Armenian Heritage to be Celebrated with Building Lighting Event at City Hall and Water and Power


– The Burbank Armenian Association, in partnership with the Armenian National Committee of America – Burbank (ANCA Burbank), is proud to announce a unique cultural event that will light up the city skyline. From April 24th to April 26th, Burbank City Hall and Burbank Water and Power will illuminate their buildings in the colors of the Armenian flag – a proud display of red, blue, and orange.

Event Details:

Title: Building Lighting Celebration

Dates: April 24-26

Locations: Burbank City Hall (275 E Olive Ave) & Burbank Water and Power (164 Magnolia Blvd)

This event is part of a series of initiatives to honor the rich heritage of the Armenian community in Burbank and to foster cultural awareness and unity. The Building Lighting Celebration aims to highlight the contributions of Armenians to the city’s social fabric and to commemorate the enduring spirit of the Armenian people.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to view the lights and share their experiences on social media using the hashtags #BurbankPride, #ArmenianHeritage, and #CommunityLightingEvent.

The Burbank Armenian Association and ANCA Burbank extend their heartfelt gratitude to the City of Burbank for its ongoing support and for helping to make this event possible. Together, we celebrate the cultural mosaic that is integral to the identity and vibrancy of Burbank.

For more information about the Building Lighting Celebration or other upcoming events, please contact:

Romik Hacobian

About Burbank Armenian Association:

The Burbank Armenian Association is dedicated to promoting Armenian culture, heritage, and community engagement within the City of Burbank. Through events, educational programs, and cultural initiatives, the association seeks to contribute to the multicultural tapestry of the city.

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