Burbank Police Nab Five Hillside Home Burglary Suspects


A swift response by the Burbank Police Department to a possible residential burglary in the serene 3600 block of Viewecrest Dr. led to the arrest of five individuals in a dramatic late-night operation just before midnight on March 12. The operation showcased the effectiveness of law enforcement collaboration and the crucial role of police K-9 units.

Officers were dispatched to the scene following reports of suspicious activity. Upon arrival, they encountered two suspects in a vehicle, poised for a quick getaway. These individuals were apprehended without incident, signaling the beginning of a broader operation to secure the area and locate additional suspects believed to be involved.

The situation escalated when it was determined that three more suspects had fled on foot into the neighborhood, prompting a comprehensive search operation. Officers from both the Burbank and Glendale Police Departments, along with three K-9 units — two from Burbank and one from Glendale — were deployed to track down the suspects along with a Pasadena police helicopter.

The three individuals, once located, refused to surrender, leading to a confrontation with the police K-9s. The dogs subsequently bit the suspects after failing to comply with the officer’s demands and, after receiving medical treatment at the scene by the Burbank Fire Department, including three paramedic units, were transported to a local medical facility. They, along with the two suspects detained earlier, were booked for residential burglary.

The suspects have been identified as 19-year-old Robert Holt, a Los Angeles resident; 20-year-old Trista Manuel, a Los Angeles resident; 19-year-old Anthony Regalado, a Los Angeles resident; 21-year-old Henry Thomas, a Los Angeles resident; and 23-year-old Kameron Wilson, a resident of Moreno Valley.

“The Burbank Police Department wishes to thank our partners from the Glendale Police Department and Pasadena Police Department for their assistance in making these arrests.” said Sgt. Steven Turner in a press release.

Formal charges are pending review by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.