Gotham City Takes a Detour Through Burbank

By On March 31, 2012

Friday if you were sitting at our famous Bob’s Big Boy, you could wonder if you were really in Burbank, California or actually in Gotham City.   Several Batmobiles drove down Riverside Dr. and pulled into the parking lot for  Friday night’s car show.

The various models of Batmobile eventually returned back to their home at Warner Bros. Studio with an escort of Burbank Police Department Traffic Officers around 7 p.m..   Patrons sitting at Priscilla’s coffee did a double take as the cars rolled by.

Back at Bob’s, hundreds came out for the evening’s car show,  enjoying Southern California weather and a look at some of the classic cars and hot rods on display.


Batmobiles make their return home to Warner Bros. via Burbank Streets. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)