Target Store Coming to Magnolia Park

By On September 19, 2016

Target announced plans to open a flexible-format store in Magnolia Park. The first store will be located at 1033 North Hollywood Way, and is also projected to open in July 2017.

The space has been used for different types of stores and real estate offices since Akron’s left the location in the mid 80’s after opening up the original store in 1955.

artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1011 N. Hollywood Way

artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1033 N. Hollywood Way

Following the opening of the store, Target will have nine flexible-format locations in the greater Los Angeles area. The other locations include: Beverly Connection (opened March 2013), University of California, Mission Hills (opening July, 2017), Irvine (opening July 2017), Koreatown (opening October 2017), Los Angeles Central (opened October 2012), Long Beach Bixby (opened March 2016), University of Southern California (opening July 2017), and Los Angeles Westwood (opened July 2012).

Growth in dense suburban and urban markets is a priority for Target, and Target’s flexible store design allows for stores in smaller locations to bring a localized experience to guests with tailored assortments.

The Burbank store at approximately 24,750 square feet will provide a quick-trip shopping experience with curated assortments, including:

  • A selection of fresh groceries, including produce and meal essentials, as well as grab-and-go items spanning sandwiches, salads beverages, snacks and more
  • Men’s and women’s apparel
  • A curated assortment of kids’ and baby care products, as well as toys
  • Home décor
  • An assortment of health, personal care and beauty products
  • Portable technology products and entertainment accessories
  • Services Target Mobile and Order Pickup

“Target is focused on serving more guests in dense urban and suburban neighborhoods by adding flexible-format stores in priority markets, including Los Angeles. We look forward to providing a quick-trip shopping experience to two new L.A. neighborhoods with product assortments that are uniquely Target,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president, Properties, Target.

Flexible-format stores are a priority for Target and guests have responded well to having these customized stores available in areas where they previously couldn’t have opened. The company currently operates 23 flexible-format stores and will continue to open additional flexible-format locations, including the nine stores opening in fall 2016, and the 18 stores that have been announced to-date for 2017 and 2018.

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25 thoughts on “Target Store Coming to Magnolia Park

  1. Will Rogers

    Burbank already has enough target &. Walmart exposure . This space woulda been better as a Trader Joe’s
    Alternative to Toluca Lake and its horrible parking .

    1. Steve Hulett

      This space will be next door to the American Animation Institute/Animation Guild, and Target better NOT use the Guild parking lot or there will be one hell of a lot of towaways.

    2. Thomas Thieme

      My experience has been that most Trader Joe’s have inadequate parking unless they’re part of a bigger shopping complex. Must have something to do with going for smaller parcels of land.

  2. Glenda Vincent

    This town is a joke! Have you seen the Empire Center parking lot for the Target store? There is never a place to park!! Now you want to put in another with seriously no parking at all?? Have you also seen the disaster of an intersection when you put Porto’s in just down the street from this??? Honestly who the hell is in charge? Isn’t one Target and Walmart with no parking to be found enough already for this town? This town was built back in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s these streets are not meant to hold the abundance of cars and people who you keep cramming in here with these obnoxious condo and apartment complexes that most people who grew up here can’t afford. You are pushing them out of here to other towns, when they have been loyal all their lives to this town supporting its businesses. The over building in this town is not meant for the size of this town. My poor Father who used to be on the Planning Board of this city would be rolling in his grave at how the greed has ruined this small town, the town he loved. I usually keep my mouth shut on these issues but not any more. You have ruined this once small community and now have made it so claustrophobic. Have you ever tried to go to a movie on a Saturday night at the 16 or want to get some dinner at Islands or shop at the Sketcher store, get some Cold Stone?!! Do you ever run into anyone you know if you found a place to park? No, because people from other cities are the ones coming here.Takes over an hour to find a place to park, if you are lucky to find a place! It used to be a town where you ran into people you know any where you went. And now you want to throw up more expensive ridiculous high rise condos across the street from the 16!? Places like Santa Clarita can afford to make these big additions to their town because there is still space to grow…there is no space to grow here. Stop while you are ahead with this obnoxious building. Why don’t you concentrate on arresting these idiots that drive 60-70 mph on these small streets never stopping at stop signs who are going to kill people one of these days. You can’t even walk your dog safely without fear of getting hit and seriously injured! You keep preaching at us and demanding of when we can water our lawns because of the drought… And adding more condos and apartments is a ‘smart thing to do’??? I call our town Dirtbank, this once beautiful small town with beautiful manicured landscapes is now so depressingly unkept that some streets look like ghettos.This city needs to learn to live within your means.

