Adoptable Pets of the Week: Manny, Moe, and Minnie


Manny (green bell), Moe (purple bell) and Minnie (grey and white) are the sweetest trio of three-year-old bonded cat siblings you will ever meet. They came to the Burbank Animal Shelter when their owner passed away. They are a little shy in new situations and need a few days to settle in, but once they’re comfortable they are incredibly affectionate and LOVE attention. They are truly wonderful cats and the shelter knows they are going to do so well in their new home.

They all really enjoy pets, snuggles and treats, and are super mellow. The shelter has them set up in a big condo in their lobby, where there’s lots of foot traffic. Tons of people, dogs, cats and other animals wander by, and Manny, Minnie, and Moe are super chill and just watch the parade. Nothing bothers them!

Moe is usually the first to get comfortable in his surroundings. He likes to explore and sniff everything in sight. Manny is usually not far behind Moe in settling in. He’s not quite the explorer that Moe is. Manny is more of an observer. Minnie is the least adventurous of the bunch. She is happiest when she’s hanging with her siblings or getting love from a person. Pets around her head and neck might be her very favorite thing.

Although we normally see pairs in bonded animals, these three siblings are most definitely bonded and rely heavily on each other, so they need to be kept together. We have tried separating them, and they quickly displayed signs of stress and behavioral issues (Moe becomes extremely cranky and Minnie stops eating).

If you have the love to bring home this sweet and loving trio to make your very own instant cat family, visit or call the shelter 818-238-3340 to make an appointment to meet them today.