Burbank Crime Report – April 27 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

In recent days, Burbank has witnessed a series of crimes ranging from theft and burglary to assaults, DUI incidents, and more. Here’s a detailed account of each type of incident, organized chronologically:

April 2, 2024

  • Fraud: At 3500 Block W Burbank Bl, a fraudulent activity was reported, involving deception for personal gain.

April 19, 2024

  • Theft/Larceny: At 200 Block N San Fernando Bl, a case of theft was reported late at night, contributing to concerns about property security in the area.

April 21, 2024

  • Assault: At 4300 Block W Kling St, an assault occurred late in the evening, raising alarms over public safety.

April 22, 2024

  • Vehicle Break-In/Theft: At 800 Block E Cypress Av, a vehicle was broken into, indicating a persistent problem with vehicle-related crimes.

April 23, 2024

  • Motor Vehicle Theft: At 600 Block N. Parish Pl, a vehicle was reported stolen, highlighting ongoing issues with motor vehicle theft.

April 24, 2024

  • Theft/Larceny: Early in the day at 600 Block N Victory Bl and later at 3400 Block W Olive Av, thefts were reported, showing a troubling trend of larceny in the community.
  • Drugs/Alcohol Violations: At S Glenoaks Bl/E Alameda Av in the evening, an incident related to drugs or alcohol misuse was logged by the police.

April 25, 2024

  • Burglary: In the early hours at 0 Block E Alameda Av, a burglary was reported, marking a serious invasion of private property.
  • Fraud: At 100 Block S Victory Bl in the afternoon, another incident of fraudulent activity was reported, affecting the financial security of victims.
  • Assault: At 300 Block E Cypress Av in the evening, another assault raised further concerns about violence in the area.
  • DUI: At N San Fernando Bl/N Buena Vista St, a DUI incident occurred, part of an ongoing issue with impaired driving in the city.
  • Robbery: At W Orange Grove Av/N Victory Bl late in the evening, a robbery took place, involving threats or violence to obtain valuables.

These incidents collectively paint a picture of the challenges faced by the Burbank community and law enforcement, with a variety of crimes affecting the sense of security and well-being of its residents. Each crime type—from property violations to violent offenses and substance-related infractions—necessitates vigilant policing and community cooperation to address and mitigate their impact.

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