105 Self Care Ideas For Parents During Distance Learning


We survived the first week of distance learning and if you’re a parent, you probably need a drink right about now. Trying to find meet link, internet crashes, failed logins, hearing your kids ask you 75 times a day “when is this over?” and “can I have a snack?” Exhausting is an understatement.

With schools closed, teachers are doing live classrooms with google meets and zoom and parents are juggling being a parent with being the new cafeteria person, yard duty, tutor, librarian, media tech, peaceful playground monitor, nurse, and counselor. Some parents are still working full time from home while trying to manage their kid’s online learning.

Needless to say, we have a long year ahead of us and it’s important that parents take the time for self-care. If we are overstressed and feeling depleted, the whole home system crumbles and it becomes an unhealthy learning environment.

Here are 105 things you can do for yourself starting today to integrate self-care into your daily routine. These ideas are either free or cost very little money and some even help support small businesses in Burbank.


1.      Give yourself a mani/pedi

2.      Give yourself a facial

3.      Read a book

4.      Make a vision board

5.      Meditate

6.      Write in a journal

7.      Give a friend a call

8.      Get your nails done at Oasis Nail Spa

9.      Go for a walk

10.  Make your favorite recipe

11.  Do some gardening

12.  Play a video/phone game

13.  Have a zoom hangout with friends

14.  Take an online yoga class From Yoga Blend

15.  Take a hike at Stough Canyon

16.  Netflix and chill

17.  Color in an adult coloring book

18.  Get dressed up for fun

19.  Take a nap

20.  Sit outside and people watch

21.  Shop online and support small businesses like Bell Cottage

22.  Go to the beach (by yourself)

23.  Go for a bike ride on the Chandler bike path

24.  Have a distance wine date with a friend

25.  Have a glass of wine by yourself

26.  Send someone flowers from Enchanted Florist

27.  Try a Pinterest craft

28.  Mail someone a letter

29.  Draw encouraging words on your sidewalk

30.  Disconnect from social media for 24 hours

31.  Feng-Shui your home

32.  Watch a movie

33.  Do a jigsaw puzzle

34.  Bake cookies and share them with no one

35.  Read inspiring quotes

36.  Go for a scenic drive

37.  Sing in the car

38.  Dance like no one is watching

39.  Watch your favorite childhood movie

40.  Do something fancy with your hair

41.  Write down affirmations to tell yourself when you are struggling

42.  Unsubscribe from junk emails

43.  Write a poem

44.  Sit outside and soak up the sun

45.  Take a bubble bath

46.  Write yourself a letter to open on the last day of school

47.  Do a nature scavenger hunt

48.  Listen to Music

49.  Start a new hobby

50.  Make an Amazon wishlist

51.  Organize your photos

52.  Go on a virtual tour

53.  Watch youtube videos to learn how to draw

54.  Watch a makeup tutorial and try it out

55.  Give yourself a foot massage

56.  Buy fresh fruit from the Burbank Farmer’s Market

57.  Play a game of Sudoku

58.  Do a crossword puzzle

59.  Watch a Sunday service on YouTube from South Hills Church

60.  Make lists (fave foods, movies, a bucket list, etc)

61.  Get yourself coffee from a local cafe like The Palm Coffee

62.  Visit a garden-like Descanso, Huntington Library or the Arboretum

63.  Make a playlist of uplifting songs for when you’re feeling down

64.  Exercise for 20 minutes

65.  Listen to an audiobook

66.  Go horseback riding at Circle K Stables

67.  Listen to a podcast

68.  Go out for ice cream to Sliders

69.  Go bird watching

70.  Go on a virtual trip using Google Earth

71.  Learn a card trick

72.  Practice breathing exercises

73.  Go to bed early and get up late

74.  Drive to a new neighborhood and go for a walk there

75.  Take a virtual painting class from Wine and Design

76.  Take a long hot shower

77.  Take a drive to see the murals around Burbank

78.  Watch a live virtual comedy show from Flapper’s Comedy Club

79.  Do some light stretching

80.  Plan a romantic at-home date with your spouse

81.  Drive-by your favorite movie set locations in Los Angeles

82.  Have a staycation weekend-no chores!

83.  Take an online class

84.  Get a terrarium/DIY garden kit from Tansy

85. Do a home improvement project

86. Adopt a pet

87. Buy yourself some flowers

88. Make your own candles

89. Sign up for a subscription box

90. Read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up and then purge your closet

91. Learn a new language

92. Take up a new instrument

93. Talk to a therapist

94. Get a cocktail kit from Fancy-Free Liquor

95. Look through your old yearbooks

96. Do a paint-by-number

97. Take a Zoom perfume class from Phoebe Peacock

98. Read a magazine

99. Try aromatherapy

100. Read some magazines

101. Start a fun collection

102. Drink your coffee in silence

103. Start a gratitude journal

104. Reconnect with an old friend

105. Smile you are loved

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