Bob Frutos Thanks Burbank Supporters


Dear Burbank Supporters,

I am gratified and humbled beyond words at the outpouring of the support and confidence you have shown me in our primary election. I truly feel I am blessed, not only to live in a wonderful city like Burbank, but also to have the affection and backing of the residents I will serve with pride and dedication.

Ours is a special city, a place we gratefully call home and raise our families. Every resident and business owner deserves an open,committed, active and caring city government and on the city council, I pledge you my total effort and energy towards that goal. Your concerns are mine. Your future is intertwined with mine. As I met many residents walking door to door, I heard your concerns regarding runaway development and traffic congestion. As your next councilmember, those concerns will be my priorities.

Thank you for your support and your belief in my determination to do whatever I can to make Burbank an even better place for us all. I am your public servant, your voice on the city council. I will be there for you, and available to you.

Thank you, friends and neighbors, for making my dream of effectively and honestly serving Burbank a reality. I want to make a positive difference, and I will not let you down!

Bob Frutos


Editor’s Note: Bob Frutos was voted onto the City Council February 26 receiving over 50% of the vote.
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