Burbank Sweeps Glendale in Swim Meet

By On March 9, 2016


The Burbank High boys’ swimming team didn’t have much to spare in the end as they defeated visiting Glendale 85-84 in a Pacific League dual meet Wednesday.

The Bulldogs fared much better on the girls’ varsity side, winning 113-57.

“We’re picking up where we left off last year,” third-year Burbank coach Gilbert Raposa said. “I’m impressed with my new swimmers. It’s nice to continue to see the kids I’ve had for three years improve.”

Burbank was able to overcome Glendale’s Trenton Julian, who is one of the top swimmers in the nation and the son of former Olympic gold medalist Kristine Quance.

Leading the Bulldogs’ girls team was seniors Ashley Hinterlong and Melissa Udall and freshman Michelle Morlock. Hinterlong won the 100-yard freestyle (1:01.72), the 100 breaststroke (1:16.41) and was part of the winning 200 medley relay (2:10.22) and 200 freestyle relay (1:57.86).

“I dropped a second in my 100 free,” said Hinterlong, who plans to swim at Pitzer College next year. “I’m faster than I expected to be right now, so I’m happy with that.”

Udall won the 100 butterfly (1:05.95), 200 individual medley (2:33.89) and was part of the medley and 400 free relay team (4:25.12).

Morlock took the 100 backstroke (1:16.09) , the 50 freestyle (27.91) and was part of the winning 200 free and medley relays.

Also winning for Burbank in individual events was Lindsay Jensen in the 200 free (2:19.56).

For the Burbank boys’ team, Aki Arlington won the 50 free (23.37) and was part of the winning 200 free relay team (1:36.77).

Justin Miller won the 100 free (52.35) and was part of the 200 free relay.

Roman Rostomyan took the 500 free (5:18.51) and was part of the 200 free relay.

Brent Min won the 100 breaststroke (1:12.48).



Burbank girls’ varsity (scoring athletes)

200 Medley Relay
1.Burbank (Michelle Morlock, Ashley Hinterlong, Melissa Udall, Kayla Filman) 2:10.22
3. Burbank (Dina Melkonian, Freya Downey, Naphtali Avalos, Haley Kolus) 2:20.67
4. Burbank (Lorraine Ishida, Tina Melkonian, Stephanie Harkness, Shauna Hosepo) 2:33.54

200 Freestyle
1. Lindsay Jensen (2:19.56)
2. Lorraine Ishida (2:47.86)

200 Individual Medley
1. Melissa Udall (2:33.89)
3. Emily Udall (2:43.70)

50 Freestyle
1. Michelle Morlock (27.91)
3. Kayla Fillman (31.55)
4. Haley Kolus (31.95)

100 Butterfly
1. Melissa Udall (2:05.95)
2. Naphtali Avalos (2:14.35)

100 Freestyle
1. Ashley Hinterlong (1:01.72)
4. Dina Melkonian (1:08.75)
5.  Stephanie Harkness (1:11.91)

200 Freestyle Relay
1. Burbank (Kayla Filman, Michelle Morlock, Ashley Hinterlong, Lindsay Jensen) 1:57.86
2. Burbank (Emily Udall, Dina Melkonian, Haley Kolus, Naphtali Avalos) 2:04.63

100 Backstroke

1. Michelle Morlock (1:16.09)
2. Lorraine Ishida (1:32.24)
5. Shauna Hosepo (1:39.93)

100 Breaststroke

1. Ashley Hinterlong (1:16.41)
2. Freya Downey (1:23.22)
4. Tina Melkonian (1:24.15)

400 Freestyle Relay

1. Burbank (Melissa Udall, Dina Melkonian, Kayla Filman, Lindsay Jensen) 4:25.12
3. Burbank (Freya Downey, Tina Melkonian, Haley Kolus, Emily Udall) 4:38.89


Boys Varsity

200 Medley Relay
2. Burbank (Roman Rostomyan, Brent Min, Ashot Gavurmadzhyan, Aki Arklington) 1:49.01

200 Freestyle
2. Roman Rostomyan (1:54.38)
3. Ben Diaz (2:03.78)

200 Individual Medley
3. Ashot Gavurmadzhyan (2:16.66)
4. Brent Min (2:22.87)

50 Freestyle
1. Aki Arlington (23.37)
2. Justin Miller (24.01)

100 Butterfly
3. Ashot Gavurmadzhyan (57.88)
5. Dorian Andrei (1:03.73)

100 Freestyle
1. Justin Miller (52.35)
2. Aki Arlington (53.64)

500 Freestyle
1. Roman Rostamyan (5:18.51)
2. Ben Diaz (5:52.20)

200 Freestyle Relay
1. Burbank (Aki Arlington, Nathan Rho, Justin Miler, Roman Rostomyan) 1:36.77
3. Burbank (Dillan Rosen, Brent Min, Ben Diaz, Dorian Andrei) 1:43.30

100 Backstroke
2. Matthew Harkness (1:16.71)
3. Gene Koo (1:21.37)

100 Breaststroke
1. Brent Min (1:12.48)
3. Dorian Andrei (1:16.28)

400 Freestyle Relay
2. Burbank (Ben Diaz, Matthew Harkness, Gene Koo, Dorian Andrei) 3.57.00

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5 thoughts on “Burbank Sweeps Glendale in Swim Meet

  1. Michelle Pinto

    What about the JV team results??? Why not publish those?? It seems the other sporting events for Freshman and JV teams get published, but about for the swim teams???

    1. Craig Sherwood

      Editor’s Note – We are more than happy to report results on all levels. It is up to the Coach of that sport to send the results to us the same way the Varsity Coach sends in his/her results. We do not have enough man power to get to all the games so we rely on coaches to supply information. Thanks for being a reader.

  2. Sheri Person

    My daughter is Ashley Hinterlong, and thanks for mentioning her! She had a great meet on Wednesday but I wanted to correct her 100 Breaststroke time. It is not 1:38.41, it was 1:16.41.
    Can you please correct that? That’s a huge difference! Thank you!


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