    1. Shawn A.

      I could not agree more- The traffic is seriously mind boggling. Every major intersection in Burbank is jam packed.
      We do not need anymore expansion or development in this city-
      It seems Burbank’s city council, city planning commission and any other group of city officials who decide Burbank’s future needs to thrown out of their cushy little desk jobs.
      The other element of our urban nightmare is the Greedy Over-Developers-
      Do we really need multi purpose development everywhere in our small city ?
      The only way to stop this madness is to unite as citizens and demand a moratorium on development.

  3. Beach Bum

    This is not good news for Burbank, and especially Magnolia Park. There is insufficient parking at this location for any major retail establishment, and street parking is already at its limit in the area. This will be the downfall of many small businesses on Magnolia.

  4. Carrie

    Agree with comment above. We love our smaller boutique shops in magnolia park area.
    Perhaps some fancy restaurant would be nice since our city has limited options. Also, love the TJs idea…

  5. Bobo

    Oh no! How are all the bars and second-hand stores going to be able to compete with another retail outlet that has absolutely zero crossover?!?!

    I’m kind of dying at the people who lament “another Target” but then in the same breath clamor for a third (!) Trader Joe’s in the area. Maybe you’d prefer a vacant retail space instead?

  6. Chrissy Stone

    Why couldn’t this go where fresh and easy used to be? It’s ready to go and has lots of parking and would be great over in that area. Whomever decided this Akron location isn’t thinking as this is a really bad idea.

    1. TONI

      Well said. Fresh and Easy on Victory would be perfect and Fresh and Easy on Vergudo for a Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods. It is very difficult to walk in Burbank with bikes and skateboards on the path. Not to mention the panhandling on Burbank bridge. My son has to get an Uber home from Burbank high because he has been harassed so much.

  7. Todd

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! We need to start a massive petition to STOP THIS!!!!!!!! WHY is this happening??????? This makes no sense…
    Geee…. let’s make an area that is already semi-congested – WORSE! Not a good idea. Plus, NO PARKING!
    WHO THE HELL IS THE IDIOT that APPROVED THIS PLACE TO BE PUT HERE? They need to be fired and have their head examined!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nickie Walteers

    Burbank is far too congested to add another store like Target. Going to Empire Center is a nightmare. Leaving it is worse. Why can’t these committees see that Burbank is over extended? It is so bad driving in the city. Doing errands is awful. After doing just one, I want to go home & stay there. I always feel like I’m behind in what I need to do. The gentleman that commented is right. Try going to the movies or going out to eat. It’s no fun anymore. Terrible, terrible planning. You must think of the welfare of the citizens. It seems like no city does that anymore.

  9. Patrick Prescott

    Hello. Patrick Prescott here. I’m the city’s Community Development Director and I would like to clarify that the City of Burbank has not approved a Target store at 1033 N Hollywood Way. Target inquired about the property a week or so ago and the planner they spoke to told them we needed more information about what they are proposing. They have submitted no applications and the city has approved nothing, although we have some preliminary drawings of how they would like to use the building. We agree this is an unusual location for Target to pursue given the limited amount of parking at the site.

