Consulting Practice For Nonprofits Opens in Burbank

Access Impact

[BURBANK, CA, December 4] — Access Impact, a new consulting practice for nonprofit organizations has launched, serving Burbank and beyond. Access Impact is aimed at providing affordable and accessible solutions to nonprofit organizations. Founded by local community advocate, associate pastor, and nonprofit expert, Madison McAleese, Access Impact specializes in strategic planning, board development, organizational culture, and strategic communications.

The consulting practice offers a range of services designed to empower organizations of all sizes and budgets, ensuring that every nonprofit has the opportunity to thrive and make a meaningful impact.

Key Services Include:

Collaborative Strategic Planning: Access Impact guides nonprofits in developing collaborative strategic plans that align with their missions, fostering sustainable growth and impact.

Board Development: The practice focuses on cultivating high-purpose and engaged boards, essential for the success of any nonprofit organization.

Organizational Culture: Access Impact emphasizes the importance of a positive and inclusive organizational culture, promoting collaboration, innovation, and leadership for everyone.

Strategic Communications: The practice helps nonprofits craft compelling and targeted messages, enhancing outreach and amplifying impact.

Flexible and Affordable Options!

Access Impact recognizes the diverse needs of nonprofits and offers a range of services to accommodate various requirements:

  • Hourly Coaching: Personalized advice and guidance for navigating challenges and crafting meaningful strategies.
  • Traditional Contracts: Comprehensive support for specific projects or ongoing initiatives.
  • DIY Resources and Guides: Curated resources to empower organizations with self-guided improvement tools.
  • Workshop Facilitation and Speaking: Engaging workshops and insightful speaking engagements to elevate team skills and knowledge.

“My goal is to break down barriers and make strategic guidance accessible to all nonprofits, regardless of size or budget. I believe in empowering organizations to create lasting impact in their communities,” says Madison McAleese.

To learn more about Access Impact and explore how the consulting practice can benefit your nonprofit, please visit


Access Impact is a nonprofit consulting practice dedicated to providing affordable and accessible solutions to nonprofit organizations, especially those with a social justice lens. With expertise in strategic planning, board development, organizational culture, and strategic communications, Access Impact is committed to deepening community impact and fostering a collaborative nonprofit environment.

Madison McAleese
    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center