Adoptable Pet of the Week: Singtho


Singtho is a polite young lady from the Burbank Animal Shelter that is looking for her forever home. She is a great cat for anyone looking for a low maintenance independent cat who is fine doing her own thing. She will want alone time every now and then (mostly to nap). Despite this, she is super playful and not shy. Her favorite activities are window watching and sitting in laps to be brushed or petted. 

Singtho loves to have her own space and she will claim her favorite spots in your home very quickly. She is very curious, wanting to see what is behind every closed door and inspecting everything new before her. 

Singtho is a sweet girl but does not get along with other animals, so she has to be the only animal in the household. But she balances that out with her love of people. So if you are looking for your first cat or looking for a single cat to share your home with, Singtho is the girl for you.

To learn more about Singtho please contact her foster dad Kupono at