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Burbank Boys Tennis Tops Burroughs, 16-2

By Rick Assad


As the early sets were being contested and then recorded into the score sheet, it became fairly apparent that Tuesday’s Pacific League boys’ tennis match between Burbank High and host Burroughs was going to be a rout.

After slightly more than two hours, it was exactly that as the Bulldogs prevailed 16-2 over the Indians.

Burbank is now 5-3 overall and 4-2 in league play while Burroughs is 2-5 and 1-5 in league action.

Spearheading the Bulldogs’ attack was James Lee, the No. 1 singles player who went 6-4, 6-0 and 6-1 over No. 1 junior Kendric Marcy, No. 2 sophomore Rafael Muniga and No. 3 freshman Sebastian Muga.

Lee said he expected a much closer match. “I think it was effort and motivation and more skill,” he pointed out. “But I didn’t think that it would be so one-sided.”

Lee, a sophomore then added: “I like being tested and even if you lose, you’re going to get better.”

At No. 2, junior Luciano Dapuetto fell to Marcy 2-6, but then rallied for victories over Muniga 6-0 and Muga 6-0.

Likewise, Dapuetto, who has also played soccer, figured that it would be nip-and-tuck because of the long-standing rivalry.

“I really didn’t expect it to be so one-sided,” he said. “We had seniors graduate and they had seniors graduate and both were really good. That’s what happens as the years go by. It’s all about development.”

At No. 3, junior Nathan Soria also fell to Marcy 1-6, but then came back to knock off Muniga 7-5 and Muga 6-1.

“I thought that if we played well, we should win,” Burbank coach Loi Phan said. “I didn’t think that we would win so easily.”

Burroughs Coach Roy Bernhardt said he could see early on that it wasn’t going to be easy.

“We had a tough day,” he admitted. “It’s been a tough year. We have some good players like Kendric, but you’re going to need five players like him in order to really compete. I’ve had some good teams in the past, but we’re somewhat down this year. There’s not a lot of wiggle room.”

In doubles play, Burbank’s No. 1 tandem of sophomore Ethan Lee and freshman Sid Denduluri finished the afternoon with a 6-3 win over the Indians’ No. 1 squad of junior Luc Thorn and sophomore Cameron Flowers, then defeated the No. 2 duo of junior Mark Do and junior Andrei Garcia 6-0, and held off the No. 3 tandem of junior Kiet Hoang and sophomore Jack Lieblein 7-5.

Burbank’s No. 2 team of senior Alejandro Rojas and junior Emory Kim went 6-1, 6-2 and 6-3 over the same duos.

The Bulldogs’ No. 3 of junior Aaron Nahn and junior Harout Abgaryan went 6-4 against Thorn/Flowers and 6-1 versus Hoang/Lieblein.

Junior Greg Farhadian and Abgaryan also squeaked past Do/Garcia at 7-6.

Burroughs, Burbank Softball Campaign Is Underway

By Rick Assad


Like its counterpart baseball, pitching is worth at least 75 percent in softball and if it’s true, then Burroughs High and Burbank are on solid footing in Presley Miraglia and Allie Benson.

How these two junior hurlers perform in the circle will dictate the Indians and Bulldogs overall success.

The Burroughs High softball team is ready for another run at the Pacific League banner. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

This is especially true when it comes down to who will be dominant in the Pacific League.

There is one change and that is the departure of Burroughs coach Doug Nicol, who was highly successful.

The new man in charge of the Indians’ program is Wes Tanigawa, and his expectations are the same as Nicol’s.

“No one ever knows what you’re stepping into,” Tanigawa said of being the head man. “There’s a lot of work. But Doug has been there for me and that’s really helped me make the transition.”

Burbank High’s softball team huddles with Coach Mike Delaney in a recent practice. The Bulldogs are also eyeing the Pacific League title. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Tanigawa said he wants to put a good product on the field.

“I’m hoping the girls are doing what they need to do in order to keep doing what they did last season. If they do, then we’ll be all right.”

So far this season, the Indians are 4-1 and begin the league campaign on March 28 at Pasadena.

