Argument Over Bicycle Lands Brothers In Jail


An argument between two brothers over a bicycle, escalated into violence when they armed themselves with various items and began fighting in the street.

Burbank Police responded “Code 3” to the 1900 block of W. Victory Blvd. Tuesday, September 11, around 5:30 p.m.   Witnesses told police that one of the men had a knife, and the other had a bottle.  At least one of the brother had gone inside condominium complex on the south side of Victory Blvd. Police were concerned that there might be a handgun inside. The area was cordoned off, with police surrounding the area.  Traffic on eastbound Victory Blvd. was diverted onto Keystone St.

Officers were finally able to determine that Wilbert Matheney, 48, and his brother, Rodney Matheney, 50, were fighting over a bicycle that Rodney had taken without Wilbert’s permission. In the ensuing argument, one of the brothers armed himself with a bottle, and then a BBQ fork. The other brother then armed himself with a pipe.   During the fight, Rodney threw a bottle at Wilbert’s Honda that was parked at the curb on Victory Blvd., shattering the vehicle’s rear window.  Their grandmother was sitting in the car when the window was shattered. She was not injured.

Neither of the brothers was injured, but they were both arrested and taken to jail.  Wilbert Matheney was arrested for making terrorist threats.  He is on parole, and is being held on parole violation without bail.   Rodney Matheney was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.  He also had three outstanding arrest warrants, with a total bail amount of $141,000.  Both brothers are due to appear in court on September 13.

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