Burbank Announces Upcoming Street Repaving, Road Repairs Zones


Burbank has implemented a Pavement Management Program (PMP) that analyzes 4 out of the 20 zones within the city each year to identify streets that require resurfacing. With the support of SB1 funding and the infusion of Measure M and P dollars, the PMP will now receive an additional estimated $2.65 million for road repairs. This funding will help in creating a five-year rotation cycle throughout the city and ensure the city’s streets are in good condition.

Burbank’s Financial Services Department has established a special revenue fund called the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Fund 123 to manage the RMRA program funding. This fund will be used to manage the SB1 funding and to ensure transparency and accountability in the implementation of the PMP.

While the city is aware that some streets may not need to be resurfaced as they are already in good condition and meet design standards. The PMP will focus on streets that need resurfacing and exclude those that do not. Streets that require pre-planned excavation activities will be addressed during the excavation project or deferred and included in the future funding cycle.

Burbank has received SB1 funding in monthly installments since January 2018. The proposed $2.65M of SB1 funding will account for approximately 33% of the City’s current PMP budget of $8 million if approved and incorporated into the budget for the 2023/24 Fiscal Year. This budgeted amount is expected to bring the City’s current pavement condition index from 67 to 73 by Fiscal Year 2030/31, and slow the growing backlog of deferred street maintenance.

Burbank’s pavement condition index of 73 would be well above the state average of 66 and comparable to other cities such as Glendale. Staff recommends incorporating the amended list of streets and the anticipated SB1 funding of $2,650,059 into the Fiscal Year 2023/24 Budget, and funds will be appropriated as part of the budget process. By doing so, the city will ensure that its streets are well maintained and meet design standards, making it a safe and comfortable place for all residents and visitors.

Below are the streets that are proposed for resurfacing:

Source: City of Burbank staff report

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