Burroughs will host archrival Burbank on April 19 and visit the Bulldogs on May 11.

In 2016, the Indians went undefeated in league action at 14-0, were 21-4 overall and advanced to the CIF Southern Section semifinals.

Miraglia, who posted an earned-run average of 1.41, was in the middle of this and the right-hander will be the focal point again.

“Presley was always willing to step up to the plate and give it her all,” Tanigawa said. “She’s been in the program now for three years and she works extra hard.”

The Indians are working on their infield drills which are always critical to any success. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Tanigawa continued: “Presley is a very talented pitcher and knows that she has a lot on her shoulders.”

Miraglia is backed up by junior Mia Storer, who saw some time in the circle last season.

The Indians’ infield includes junior Amanda Flores at first base, junior Nikki Ricciardella at second base, senior Lauren Lopez at shortstop, senior Brianna Johnson at third base and the tandem of sophomore Megan Williams and junior Kaylee Vigil at catcher.

Sophomore Jessica Amaya will patrol left field, junior Hannah Talavera is the center fielder and senior Tati Caceres will play right field.

The Bulldogs are likewise also working on infield play. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The reserves will be freshman third baseman Memorie Munoz, sophomore Kaitlin Escamilla in left field, sophomore Morgan Mersola at second base, sophomore Citlali Mendez at shortstop, senior Makena Savola at first base, and freshman Chloe Bookmyer in right field.

Meanwhile, for Burbank, this season is an opportunity to redeem itself from the previous campaign in which it went 11-17 and 8-6 in league with an opening-round loss to Paramount in the playoffs.

Outfield defense is often overlooked, but Burroughs makes sure everything is in order. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Longtime Coach Mike Delaney is optimistic despite starting the campaign winless in four games.

The Bulldogs commence league action on March 28 against visiting Glendale.

“Overall, we’re better than we were last year,” he said. “The hitting is stronger, one through nine. They have a plan at the plate. This is a more mature and experienced team.”

The league race is going to be a battle. “It’s competitive as always,” Delaney said. “Burroughs is always tough to beat and Crescenta Valley seems to play well under [Coach] Amanda Peek.”

Delaney said the team gets along, and that’s going to help. “I don’t mind being the underdog,” he said. “You play freer. They’re really close-knit with good chemistry.”

Much is expected of the right-handed Benson, who went 7-7 in 2016. Benson is going to be backed up by sophomore Alex Davis and freshman Savannah Davis.

“Allie is a lot more confident this season,” said Delaney of his ace. “She has a game-plan and she worked hard in the off-season. She’s made really good progress.”

The old saying that practice makes perfect isn’t lost on the Bulldogs. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Sophomore Amaya Broyls is the primary catcher while senior Alyssa De La Torre and sophomore Nikki Davis will also see time behind the plate.

“Amaya can play all eight positions except pitcher,” Delaney noted of his young backstop.

Burbank’s infield consists of juniors Erin Lashkari and Melissa Daniel at first base, junior Macie Jensen at second base, freshman Katie Treadway at shortstop and junior Bene Snyder at third base.

“Melissa has good power and is good defensively,” Delaney said. “Macie, who batted .310, will fill in the power spots in the batting order [3-5], and I’m happy with her defense.”

Delaney added: “Katie is only a freshman and she learned a lot over the fall. She has great speed and range,” he said. “Bene understands her swing.”

The Bulldogs’ outfield will have Alex Davis in center field, junior Anysia Gonzalez in right field and sophomore Sarah Garelick in left field.

Delaney had glowing remarks about his outfield. “I’m happy with her game,” he said of Davis. “”She’s a good base runner and she’s going to have a breakout year.”

Delaney added: “There aren’t enough positive things you can say about Anysia,” he said. “She’s a really good defender and Sarah is very intelligent.”

Burroughs Girls Soccer Ties Rival Burbank, 2-2

By Rick Assad


For the majority of the opening half of Thursday afternoon’s Pacific League girls’ soccer match between Burbank High and host Burroughs, it was dominated by the Bulldogs.

