Burbank Crime Log, March 16 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

Burbank has witnessed the following criminal activities, spanning from drugs and alcohol violations to theft, burglary, assault, fraud, vandalism, and weapon offenses. Here is a detailed chronology of these incidents:

March 7, 2024

  • Fraud at 600 block of S Sparks St, 8:00 AM.

March 11, 2024

  • Vandalism at 800 block of N Ford St, 1:00 AM.
  • Drugs/Alcohol Violations at 600 block of N Victory Bl, 7:18 PM.

March 12, 2024

  • Vehicle Break-In/Theft at 300 block of S Myers St, 9:30 PM.
  • Theft/Larceny incidents at 1600 block of N Victory Pl, 11:44 AM; 200 block of E Cypress Av, 4:13 PM; 1800 block of W Verdugo Av, 3:50 PM; and more throughout the day.
  • Drugs/Alcohol Violations across various locations, including 1800 block of W Verdugo Av at 1:18 PM and 1600 block of N Victory Pl at 9:29 PM.
  • Vandalism at 700 block of N Brighton St, 10:00 PM.

March 13, 2024

  • Burglaries at 500 block of S Glenoaks Bl, 5:10 AM, and 1700 block of N Evergreen St, 1:00 PM.
  • Assault at N Edison Bl/N Maple St, 7:03 PM and another on the 4100 block of W Riverside Dr at 7:40 PM on March 14.
  • Theft/Larceny at various locations, including 1600 block of N Victory Pl at 7:18 PM and 100 block of S Keystone St at 7:30 PM.
  • Weapons offense reported at S Flower St/W Verdugo Av, 2:47 AM on March 14.

March 14, 2024

  • Fraud cases were reported early in the morning at 3500 block of W Burbank Bl, 7:28 AM, and 1600 block of N San Fernando Bl, 6:03 AM.
  • Theft/Larceny at 1600 block of N Victory Pl, 1:06 PM, and 400 block of N Myers St at 5:00 PM.
  • Burglary on the 2300 block of N Naomi St at 6:29 PM.

These incidents reflect a broad spectrum of criminal behavior, from property crimes to violent offenses and regulatory violations. Burbank Police Department is actively addressing these challenges, underscoring the need for community vigilance and cooperation to ensure public safety and security.