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When your a late night person, you know the usual spots in home but sometimes you have to investigate a little when it comes to morning and afternoon places.

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bea bea 1Bea Bea’s Cafe is one of those breakfast/lunch places. It not a fancy place or is it a well advertised place.  You really don’t know where it is unless you happen to find it when you are shopping at Von’s in the Lakeside shopping center.

The few times I have been up and in the area early you can see the place is always packed with many times people waiting. It has a large breakfast and lunch menu with a good variety and many healthy choices.

I ordered the ‘All Time Favorite’ Burger which consisted of a patty with bacon, mushrooms, avocado with jack cheese.  Of course I asked for cheddar instead. Creature of habit as you have figured out by now.

bea bea 3When the burger came it looked like a winner. I have been fooled before by great presentations but not this time.  The patty was hand formed and cooked medium rare as I had requested. You could see all the ingredients stacked well inside.

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The bun was well sized but had no dressing.  All that was available on the table was ketchup.  Once I got ready to pick it up I suddenly was worried.  The patty was directly on the bottom bun and the bottom bun, although toasted, was still starting to look a little flimsy. I have already nailed two locations for bun failures and was hoping not to have a third.

The burgers taste was great, not only was the patty fresh but has been seasoned to give it a great taste.  The amount of cheddar cheese was a little weak but passable. The avocado, bacon and mushrooms all provided a great taste with each bite.

bea bea 2Thank goodness as I approached the end, the burger’s bun was still intact. It was getting soggy with the patty’s juice but still kept its integrity until the final bite.  A small leave of lettuce under the patty would solve this problem so easy. Overall, this was a really great burger with everything fresh and locally sourced. This is not a cheap burger at $12.95 (with french fries included) but the price was worth the quality of what you got.

Side Notes: Tried the cole claw and while it was freshly made, it has no zip to it and was a little bland.  The french fries came well done and were okay with a little seasoning on them.  This is a place worth trying not only for the burgers but also the entire lunch and breakfast menu. Everything I could see leaving the kitchen was plentiful and looked real good.

Bea Bea’s Cafe is located at 353 N. Pass Ave. – inside the Lakeside Shopping Center. 818 846-2327. Open 7 days a week, 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Bea Bea’s Cafe receives: Tops in Town

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  1. Very good place for breakfast with quality food . If your living on a budget though it’s a very
    Expensive proposition to go there . Higher prices then Bobs or ihop or talley rand.

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