The second half was a different matter and especially during injury time when junior forward Tatiana Mosdale evened it at 2-2 on a goal from 20 yards against senior goalie Isabella Palau.

“We always need to play our hardest,” Mosdale said of the rivalry between the two schools. “We were all a little nervous. I was very excited. A tie is better than a loss.”

The first time these rivals met, the Bulldogs prevailed 2-1 and had not Mosdale kicked in the tying goal in the regular-season finale, it would have been another setback for the Indians.

Burroughs junior forward Tatiana Mosdale had the match-tying goal against visiting Burbank. (Photo courtesy Janet Berlin)

Up to that point, Burbank, which finished fourth in league, held a one-goal lead on the strength of two first-half tallies from senior forward Kira Bochard.

Bochard’s shot on goal from 15 yards in the third minute against senior goalie Emily Orsatt gave the Bulldogs (6-9-3 and 6-5-3 in league) a 1-0 edge.

But it was level at 1-1 a minute later on a goal by senior forward Maddie Riggs from 10 yards off a rebound.

In the 35th minute, Bochard’s shot on goal from 10 yards made it 2-1 as Burbank took the lead at the intermission.

“We played pretty good in the first half,” said Bochard, who will play soccer and run track at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. “We created more opportunities. In the second half we mostly tried to hold on.”

Senior goalie Emily Orsatt makes a save while Kira Bochard (#11) and Nicole Winters (#27) watch. (Photo courtesy Janet Berlin)

The second half shifted in favor of the Indians, who placed third in league play and were on offense it seems the entire time against a tired Burbank defense.

“We gave them too many presents,” Burbank coach Eric Montoya said. “That second goal shouldn’t have happened. Our conditioning hurt us.”

Senior midfielder Danielle Yanez launched a shot on goal from 40 yards in the 11th minute for the Bulldogs and that was followed by shots on goal from Bochard from 25 yards in the 13th minute while sophomore midfielder Kamille Eugenio’s shot on goal from 20 yards in the 26th minute sailed too high.

The Indians (12-8-2 and 8-5-1) then had a pair of shots on goal from 20 yards by senior midfielder Mireya Gonzalez in the 28th minute and the 29th minute.

Bochard, who played in only 14 matches because of her club commitment, had four consecutive shots on goal that included a 10-yarder in the 35th minute that Orsatt made a tremendous stop on, a 10-yarder in the 35th minute that made it 2-1, a 10-yard header in the 38th minute and a 20-yarder in injury time.

Kira Bochard, who scored two gosals, unloads a shot on goal while freshman Ava Kramer (#26) and goalie Emily Orsatt defend. (Photo courtesy Janet Berlin)

“We continued to try and play our game,” Burroughs coach Brady Riggs said of the opening half. “What they [Burbank] do, they do well. We stuck to our style of play in the second half.”

Mosdale’s shot on goal in the 48th minute from 10 yards opened the second half and Mosdale added another shot on goal from 10 yards four minutes later.

Burroughs senior midfielder Alondra Solis had a shot on goal from 20 yards in the 54th minute and Riggs had a 25-yarder sail wide left in the 61st minute.

Gonzalez’s 15-yarder in the 63rd minute was blocked and a 15-yarder by Solis in the 65th minute also failed to find the net.

The Bulldogs broke the spell briefly on sophomore forward Jessica Rocha’s 35-yard shot on goal in the 69th minute.

But Burroughs gathered itself as it had the final five shots on goal as Riggs had a 25-yarder in the 71st minute, Solis from five yards in the 72nd minute, Solis on a penalty kick from 25 yards in the 73rd minute, Gonzalez from 25 yards that soared too high in the 74th minute and the match-tying goal from Mosdale.

Burroughs Boys Soccer Ties Crescenta Valley, 1-1

By Rick Assad


A tense Pacific League boys’ soccer match was expected and one was delivered when Burroughs High faced host Crescenta Valley on Tuesday.

When it was over each team scored a goal and with the 1-1 deadlock the Indians were assured of at least a share of the league title, something they’ve claimed in 2013 and 2014.

Burroughs (16-4-4 and 10-2-1 in league) can take home the banner outright with a triumph over rival Burbank on Thursday and the Falcons (17-3-4 and 8-1-4 in league) fall to Arcadia.

