Burbank Police Offer Holiday Shopping Tips

By On December 5, 2013

Burbank Police Officer Joshua Kendrick has provided the following safety tips for Burbank businesses and shoppers as they face their holiday shopping.

Safety tips for retailers

» Preparation: Retailers should be ready for the holiday shoppers and have an Operational Plan to keep  their stores and shoppers safe.

» Success in the Season: Consulting and collaborating with the local police department is a proactive way of addressing and avoiding conflicts. Don’t be hesitant in calling the police department when needed or if there are questions.

» Crowd Management: Anticipating a large crowd helps implement adequate security. Make sure

the security systems are functional and employees know how to use them.

» Conflict Resolution: Understand that many of the shoppers will be stressed out and be prepared to resolve conflicts before they elevate.

» Communication is Key: The use of signs around the store will give shoppers important information pertaining to the shopping day.

» Product Placement: Stacking up popular items may cause aggression in the crowd when they try to reach for them; consider giving out vouchers for these items instead.

» Parking: Make sure the parking lots have adequate lighting and security to allow patrons to feel safe coming to and from the parking lot.

» Always Smile: Personnel should be reminded to always provide helpful service with a smile. It keeps everyone happy.

Safety tips for shoppers

» Plan it Out: Make a plan for the day and know where you are going. This will help take off any unnecessary stressors during your shopping day.

» Patience, Patience, Patience: During the holiday, long lines should be expected. Safety should be a priority; enter stores in an orderly fashion and do not rush. Be aware and considerate of shoppers around you.

» Hide Your Valuables: A car full of shopping bags is a thief’s gold mine. Hide your purchases in the trunk or under the seats out of sight.

» Protect Yourself: Purses should be carried close to the body and under an exterior garment (i.e. jacket) when possible. Flaps should be secured and turned towards the body at all times. Wallets should be carried in an inside coat pocket, and cash in front pants pocket.

» Dress for the Occasion: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or clothing. These items make yourself a target for thieves.

» Parking: Park in well-lit areas and ALWAYS lock your doors. Carry your keys in your hand when returning to your vehicle and be aware of your surroundings.

» Obey the Laws: Drive at the speed limit. Be aware of the conditions of the road. Watch out for pedestrians. Avoid walking in the middle of traffic or jay walking. Remember to be patient. Accidents can also happen at slow speeds.

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