Burbank PTA Celebrates 100 Years of Service at Honorary Service Awards Banquet

Burbank PTA Honorary Service Awards Banquet. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

The Burbank PTA celebrated 100 years of service at their annual Honorary Service Awards (HSA) Ceremony, this past Wednesday, April 17, 2024.  The event was the 74th Honorary Service Awards for Burbank and was held at De Luxe Banquet Hall in Burbank, honoring over 60 award recipients.

The Honorary Service Awards are a way for the PTA units, councils and districts to acknowledge people for their outstanding community service to children and youth.  Every Burbank school has an HSA committee, accepts nominations, and awards a few recipients with the recognition at their school sites.  The Burbank Council PTA then organizes a ceremony to celebrate all of the recipients together.

Awards given out fall into a few different categories including a Very Special Person Award (VSP), Honorary Service Award (HSA), Continuing Service Award (CSA), Outstanding Administrator Award (OAA), and Golden Oak Service Award (GOSA). In the last 100 years, Burbank Council has awarded over 3000 of these honors.

Burbank PTA Honorary Service Awards Banquet. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

Guests to the event were welcomed with a red carpet arrival and seated according to their school.  The Burbank High School Jazz Band performed on the dance floor as PTA presidents, award recipients, school principals, and school board dignitaries and staff mingled over wine and appetizers at their tables. The John Burroughs High School vocal group, Neo Chromatics,  also came out to perform a few a cappella songs.

Kirsten Morris and Pam Paterra from the Burbank Council PTA’s HSA committee, hosted the night, providing PTA fun facts and trivia. Council President Charlene Walters and Vice President Wendi Harvel took to the stage to present a Legacy Award from California State PTA to the Burbank Council. Arda Tchakian, a representative from Senator Portantino’s office, also came up to present a Resolution to Burbank Council PTA, thanking them for their 100 years of service and countless hours provided to Burbank schools.

A video presentation was played during the event highlighting the recipients at each school. Kirsten Morris ran from table to table getting the school’s attendees excitedly to their feet, dancing, and swinging their napkins when their honorees hit the screen. The ceremony concluded with a heart-warming video exhibiting the Honorary Service Awards through the decades, leading up to Burbank’s honorees from past to present.  

Charlene Walters accepts a Resolution from Senator Portantino’s office. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

The night ended with a cake cutting of their 100th birthday cake, dancing and drinks. It was a beautiful celebration honoring the years of service and volunteerism supporting Burbank schools through the PTA.

Award Recipients from Burbank PTA Units 2024

Burbank Council
Erin Konstantine- CSA
Mona Slek- CSA
April Weaver- OAA

Burbank High School
Jennifer Bastian- CSA
Erin Clendenin- CSA

John Burroughs High School
Kevin Ary- GOSA
Tomás Romero- VSP

Dolores Huerta Middle School
Susan Francisco- HSA
Kiki Franklin- CSA
Anie Tapanyan- OTA

Luther Burbank Middle School
Michael Concindine- OTA
Stefanie Enokian- OTA
Isela Giedt- HSA
Lisa Raluy- OTA
Leigh Redman-CSA

John Muir Middle School
Stella Chalian- HSA
Chris Lawrence- OTA
Doug Nicol- OTA

Bret Harte Elementary
Samantha Benson- HSA
Elizabeth Eaton- HSA
George Kalcoff- OTA
Sarah Matusi Von Guetzo- VSP

Disney Elementary
Mari Lew Johnson- HSA
Cheryl Rave- HSA
Heather Tyler- HSA

Edison Elementary
Charity Johnston- HSA
Chaz Nuanez- HSA
Amanda Staggs- HSA
Lilina Mejias- HSA
Vanessa Tevault- HSA

Emerson Elementary
Julianna Cho- HSA
Cagney Branam- OTA
Jennifer Mallari- VSP
Cristian Castillo- HSA
Cheryl Mann- VSP
Dipali Patel- HSA

Jefferson Elementary
Michelle Duncan- HSA
Kristie Mastrolia- HSA
Sumi Pendakur- HSA
Destiney White- HSA

McKinley Elementary
Brea Angelo- HSA
Melissa Landry- HSA
Megan Pirzadeh- HSA
Brian & Shauna Milman- GOSA

Miller Elementary
Joan Becker- HSA
Steven Figueroa- HSA
Tamara Krikorian- OTA

Providencia Elementary
Colleen Blodgett-HSA
Elizabeth King- HSA
Katie Moore-HSA

Roosevelt Elementary
Dilhara Fernando- HSA
Lea Ford-HSA
Nate Hashem- HSA
Sarah Heder- VSP
Karen Nesbitt- HSA

Stevenson Elementary
Leslie Abelia- HSA
Dave Garcia- HSA
Juliette Loong- HSA
Jess McTighe- HSA

Washington Elementary
Debbie Farmer- OAA
Risa Mangaoang- HSA
Maya Nenadov- VSP

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