Senior midfielder Jake Lasso (#7), shown against Burbank, is a goal-scoring machine, but failed to find the net in a 1-1 tie with CV. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“Winning the league title is important for us,” Burroughs coach Michael Kodama said. “These are the two best teams in the league. You knew that it was going to come down to one play.”

After a scoreless opening half, the Falcons’ junior defender Tomik Baghramian kicked one into the net from five yards in the 49th minute past senior goalie Jordan Morgan, who came in with six shutouts, to make it 1-0.

The tying tally was supplied by senior defender Richard Alonzo on a header after a free kick in the 68th minute that escaped senior goalie Luis Flores.

“We trust each other,” said Alonzo, who missed the first half of league action after spraining his knee in a tournament versus Birmingham. “We never give up because we know it only takes a second to score. The game’s not over until the end.”

Richard Alonzo (#6), pictured against the Bulldogs, had a late tally that tied the match 1-1 versus the Falcons. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The first shot on goal came in the seventh minute by Burroughs senior forward Anton Prather from 10 yards.

The Falcons unloaded three shots on goal and they included a penalty kick from senior defender Alex Atanackovic from 20 yards in the 13th minute, senior midfielder Zander Bakunowski’s 15-yarder in the 15th minute and junior midfielder Dallas Kaauwai’s 10-yarder in the 17th minute.

In the 19th minute, Burroughs senior forward William Rosales had a shot on goal from 20 yards while teammate senior defender Erik Camarillo’s 20-yarder came in the 20th minute.

Crescenta Valley’s senior midfielder Anthony Dehnoushi’s 30-yard shot on goal in the 22nd minute missed, as did senior forward Henry Barkhordarian’s 20-yarder in the 23rd minute and Bakunowski’s 30-yarder in the 26th minute.

Burroughs senior midfielder Jake Lasso, who has scored 15 goals and entered the match having tallied seven with an assist over the last five matches, had a shot on goal from 20 yards in the 31st minute, while Prather’s 15-yard header in the 42nd minute also didn’t find the back of the net.

The Indians kept the defensive pressure on CV all day long. Alonzo (#6), shown in a recent match, was especially effective. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

In the 34th minute, Bakunowski had a shot on goal from 25 yards and junior midfielder Kyle Quesada had a header from 10 yards in the 36th minute for the Falcons.

Prather’s 10-yard shot on goal came during injury time.

The second half opened with Baghramian’s header from 10 yards in the 42nd minute.

Rosales had a shot on goal from 10 yards in the 52nd minute and Atanackovic’s 10-yard header came in the 55th minute.

Camarillo’s 25-yard shot on goal in the 59th minute was countered by Kaauwai’s five-yarder in the 60th minute.

Barkhordarian’s 10-yarder was registered in the 63rd minute while Lasso’s 25-yard shot on goal came in the 64th minute.

A 15-yard shot on goal by Burroughs senior midfielder Cameron Kelly was struck in the 70th minute and Lasso’s 25-yarder followed a minute later.

Camarillo’s header from 10 yards in the 72nd minute was offset by a 10-yarder from Dehnoushi in the 73rd minute.

Prather’s 30-yarder in the 74th minute hit the top of the goal post and senior midfielder Sebouh Oshagan’s 10-yarder in the 77th minute missed for the Falcons.

Prather’s header from 10 yards during injury time was the final shot on goal.

Burbank Girls Soccer Prevails Over Burroughs, 2-1

By Rick Assad


It took seven games before the Burbank High girls’ soccer team had its first win.

Since then the Bulldogs have played with more consistency and on Wednesday hosted Burroughs which they held off 2-1 in a Pacific League match.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Burbank (3-8-2 and 3-4-2 in league) seized control 1-0 on a goal from sophomore midfielder Maria Perez from 10 yards and just under nine minutes left in the opening half.

For Perez, a transfer from Birmingham, Alabama, this was her first involvement in the rivalry.

“I just knew they were rivals,” she said. “It was pretty intense. It felt pretty good to get the win and the goal. I felt the support from the girls.”

