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Man in Stolen Vehicle Killed After Striking Stone Pillar

Vehicle struck the pillar head-on where Olive turns into Country Club Drive after witnesses said to have seen car driving erratically and speeding

Burbank’s Disaster Council Meets, Chairman Issues Social Distancing Rules

"Any person violating any of the provisions or failing to comply with any of the mandatory requirements of this Code including violating this order may be guilty of a misdemeanor pursuant Burbank Municipal Code"

Burbank’s Stance on Gun Stores in Burbank: Essential or Not?

Do Burbank gun stores stay open or not? Are they 'essential' or not? Does the Sheriff or City decide? What we found out

myBurbank Launches Two New Sections to Help People Find Open Restaurants/Stores

These two reader driven sections will help readers with restaurants and stores in Burbank that are open with hours and delivery options

Coronavirus Updates for Burbank Stores

This page is made up of information provided by readers and has not been checked independently. Readers should still due their

Coronavirus Updates for Burbank Restaurants

Restaurant updates for Burbank restaurants regarding hours, menus, deliveries, takeout

Latest Coronavirus News Concerning the State

Latest official updates from the State

Latest Coronavirus News Concerning Los Angeles Area

Latest Loss Angeles area coronavirus news

Latest Official Coronavirus News Concerning Burbank

This is the latest news

Police Recover Injured Motor Officer’s Stolen Helmet

After being involved in a traffic accident in January, helmet belonging to injured motor officer was stolen from the accident scene

Downtown Burbank, Empire Center Hit by Rash of Auto Burglaries

Northern California crews have been targeting Burbank and other communities

Pursuit of Suspects Leads to Arrest in Whittier

Burbank police were involved in another high-profile pursuit for the second time in a week

Burglary Suspects Lead Police on Pursuit Before Capture

Four men from Northern California were arrested after a pursuit following a burglary of a home in Burbank