Adoptable Pet of the Week: Zephyr


Meet Zephyr, currently at the Burbank Animal Shelter. He will need work but he’s an awesome guy and would make a great addition to any family. He can be active but also calms down and enjoys relaxing with his companions as well. Staff have been working with Zephyr on his loose-leash walking and found that he is very food motivated, which should make training very easy. However, Zephyr can be stubborn which is common for huskies. He is a fast learner and eager to please. Volunteers have also taught him to sit and he is currently working on ‘leave it’.”

Zephyr loves to hang out with people! A volunteer who spent time with him said, “He was more interested in laying by my side and getting some gentle pets than anything else. Hanging out with him is like hanging out with a living pillow, if living pillows were a thing. His blue husky eyes are absolutely stunning and he knows how to bat an eye when he wants to steal your heart.”

Zephyr is a typical husky and will need training as most shelter and rescue dogs do. Staff thinks he will do fine with middle school aged kids who know how to respect boundaries but he is very friendly with everyone he meets. Zephyr can be vocal so apartments or housing situations with shared walls are not recommended for his and your neighbors’ sake. We have introduced Zephyr to our Dogs Playing for Life Playgroup and we feel he would do best as the only animal in the household or with a passive female. Dogs who are always in his business or constantly wanting to play stresses him out. A meet and greet is required if you already have dogs in the household. No cats please.

Zephyr will need some training, but he’s an awesome dog and will be a great addition to any family. Stop by the shelter or call 818-238-3340 to make an appointment to meet Zephyr.