Burbank’s lead was extended to 2-0 on a tally by senior forward Kira Bochard from 25 yards and 13 minutes remaining in the second half.

“I think that we’re finally starting to jell,” Burbank coach Eric Montoya said. “They trust each other now. I think a win like this gives us a lot of confidence for the [CIF Southern Section] playoffs, if we make it that far.”

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

But there was still enough time for the Indians to make a serious run and it was made even more likely when senior midfielder Maddie Riggs knocked one into the net off a rebound with 12 minutes on the clock.

On the play, junior forward Tatiana Mosdale’s shot from point-blank range hit the top of the goal and bounced downward at Riggs, who banged it home.

“We played better in the second half,” Burroughs coach Brady Riggs said. “I’m pleased with the effort, as always. I’m trying to develop soccer players here.”

What followed from this juncture was four consecutive kicks from the Bulldogs, who recently tied Crescenta Valley 3-3 and defeated Muir 10-0, was a boot from 10 yards by senior defender Melanie Tirado with 10 minutes, a blast from senior midfielder Danielle Yanez a minute later from 15 yards, a strike from sophomore midfielder Isabel Partida and Bochard’s kick with seven minutes left that senior goalie Emily Orsatt saved brilliantly.

Burroughs (10-6-1 and 6-3 in league) did have two shots during the extra time against senior goalie Nicole Winters. They came from senior midfielder Alondra Solis and Riggs.

There were no attempts from either team during the first 11 minutes until junior forward Adrianna Sarukhanyan’s kick from 20 yards and 28 minutes left that sailed too high.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Two minutes later, Burroughs junior midfielder Abbie Riggs’ shot from close range missed.

With 18 minutes left, Yanez’s penalty kick from 25 yards ventured wide left and with 12 minutes remaining, Partida’s try from 10 yards was scooped up by Orsatt.

Burbank senior forward Priscilla Romero’s 20-yard rocket with 10 minutes left was off target.

Sarukhanyan’s kick from 25 yards and seven minutes remaining didn’t find the net and her attempt two minutes later from the same distance also failed to hit the back of the net.

The second half opened with senior midfielder Mireya Gonzalez’s kick from 10 yards and 38 minutes left and Yanez’s attempt from 30 yards, one minute later.

With 34 minutes left, Mosdale had an excellent opportunity for a kick, but she passed the ball to Maddie Riggs, who had the ball blocked.

Bochard’s clever header from five yards a minute later also failed to find the goal and Sarukhanyan’s 25-yard shot with 28 minutes showing wasn’t successful.

Yanez’s throw-in landed in the box with 19 minutes left, but Orsatt grabbed it and Mosdale’s attempt with 15 minutes showing was wide left.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian


Burbank Girls Hoops Can’t Escape Crescenta Valley’s Pressure

By Rick Assad


Knowing beforehand that the Crescenta Valley High girls’ basketball team was going to press from the opening tip, it was imperative host Burbank respond by moving the ball.

But for much of the Pacific League game on Tuesday night, the Bulldogs weren’t able to execute that game plan and consequently fell to the Falcons, 46-34.

“They got up in our face and we weren’t able to handle it,” Burbank coach John Wells said. “We just didn’t handle their pressure very well. We knew they were going to do that because they did it the first time we met them at their place.”

Senior point guard Ani Sarkisyan, who scored five points, defends Crescenta Valley’s Michelle Gee in a 46-34 loss on Tuesday. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Partly because of this tactic, the Bulldogs (12-12 and 3-4 in league) failed to score in double figures in all four quarters and converted 10 of 33 field goals for 30.3 percent.

The one saving grace was that Burbank dropped in 12 of 18 from the free-throw line (66.6 percent).

Even so, the Bulldogs, who trailed 33-26 after three quarters, were still within nine points in the fourth quarter, but too many turnovers put an end to the notion of rallying for a win.

Trailing 9-7 entering the second quarter, the Falcons (13-8 and 5-2 in league) made their first three shots including a basket from junior guard Rachel Dayag (game-high 13 points) that made it 13-9 with 6:30 left.

