Burbank Crime Report – December 6 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

In a recent spate of criminal activities, the city of Burbank has been grappling with a variety of offenses, ranging from drug and alcohol violations to thefts and violent crimes. Here’s a rundown of the incidents, as reported by Burbank Police:

Escalation in Drug and Alcohol-Related Offenses

The city has seen a worrying increase in drug and alcohol violations. Notably, two DUI incidents were reported, one on December 2 at N Hollywood Wy/W Oak St and another on December 4 at N Fairview St/W Clark Av. Additionally, drug/alcohol violations were recorded at several locations, including the 200 block of W Alameda Av, N Victory Pl/W Empire Av, N Buena Vista St/Thornton Av, the 200 block of E Magnolia Bl (in conjunction with a robbery), and the 2000 block of W Alameda Av.

Thefts and Larcenies on the Rise

A series of theft and larceny incidents have been reported across Burbank. Starting on November 13, a theft occurred at the 2000 block of N Brighton St, followed by similar incidents at the 1600 block of N Victory Pl (two occurrences), the 1000 block of W Burbank Bl, and the 3500 block of W Victory Bl.

Vehicle-Related Crimes

Vehicle security is also a concern, with break-ins and thefts reported at the 700 block of E Palm Ave and the 600 block of N San Fernando Bl.

Assaults and Robberies Cause Alarm

Violent crimes have not been spared in this crime wave. Assaults were reported at E Orange Grove Av/N Third St and the 1000 block of S Lake St, while robberies occurred at the 1600 block of N Victory Pl and the 1600 block of W Verdugo Av.

Other Criminal Incidents

The city also witnessed vandalism at the 1100 block of W Angeleno Av and a case of fraud at the 200 block of N Third St.

The situation remains a top priority for local law enforcement as they work to ensure the safety and security of Burbank residents.