Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services Announces She is Leaving BUSD

Debbie Kukta

Debbie Kukta, who stepped down as the City of Burbank’s elected Treasurer in July of 2019 for a job with the Burbank Unified School District that she started in August of 2019 as the Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services, announced on Wednesday that she was leaving the District at the end of September.

In a note sent to her co-workers, she said the decision was “bittersweet,” and she wanted to spend more time with her family and new grandson.

Before her time serving the District, she was Burbank’s Treasurer. She was appointed to the position by the City Council in July 2012, leaving her elected position on the Burbank Board of Education that she served on for seven years after being elected in 2005.

The School Board had just voted to give her a retroactive pay raise this past May, dating back to 2021.

He is the content of the note she sent out on Wednesday:

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that I have resigned my position with the school district. This decision was definitely bittersweet, but it will allow me to spend more time with my family and new grandson. My last day of work will be September 30, so that will give us some time to ensure a smooth transition. I value each of you and will miss working with you.

Debbie Kukta, CPA, CGMA

Assistant Superintendent,
Administrative Services

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    1. Ms. Kukta is one of the best, if not the best civil servant I have ever met. Truly a very capable and skilled person. Her departure will be a big loss for the BUSD and our community as well. As you can tell from her note, she is a diplomatic person. I suspect she had her fill of the Superintendent ramming his personal agenda down everyone’s throat. CRT, DEI, Hiring a racist DEI coordinator, banning books, “white default”, suggesting our teachers are racist by on going training to be more sensitive, pronouns, and on and on and on. Everyone hits their limit. With the board voting 3-2 to renew Hill’s contract and give him a retroactive raise, it became just too much for many. The exodus had already begun… and it will continue.
      Best of luck and good health in the future Ms. Kukta.
      Thank you for a job well done.

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