Burbank Noon Rotary Looking to Celebrating Their Centennial in Grand Style


On Saturday, February 25, the Rotary Club of Burbank will be celebrating its centennial year with a grand party at the beautiful Lakeside Country Club. The event will bring together past & present Rotarians and community members for an evening of fun, friendship and fundraising.

The Rotary Club of Burbank has been an important party of the Burbank community since 1923, when the organization was first chartered. Since chartering nearly 100 years ago, the Club has raised funds to support various nonprofits and local projects. Some include funding the Providence St. Joseph Urgent Care, the building campaign for the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank, the annual Teachers of Excellence program for BUSD, the Student of the Month program for BUSD, a new refrigerator for the Burbank Temporary Aid Center and furniture for the Home Again L.A. Transitional Housing.

These are just some examples of what we have done, and there are countless entities that receive both our monetary support and hands-on support. 

Throughout our history, we have had great community members serve as President and helped elevate our mission in the community. Individuals who have served include Ray Sence (28′-29), Ralph Foy (58′-59′), Bob Brunner (60′-61′), Jim Woodburn (78′-79), Peter McGrath (84-85), Darrell Taylor (89′-90′). Captain Gordon Bowers (96′-97′), Rev. Jerry Jones (01′-02′), and so many more. 

At the event, the Rotary Club of Burbank will be honoring two families that have been great supporters to the Rotary Club and to the community; the Rubinfeld and Taylor families.

Nat and Alma Rubinfeld have been active in the Rotary Club since 1988, Nat serving as Club President in 2006-2007 and currently being the longest-tenured member of our Club. The Taylor family has been active in our Club for decades and is the only family to have three generations of Club Presidents; including Glen, Darrell and Jonathan.

Their service-above-self attitude is exactly what Rotary is all about. Both families have invested so much time and energy in making Burbank a greater community in the name of Rotary.