HarrisonJordan63.00RECORD3rdAngelo SolisJordan4′ 10″
4thBryan StrandeLuther65.00Tie   4thAram KhakirianMuir4′ 8″
5thDaniel CaettaMuir65.50Tie   4thJacob MicioniLuther4′ 8″
200 Meter Run400 Meter RelayJosh Cantong
1stIan ArlingtonMuir25.701stMichael HuynhLuther51.1
2ndEric HernandezJordan25.802ndMax WeismanJordan52.2
3rdCade HollingsworthMuir25.903rdAdam NavarMuir52.5
4thAdam NavarLuther26.70NEWMile RelayJosh Cantong
5thMax WeismanLuther26.75MEET1stNiko GuerreroLuther04:08.7
RECORD2ndConnor GardenMuir04:14.9
3rdAdam NavarJordan04:34.9
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stSamantha HebriJordan11.90NEW1stCandela FernandezMuir02:44.0
2ndBrooke RadcliffJordan11.95MEET2ndDalia FarazdaghiMuir02:51.0
3rdJazmine ValdezLuther11.96RECORD3rdMelissa UdallMuir02:52.0
4thEmma WochnerLuther12.204thCami ChristopherJordan03:03.0
5thPaige PauffMuir12.305thNo Runner
1600 M RunShot Put
1stDalia FarazdaghiMuir06:17.3NEW1stAdela MartinezLuther28′ 3″
2ndAlexis MorenoJordan06:22.0MEET2ndKelly KaufmanMuir28′ 3″
3rdAntonia NituleosaJordan07:06.0RECORD3rdMelissa GarciaLuther27′ 10″
4thAshley HinterlongMuir07:08.04thBlake TaylorJordan27′ 4″
5thCami ChristopherJordan07:14.05thSabrina StewardLuther27′ 3″
100 M DashLong Jump
1stJazmine ValdezLuther14.401stSabrina StewardLuther13′ 4″
2ndBrooke RadcliffJordan14.432ndJuliana LaFranceMuir13′ 2″
3rdEmily CoxLuther14.483rdBrooke RadcliffJordan13′ 1″
4thSamantha HebriJordan15.004thMonica BrownJordan12′ 10″
5thCandela FernandezMuir15.105thJazmine TaylorLuther12′ 9″
400 Meter RunHigh Jump
1stCandela FernandezMuir70.401stJuliana LaFranceMuir4” 6″
2ndJordan MeltzerMuir70.402ndMelissa GarciaLuther4′ 6″
Tie   3rdJessica RuryLuther74.903rdJordan MeltzerMuir4′ 4″
Tie   3rdNoelle GarciaJordan74.904thJessica RuryLuther4′ 2″
5thNo Runner5thDanielle RyanLuther4′ 2″
200 Meter Run400 Meter RelayJuliana LaFrance
1stSkylar McDonaldLuther31.501stCailey StevensonMuir58
2ndSabrina StewardLuther33.002ndPaige PauffJordan58.6
3rdKate WilkeJordan33.503rdJordan MeltzerLuther59.2
4thTaryn MejiaJordan33.70Mile RelayCandela Fernandez
5thNo Runner1stPaige PauffMuir04:54.3
2ndDalia FarazdaghiJordan05:08.1
3rdErin McGuireLuther05:25.7
1stChristian VallesLuther5′ 6″
2ndAlex CarvajalLuther4′ 0″
1stPreston HernandezLuther5′ 6″1stLucy BrookeLuther5′ 0″
2ndMiles Lopez4′ 0″2nd
1stScott McHorneyLuther7′ 3″
2ndMax WeismanLuther6′ 6″
3rdNick BarnettLuther6′ 6″
4thCole GurleyLuther5′ 0″

Luther Burbank Boys, Jordan Girls Dominate In Tri-City Basketball Championships

Middle School teams from Luther and Jordan traveled to Muir for the games held on Wednesday (Photo By Steven J. Lynch)

On Wednesday, John Muir Middle School hosted the Tri-School Boys and Girls Basketball tournament.  The tournament is played between the three middle schools in the district, Luther Burbank, Jordan, and Muir.  Each school has two boys teams and two girls teams, with teams playing the entire day to decide who has the best basketball teams in the city.  This year, Luther Burbank dominated the boys division as the Yellowjackets had both of their teams play in the championship game, giving Luther Burbank the Boys championship.  In the girls division, Jordan won an exciting championship game by beating Luther Burbank by three points.  It was an incredibly successful day and all of the student-athletes who participated should be proud of their efforts.

(above) The championship girls team from Jordan Middle School, and the Boy's team from Luther Burbank both were crowned champions (below) at the Tri-City meet. (Photos By Steven J. Lynch)