Burbank Police On Both Ends of Accidents



Photo By Ross A. Benson

The Burbank Police Department can go months without having any auto accidents, or mishaps. On Thursday, all within a hour of each other, they had two accidents involving patrol units. The Traffic Investigators were called out around 2:15 PM to Burbank and Third St after a patrol unit accidentally struck a pedestrian who was running across a crosswalk. The female who was not identified also refused Burbank Paramedics aid and would seek her own medical attention. The officer, who was not injured and was not identified, assisted fellows officer with caring for the pedestrian and investigators at the scene. An hour later a patrol unit was parked in the parking lot at Vons, 301 N. Pass Ave., and another car rolled into it causing damage to another marked patrol car.

Photos By Ross A. Benson

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