Burbank Crime Report – April 6 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

In the latest criminal activity, the city of Burbank has experienced a series of crimes over the course of two days. Here’s a breakdown of the incidents that have kept the Burbank Police Department on alert:

April 3, 2024

The crime wave began on April 3rd with a burglary reported at 5:50 PM in the 1900 Block of N Buena Vista St. This incident set a troubling tone for the remainder of the day, which saw additional thefts:

  • At 5:03 PM, a theft/larceny was reported in the 1400 Block of W Victory Bl.
  • The wave continued into the evening with another theft/larceny at 9:08 PM in the 1500 Block of N Victory Pl.

April 4, 2024

April 4th saw no respite, starting with a burglary in the early hours:

  • At 5:30 AM, residents of the 300 Block of E Magnolia Bl reported a burglary, indicating that the perpetrators of these crimes were operating at all hours.

The day continued with a string of assaults, marking a violent turn in the crime wave:

  • The first assault was reported at 10:20 AM on the 200 Block of N Keystone St.
  • This was followed by another assault at 11:27 AM near N San Fernando Bl/E Palm Av.
  • Shortly after, at 11:51 AM, the 300 Block of N Maple St was the scene of yet another assault.

The afternoon and evening hours witnessed a series of thefts and larcenies, highlighting a pervasive threat to property:

  • At 1:45 PM, a theft occurred in the 1000 Block of W Alameda Av.
  • The 600 Block of N Victory Bl reported a theft/larceny at 4:09 PM.
  • Another incident was reported at 5:35 PM in the 100 Block of W Alameda Av.
  • A robbery took place at 6:00 PM in the 200 Block of E Cypress Av, escalating the severity of the day’s events.
  • As the night progressed, the 200 Block of W Alameda Av experienced a theft/larceny at 9:44 PM.
  • The day’s crimes concluded with an act of vandalism at 9:59 PM in the 300 Block of S San Fernando Bl.

This sequence of events over two days highlights a critical period of heightened criminal activity in Burbank. The Burbank Police Department urges the community to remain vigilant, report suspicious activities, and ensure their properties are secure. The investigation into these incidents is ongoing, with law enforcement working diligently to apprehend the perpetrators and prevent future crimes.