Sending A Text Message Instead Of Painting Words?

By On August 18, 2011

BNB’s Ross A. Benson had a hard time believing his eyes when he came across the spelling of the word SLOW that was located right by a school (Photo By Ross A. Benson)
BurbankNBeyond’s Chief Photographer is also known around town as “Mr. Burbank” since he travels the streets daily looking for interesting things.  Imagine when he saw the way the word SLOW was painted SLO (the way you would send a text message), and it was right by a school.  Here is what Ross says about the situation…

Hello, we’re in Burbank, the home of The Tonight Show and how many times have you watched Jay Leno as he shows pictures of misspellings and wrong street signs, etc. Right here in Burbank we are waiting to see how long it takes to finish the lettering in these street paintings.  I’ve talked to several neighbors and we’ve all commented that the city recently finished repaving the street where the City has run a recycled water line, but when they painted the words near Disney Elementary School, maybe someone should have gone and asked one of the kids how to spell some of the words…Oh, that’s right, the kids have been on summer vacation. Maybe they need to save on the extra paint, which some of my neighbors then question if they skimped on the painting what other parts of the job got shorted?

Did they really think people would not notice? Ross A. Benson and his neighbors did (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

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