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Burbank Mike is one of the team behind the website and along with his partner, Wes, is currently working on a new book celebrating Burbank's history and the many stories from the past

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s First Radio Station

“Every day Burbank is Broadcast to the World”! began the advertisement for Magnolia Park radio station KELW


Burbank Unified School District has made a decision to rename David Starr Jordan Middle School because of an issue of character with Mr. Jordan whom the school is named after

Burbank Authors to Give Upcoming Presentations

Authors to appear at The Burbank Historical Society Saturday Oct 13th at 2 pm and The Buena Vista Library Oct. 16 at 7pm among other appearances

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Wolfe In Burbank Clothing

Chances are that if you are familiar with vintage photographs of Burbank you have seen this Wolfe’s work yourself


It was owned by the Arnold family and Mr Arnold was the principal of Miller Elementary school

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s First Big Boy

Big Boy # 3 was built on San Fernando Road between Cedar and Providencia

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Salute To Miller Elementary

Note also the school has no grass and no playgrounds yet. I doubt that this bothered these children one bit!

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: “The Dip” – Burbank’s Famed Eatery of the Past

Ask any vintage Burbanker and they will most likely have a story or two about The Dip

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Gemini Space Capsule of Love

Once upon a time (1969) in Verdugo Park play area, could be seen and played on, a genuine Gemini Test Space Capsule


The ships number and designation was #721 Burbank Victory, VC2-S-AP2

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Amelia Earhart In Burbank – New Film Discovered

While it is true that Amelia Earhart was not a Burbanker she spent a lot of time here at Lockheed and the Burbank Airport, then called “United Airport”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Little Theatre

Behind the main building of The Olive Recreation Center stands a small building that once had some of the best local theater performances in the area. Many actors got a start there, or performed there to the delight of the audiences to see such Hollywood talent up close

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: “St. Joes” A Burbank Icon

Chances are if you were born in Burbank your birth certificate came from Saint Joseph’s Hospital.