Osanna Tirityan scored a team-best nine points for the Bulldogs. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The Falcons were successful on six of 12 from the floor in the second quarter after converting three of 11 in the opening period.

Crescenta Valley pulled ahead 23-17 at the half.

Burbank sophomore shooting guard Osanna Tirityan scored seven of her team-high nine points at the break.

“Everyone who plays us wants to stop Osanna,” Wells said. “They want to keep the ball out of her hands and our point guard Ani [Sarkisyan].”

Sarkisyan, a senior, scored five points and tried her best to get the other players involved.

Tirityan scored four points in the first quarter and then added a three-pointer in the second frame.

Senior forward Sarah Sarquiz, defending Michelle Gee, dropped in eights points. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The only other points Tirityan scored came in the fourth quarter when she sank two free throws.

The Falcons (16 of 48 for 33.3 percent) missed their first three shots in the third quarter and ended the quarter making only three of 15.

Dayag dropped in five points in the third period that included her second trey.

Crescenta Valley outscored Burbank 13-8 in the fourth quarter and drilled four of 10 from the field.

Crescenta Valley begins its fast break against Burbank. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Sophomore guard Caity Bouchard tallied four of her six points in the frame and junior center Mary Baun added four of her six points for the Falcons.

Falcon senior guard Polin Megerdichian tossed in seven points overall and swished in a pair of three-pointers.

Senior forward Sarah Sarquiz accounted for eight points, senior center Emma Kerr added four points, while senior guard Stephanie Grigorian and senior forward Sabrina Zakarian each scored three points for the Bulldogs.

Burbank Girls Basketball Downs Burroughs, 48-43

By Rick Assad


Converting free throws should be a relatively easy task given that there isn’t a defender trying to block the shot.

On Friday night, the Burbank High girls’ basketball team marched to the charity stripe 25 times and converted 20 for 80 percent which helped pushed aside host Burroughs, 48-43, in a Pacific League encounter.

The leader of the pack was sophomore shooting guard Osanna Tirityan, who canned 16 of 19 free throws (84.2 percent) and tossed in a game-best 28 points.

“I had a really good night,” Tirityan said. “I’m not always looking to shoot, but if I do and the ball doesn’t go in, I’m ready for the rebound.”

Burbank’s Osanna Tirityan (#3) led all scorers with 28 points. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The Bulldogs outscored the Indians, 34-25, in the second half and dropped in 18 of 23 free throws (78.2 percent) and 13 of 42 from the field (30.9 percent).

Conversely, the Indians were able to connect on 17 of 26 free throws (65.3 percent) and 13 of 39 from the floor (33.3 percent).

Burbank found itself ahead 36-31 with 4:45 left in the fourth quarter on a hoop from senior point guard Ani Sarkisyan (six points).

Senior center Emma Kerr was another source of offense adding eight of her 10 points in the second half as Burbank (12-11 and 3-3 in league) trailed 18-14 at the half.

But it was Kerr’s bucket with 3:05 on the clock in the third quarter that shaved the Indians’ lead to 26-24.

Junior center Marin Grote (#44) scored nine points and grabbed seven rebounds with four blocks for the Indians. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

First-year Burbank Coach John Wells said the thinking was that this was a game his club could and should win.

“I didn’t look at us as the underdog,” he said. “We beat Glendale by 20 points. When we’re playing like we’re capable of playing, we’re unstoppable.”

Matters looked to be in Burroughs’ favor with 5:40 left in the third period on a hoop from senior shooting guard Kamryn Cardenaz (team-best 18 points) that gave the hosts a 24-17 edge.

Still the stubborn Bulldogs moved in front 30-29 heading into the fourth quarter.

Burbank point guard Ani Sarkisyan, who tallied six points, tries to pass the ball in a game against Burroughs. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“I know that it’s a rivalry game, but we try to look at this as just another game,” Wells said.

Senior forward Jocelyn Rieken and junior center Marin Grote each contributed nine points for the Indians (12-9 and 4-2 in league).

