Burbank Motorcyclist Killed After Striking Medical Transport Van on Alameda

(Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Burbank police are continuing to investigate a fatal accident that occurred Saturday, August 28 around 5:52 pm on Alameda, just east of Keystone.

Investigators survey the area after a Burbank man was killed after striking a medical transport van (Photo by Ross A Benson)

Police identified the man as Misael Audelo Gusman, a 30-year-old resident of Burbank, who was riding his motorcycle westbound on Alameda when it struck a medical transport van that was making a U-turn from westbound Alameda to eastbound Alameda.

Gusman was trapped underneath the van as it continued into the eastbound lanes before stopping. Burbank fire was on scene quickly to extricate the victim and Paramedics transported him to a local Trauma Center where he succumbed to his injuries.

Traffic Officer Ryan Rhoads marks Alameda where the motorcycle struck the van (Photo By Ross A Benson)

It was reported that Gusman was traveling with several motorcycle riders when the collision happened. In a release, Burbank Police Sgt. Emil Brimway said, “Investigators determined neither drugs nor alcohol were factors in regards to the driver of the motor vehicle. Investigators have also determined that neither speed nor illegal street racing were factors.”

Both crew members of the medical transport remained at the scene and were interviewed by traffic investigators. At the time of the accident, they were transporting one patient who was cared for at the scene until another transport was able to come to complete the transport.

Police operate their drone to map out the area of the accident (Photo By Ross A Benson)

Alameda was closed for several hours following the accident so investigators could get a full scope of the accident, measuring tire marks and using their drone to map the entire area of the accident.

The investigation into this traffic collision is ongoing.

This collision remains under investigation by Burbank Police Department Traffic Detectives. Anyone who may have witnessed the collision or has any information is asked to contact the Burbank Police Traffic Bureau at (818) 238-3100.


    1. A tragic loss of life.

      I trust that the Heart Corporation will be terminating the employment of their driver who caused the death of a person due to the gross negligence of making an illegal U-turn.

      May Misael Audelo Gusman rest in peace and my condolences go out to his family and friends.

    2. You should really find a new career if this is how you plan to write about a family’s tragedy. How do you see it possible that the motorcyclist hit the ambulance if he was trapped underneath? That makes zero sense. It’s pretty clear that the ambulance made an illegal u-turn and hit the motorcyclist. Also, you need to learn the correct name of the victim before you post an article.

    3. ***follow-up***

      I attempted to locate a business license for Heart Corporation or Heart Transportation and found nothing. I looked them up online and called their phone number (833) 478-8767. I asked the person who answers whose name is Maggie for the company address and she would not give it to me.

      The company’s website (https://www.hearttransport.org/) shows they are located at 1480 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA however I confirmed that they are not at that location and the current tenant knows nothing about the company.

      I also asked Maggie for information about their business license and she said she would have to call me back. I asked her what cities Heart Transportation is licensed to operate in and she again said she would have to call me back.

      • There’s a Heart Ambulance Corporation, Company# C4674095. The registered address is in LA. The agent address is in Arcadia. The agents name is also listed as the CEO. I can’t say for certain that’s it, but it seems likely.

        • Thomas, thank you. I do not agree they are related. I phoned the company and asked questions and it became apparent they were dodging all questions about their license. If you have the time, I would encourage you to call Heart Ambulance Corp and ask if they are related so we can spread the work around (if interested). See here: https://www.hearttransport.org/

    4. Our condolences to this beautiful family.
      I pray further investigation as why a paramedic vehicle can make such a rash judgement while caring for and transporting another life, with no concern or regards for others.
      Rest in Peace Misael Audelo
      You will be missed but forever in out hearts

      • This is NOT a “paramedic vehicle”, it is not even an “ambulance”. It is a “medial transport van”, otherwise known as a “medivan”, used for transporting patients to and from nursing homes, hospitals and doctors offices. They are NOT used for emergency medical services and are NOT staffed by paramedics. They are not equipped with emergency lights and sirens and are simply vans equipped to carry gurneys/stretchers in the back.

    5. My heart is broken for Misael’s wife, his friends who were with him, his mom and there family. This tragedy could have been avoided if the driver simply paid attention & waited. Pulling out like he did gave no time for Misael swerve & avoid catastrophe. This act of gross negligence happens much too often. Whether its an illegal U-turn or the left turn in front. Motorcycle riders are people, too. They have friends & family. People who love & care for them. Now, Misael & the countless riders who suffered similar fates have had their futures taken by drivers who are not looking out for riders. And we who are left, can only remember what a kind & gentle person he was. As far as I’m concerned the driver as well as the Heart Corporation are to be held accountable. Go with GOD my friend.

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