Burbank Police And Neighbors Make National Night Out A Success

(Photo by Ross A Benson)
(Photo by Ross A Benson)

On Tuesday, August 6, residents of the Burbank community gathered to participate in what Burbank Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Sergeant Derek Green, calls “one of Burbank’s most important events, National Night Out.”

Members of the Burbank Police and Fire Departments met with Burbank citizens on a non-emergency basis to discuss their role in the community.  The event was held on the Chandler Bikeway between Keystone and Lincoln Streets.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Many booths were set up including Burbank Animal Shelter, Starbucks (to support the community), Burbank YMCA, New York Life (providing children ID’s), Burbank Human Relations Council and others. There was a live DJ, food and beverages.

Burbank Chief of Police, Scott LaChasse, spoke about the Police Department’s role in the community including safety information and said, “If you do something wrong, just admit it, because, in the end, it will always catch up to you.”

Several homeowners in Burbank neighborhoods even held house parties welcoming local neighbors to support National Night Out.

One homeowner, Mary Brooks, said that the reason she does a block party with her fellow neighbors is that she loves and really supports her community. All in all, the 36th National Night Out was a huge success to support the City of Burbank and its residents.

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