Burbank High Students Start Project Teens Teach To Mentor Youngsters

By On June 22, 2020

Three Burbank High School sophomores have started Project Teens Teach, a free online mentoring program targeted for preschool and elementary students. The six-week program provides lessons in STEAM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics – and is still open for signups for the remainder of the program.

Project Teens Teach was founded by Lana Kang, Yogini Vazirani and Kacey F. Six additional Burbank High School students round out the project’s executive team and a large number of older mentors provide guidance.

“Our motivation to start this program was definitely to improve the quality of the kids’ summer break!” said Kacey F. “During quarantine, we’ve noticed that so many elementary schoolers are bored out of their minds without their usual daily activities and their parents are often struggling to entertain them. We wanted to ease that burden so they could have fun while learning new topics and expanding on life skills!”

“I’m involved in tutoring my peers as well as mentoring middle school students, leading clubs at my school, and taking part in other extracurriculars,” she added. “I wanted to use the skills that I’ve attained from my experiences to brighten the summers of children across the world!”

Andre and Ramya teaching Scratch coding for Project Teens Teach. (Image Courtesy Project Teens Teach)

“Through Project Teens Teach, I hope to inspire children to have an enjoyable, educational and productive summer during quarantine!” commented Kang. “This project was started in response to the pressing concerns of Covid-19 to uplift our youth and to serve as a mentor program while many daycares for children were closed.”

“We have decided to make our program free so that any child can join our sessions and have a great summer! I was a teenage mentor volunteer in a program that taught middle school students about life lessons, such as communication and problem-solving,” Kang also said. “Although Project Teens Teach focuses on academics, we also wanted to incorporate fun lessons and life skills into our program!”

“My motivation in founding Project Teens Teach was to make an impact on the education of our youth. Due to the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for children to keep learning and developing their young minds,” said Vazirani. “I believe having access to educational and recreational resources during this time is of the utmost importance.”

Ice Cream In A Bag class screenshot from Project Teens Teach. (Image Courtesy Project Teens Teach)

“Being able to make a contribution toward filling the current educational gap is incredibly fulfilling and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time this summer!” Vazirani added. “I am thrilled to be able to continue giving back to the community and playing a small part in shaping kids’ futures.”

Project Teens Teach uses Zoom to teach lessons on Origami, Coding, Improv, Astronomy, Grammar, Hip Hop dance, Calligraphy, Science experiments, Acting, Drawing and more.

Already 100 students around the world have signed up for the free classes which began June 15 and run through August 3. Students are welcome to register at any time during the ongoing program and join in any number of classes.

More information on Project Teens Teach and instructions on signing up are available on their website here.