Burbank Parks and Rec Gives Robert E. Lundigan Park a Fire Station-Themed Makeover

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The Burbank Parks and Recreation Department recently updated Robert E. Lundigan Park with numerous additions, including spirited fire station-themed play structure equipment.

The park’s play equipment was updated, rubber safety surface flooring was redone, shade structures were replaced, a basketball court was resurfaced, and an existing picnic shade structure was refurbished during the alteration process. The area’s new playground features embody a firehouse theme to honor the Burbank Fire Department and are especially fitting as Burbank Fire Department Station 13 is situated just next to the park. 

(Photo by© Ross A Benson)

This playground has two play areas: one for ages five to 12 years old, and another for ages two to five years old. A fire truck structure was added to the play area for younger guests, and the space for older children mimics a fire station setting. Some additional features include seven slides, multiple climbing structures, a model of a dalmatian fire dog, two expression swings, and an imitation fire hydrant. Furthermore, developmental components like a maze, a tic tac toe game, and a shapes wheel foster a cerebral experience for young visitors to the park.

“The amenities are unique as it provides for imaginative play and incorporates physical, cognitive, sensory, and social skill-building components,” Burbank Parks and Recreation Department Director Marisa Garcia said. “With it being near the Fire Station, it is likely you will see the Burbank Fire Department’s real Engine 13 pull up while you are out at the park!”

Updates to the park, which sits on the corner of Thornton Ave. and Naomi St., were made possible through the City’s Capital Improvement Program. This policy outlines a schedule of park renovations throughout the City of Burbank based upon the age and condition of park equipment, as well as industry standards and compliance regulations. 

Prior to the project, Robert E. Lundigan Park hadn’t been updated since 2005. This newest renovation began in August of 2020, and replacing dated equipment took a total of 10 months to complete. The process included a time period of selecting and producing all necessary equipment, plus two months of physically installing the new park materials. 

The park was officially reopened on June 24, 2021, and Garcia says the changes have been “very well-received” by the surrounding neighborhood. Prior to the refurbishing, Robert E. Lundigan Park had a play fire truck on site, but the Parks and Rec Department decided to fully embrace this theme to make park visits a special and immersive experience for locals.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Along with the firehouse ambiance at this location, an equestrian theme has been incorporated by Burbank Parks and Rec at Mountain View Park, and a log cabin theme has likewise been introduced at Abraham Lincoln Park. Through these projects, the department continues to develop parks and play structures in Burbank with a variety of atmospheres and enhancements which all residents can find enjoyment in. 

“Parks are a wonderful place for children and adults of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to relax, play, recreate, and picnic, all while taking pride in their community with its nice amenities,” Garcia said. “We are excited to be able to leverage grant dollars to renovate this park for the neighborhood and entire community to enjoy, while also paying tribute to the Burbank Fire Department.”