    Here’s what we know:
    1. Target is building a new small “flexible format” store concept and they would like to open one at 1033 N Hollywood Way.

    2. The size of the 1033 N Hollywood Way building is about 24,000 square feet. For comparison, the Target at the Empire Center is about 146,000 square feet. The Ralphs at Buena Vista and Victory is about 35,000 square feet.

    3. A business like this could require special permits from the city, but we haven’t determined which since we only received their drawings of the building on Friday. We have to figure out exactly what is being proposed before we can provide information on permit applications and possibly help them find a different location in the city.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.


    1. susan

      What with the Avion complex and the possibility of a High Speed rail station, just those two elements are going to break the back of any sort of decent traffic flow on Hollywood Way. Parking of course as pointed out by so many is already a problem (just look at Portos Bakery).

      Please take all of those elements into consideration. Also the eclectic shops that are so wonderful around Magnolia Park could be seriously impacted. Another “not-quite-so-big box store” is truly not needed…or wanted.

  10. Rondo

    People are acting like our town will explode with a small target. I’m sure whoever does this project knows the parking situation and that it’ll be addressed. It’s not a bad thing to get something like this in our neighborhood. It’ll be great to not have to go to empire target or the one on north Vineland. It sounds like some people commenting on this, live in Burbank but hate it now. I really don’t understand why. If it’s so terrible take advantage of the fact your property value has skyrocketed(if you own), sell your place, and move to somewhere more suiting your needs. Nobody wants to be pushed out of their neighborhood and hopefully if anyone is, that they find a place where they’re happy. Our neighborhood is super close to Hollywood,the studios, and many other cool neighborhoods. It’s inevitably going to grow i.e. Silverlake, Los Feliz, glendale, highland park,etc… Nobody wants the small shops along magnolia to close. I’m not sure how target is gonna kill the businesses on magnolia like the vintage clothing, portos, the shoe shops, gun shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. in fact it could be argued that they’ll see MORE business with the addition of “boutique” target although riteaid might suffer. I don’t think anyone is going the shed tears about that. I for one am happy to know the area is getting attention and that my property value is increasing. When that happens money is put in to make better streets, more strategic traffic lights(desperately need one at chandler and clyborne). people need to worry less about boutique targets and focus on their home exteriors and upkeep. The fact that many people don’t seem to care about their yards or the cracking old wood and paint chipping off is what has made this town look bad!

  11. Beverly

    I agree with Rondo. 24,000 sf is tiny for a target. It’s not a super target like on empire or a regular sized target even. It’s the size of a Walgreens. I don’t believe for a minute that people will be flocking there in the hundreds and making major traffic. It would be great to see that plaza updated with nice new landscaping and store front. I’ve been living in this community for 40 years and am thankful that this area is on the up and up. Why get bent out of shape about a rundown plaza/eyesore being updated and cleaned up?! This one doesn’t sound bad to me at all. There are a lot of us who have lived in this area a long time that would like to see this happen.

  12. Teresa

    I can’t help but giggle when I read some of the comments on here. I’ve never seen people get sooo upset about a potential target store. The “get off my lawn” comment was hilarious and so accurate to the type of people whining on here.

  13. Music man

    Yes, thank you. Family here since 1940.
    Wow. Omg,,, too many pan handlers. Burbank does nothing to stop the harrassment caused. Its OK to be
    Bothered having your privacy taken away by them, because when I complained about it I was told they have a right to do that to us. Ohhhh,,, too crowded now . I was harassed by a girl panhandler in front of Rite Aid on Magnolia and Hollywood Way. A week or so later….. There she was again in Toluca Lake bothering a man at the Wells Fargo on Riverside Dr. Making comments loudly so I could hear them about the same thing I had been talking to my sister about at Rite Aid. It certainly does not feel safe here in the city I grew up in. I feel like the resident who doesn’t want to go out and do their chores around town anymore. I am ,65 now and I am afraid to go out. STOP GROWTH


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