Longtime Burroughs Coach Vicky Oganyan wasn’t pleased. “We didn’t make any stops when we had to,” she said. “I don’t want to put the blame on the girls. This was on me. I didn’t put them in a position to succeed.”

Neither team was effective in the opening frame, but Burroughs moved ahead 10-8 behind six points from Cardenaz and three from Grote, who added seven rebounds with four blocks.

Tirityan scored all eight points in the initial quarter for Burbank which made two of 11 from the floor.

Jocelyn Rieken (#24) goes up for a shot. Rieken scored nine points. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Another low scoring quarter followed as Burroughs outscored Burbank 8-6 as Rieken had four points while Tirityan added four.

The momentum changed in the third quarter when the Bulldogs drilled eight of nine free throws and four of 11 from the floor, outscoring the Indians 16-11, who saw Grote tally six points.

Kerr dropped in six points in the third quarter and set the tone with her defense. “Emma’s points were huge for us,” Wells said. “That was the key.”

The trend continued in the fourth quarter with Tirityan adding eight points, six via the free-throw line as the Bulldogs made 10 of 14 from the charity stripe.

Cardenaz dropped in eight points in the quarter with six coming at the free-throw line.

Burroughs Boys’ Soccer Comes Up Just Short Against CV

After finding themselves in a big hole the Burroughs High boys’ soccer team fought back Tuesday night.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The Indians nearly earned a draw, but were denied in the final minute of the match when what appeared to be a goal was waved off for a hand ball just before final whistle blew in a 3-2 Pacific League loss against visiting Crescenta Valley.

“I’m not sure what they called at the end. It is part of the game,” Burroughs coach Mike Kodama said. “We’ll take a look at it. I hope they are right, because if they are wrong that’s an awful way to end the game.”

Both teams had a number of chances to score, but it was the Falcons who were finishing those opportunities.

Burroughs’ William Rosales nearly found the upper left corner of the goal in the 16th minute.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

CV, ranked No. 6 in the CIF Southern Section Division 3 poll, got on the board in the 24th minute when defender Tomik Baghramian knocked home a loose ball in the box off a throw in.

The Falcons took a 2-0 lead in the 36th minute when Chris Sanfilippo found Dallas Kaauwai open in the box. Kaauwai made the most of the opportunity by putting the ball past Burroughs goalie Jordan Morgan.

CV (14-3-1, 5-1-1 in league) nearly scored for a third time in the 49th minute as a shot by Jonathan Han hit the post.

Burroughs’ Anton Prather nearly scored in the 53rd minute only to be denied by the leg of Falcons goalie Luis Flores.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Morgan kept Burroughs in the game as he made a diving save off a shot from Henry Barkhordarian in the 57th minute.

But a defensive miscue in the 69th minute allowed Han to score to give the Falcons a three-goal cushion.

Burroughs (10-4-3, 5-2), ranked No. 8 in the CIF Division 3 poll, was down but not out.

A minute later Rosales drew a penalty kick after being tripped in the goal box. Prather struck home the penalty to make it 3-1.’

Rosales drew a second penalty kick in the 79th minute, which Cameron Kelly converted.

“We could have finished our opportunities,” Kodama said. “We expected a tough battle. We made a couple of mistakes and got punished for it. We had a lot of chances to score.”

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Burroughs Boys Basketball Routs Glendale, 67-33

By Rick Assad


It was good news from the opening tip for the Burroughs High boys’ basketball team which laid waste to host Glendale in a Pacific League match that was essentially over at the intermission.

Of course, the second half had to be played and when it was concluded the Indians prevailed 67-33 on Friday night.

Senior forward Tristen Hull (#1), pictured in a game from last season, dropped in a game-high 23 points during Friday’s 67-33 win over Glendale. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Burroughs was never headed and in complete control with senior forward Tristen Hull scoring a game-high 23 points, including 13 points in the opening half.

The Indians darted in front 33-14 after 16 minutes as they converted 12 of 24 shots (50 percent) from the field.

“We set the tone early,” first-year Burroughs coach Allan Ellis said. “We stayed focused and didn’t take any possessions off. We knew that we were going to face a zone and we were ready for that.”

