Burbank Tournament of Roses Association Unveils 2025 Rose Parade Float Design

Erik C. Andersen of Toluca Lake holds up his winning float design for the 2025 Rose Parade.

It’s official! The Burbank Tournament of Roses Association has revealed the design for its highly anticipated 2025 Rose Parade float. Inspired by the theme of “Best Day Ever!”, the float will feature an assembly of the world’s most adored dinosaurs, with the working title “Prehistoric Fun.”

The “Prehistoric Fun” design was created by Erik C. Andersen, BTORA’s historian.

Designed by Erik C. Andersen of Toluca Lake, this is Andersen’s third winning entry for the city of Burbank, showcasing his talent for crafting memorable and enjoyable creations. Andersen’s concept breathes life into iconic prehistoric figures, captivating the essence of joyful innocence through vivid and playful imagery.

Imagine stepping into a tropical world where dinosaurs, each one distinct from the next, coexist in a playful utopia, sharing moments of joy and friendship – except one mischievous T. Rex named Rexie, who is momentarily side-lined for a harmless bite. The float is a colorful celebration of togetherness and community spirit, despite individual differences.

The creative process and final design selection reflect the democratic spirit at the heart of the Burbank Tournament of Roses Association. With 75 initial submissions, the Board of Directors embarked on a meticulous judging process, culminating in a showdown of eight final designs. On February 8, the paid members gathered at the Burbank Fire Training Center to vote and successfully selected “Prehistoric Fun” as their top choice.

Burbank Tournament of Roses Association members gather to vote on finalist entries, selecting ‘Prehistoric Fun’ as their top pick on February 8, 2024.

Burbank’s submission earned its place at the Pasadena Tournament of Roses’ Theme Draft meeting, and on March 1, it was confirmed that this vibrant vision of prehistoric delight would be part of the world famous Rose Parade.

The Rose Parade is a stage for awe-inspiring creativity and the Burbank Tournament of Roses Association’s latest float “Best Day Ever!” promises to uphold this grand tradition while reminding us all of the sheer joy and excitement that exists when we come together to celebrate life’s greatest moments.

The Burbank Tournament of Roses Association thrives on the spirit and hard work of volunteers, and anyone can be part of this incredible community! Volunteers are the lifeblood of BTORA operations, playing crucial roles in bringing float designs to life, year after year.

The BTORA Float committee leadership announce the winner of the 2025 float design contest. Left to right: Steven Edward, Audrey Prest, and Jon Reeves.

Additionally, becoming a member of BTORA offers a unique opportunity to deeply engage with this cherished tradition. Join us in creating unforgettable moments and fostering a sense of community and creativity. Visit their website or email them to learn how to get involved and make a difference with BTORA. Together, let’s make the “Best Day Ever!” possible!