On the evening, Burroughs was successful on 25 of 57 attempts from the floor for 43.8 percent while making 11 of 13 free throws (84.6 percent).

The Nitros struggled to find the hoop as they shot 25 percent (10 of 40) and drilled 13 of 25 (52 percent) from the charity stripe.

Burroughs (11-6 and 3-2 in league) powered ahead 22-11 in the opening frame behind Hull’s six points and senior guard Austin Marx (nine points) adding a pair of three-pointers.

Hull, shown here in a game last season, was a one-man wrecking crew scoring 13 points in the opening half on Friday. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The Indians drained four three-pointers in the opening period and made six overall from behind the stripe.

In the second quarter, Hull accounted for seven points while junior swingman Carson Clarke (six points) tossed in four points.

The Indians made 13 of 33 attempts from the field (39.3 percent) in the second half while holding the Nitros to four of 21 (19 percent).

“I think that we can play with anyone in the league and we can compete with anyone in the league,” Ellis said.

Hull went back to work in the third quarter tacking on eight points, while junior guard Omar Searcy scored all five of his points and Marx dropped in three points.

Sophomore guard Zion Bazzell drilled two from three-point range in the fourth period and senior guard Justin Henderson (nine points) chimed in with six points.

Senior forward Daniel Madden led the Nitros (9-8 and 1-3 in league) with eight points while senior guard Edrik Abnous Masihi and sophomore point guard Cole Fajardo each added five points.

Burroughs Girls Hoops Lose, 45-Game Pacific League Winning Streak Snapped

By Rick Assad


Eventually every streak comes to an end and it did for the Burroughs High girls’ basketball team which came into Friday’s Pacific League match against host Glendale with a 45-game league winning skein.

Shooting 28.5 percent from the floor (12 of 44) and 25 percent from the free-throw line (three of 12), the Indians fell to the Nitros, 29-27.

In the second half, Burroughs made four of 17 field goal attempts for 29.6 percent, but still had a chance to tie or perhaps win in the waning moments.

Senior shooting guard Kamryn Cardenaz scored eight points in loss to the Nitros, who snapped the Indians’ 45-game Pacific League winning streak. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burroughs didn’t have a player reach double figures and was led by junior center Marin Grote with nine points followed by senior shooting guard Kamryn Cardenaz with eight points.

“This is a competitive league,” said Grote, who scored eight points at the half. “Glendale got lucky, but we need to tighten up our offense and we’re going to be fine.”

The key hoop came with 1:05 left when senior small forward Sylvia Vartazarian, who dropped in a game-best 16 points, canned a three-pointer that saw the Nitros move ahead 29-23.

After making three of 11 from the floor in the opening quarter, Burroughs led 6-4 heading into the second period as Grote tallied four points.

The Nitros (13-7 and 4-1 in league) missed all 11 shots in the initial frame, but then made four of seven in the second quarter and trailed 16-14 at the half.

The Indians (11-8 and 3-1 in league) hit eight of 27 shots (29.6 percent) at the break and missed all four charity tosses.

Senior Haley Wilson scored four points in Friday’s 29-27 setback to Glendale. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

It’s not as though the Nitros were shooting the lights out, making nine of 33 for 23 percent, but they did convert nine of 16 free throws.

“The pressure was not on us,” Glendale coach Tadeh Mardirosian said. “We came in with the idea of confidence, hard work and a lot of heart. But I have the utmost respect for Coach Vicky [Oganyan] and the way she always has her team playing hard.”

Glendale outscored Burroughs 10-8 in the third period and canned three of five from the floor while the Indians converted two of 10 with Cardenaz chipping in with five points.

“We had a good enough defense to win the game,” Cardenaz said. “They only scored 29 points. We’ve been knows as a defensive team, but sometimes we struggle to score on offense.”

The poor shooting continued into the fourth quarter as the Indians drilled two of seven from the field with Cardenaz accounting for three points.

Cardenaz and Grote each feel this will be a learning experience and something the team can build upon.

“We don’t know what it’s like to lose in league and we don’t like the feeling,” Cardenaz said. “But this will help us get better. We’re going to be fine.”