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Looking at one of the comments from last week’s review, someone said I should try the burger at Corner Cottage.

I thought, if they are known throughout Burbank as having one of the best breakfast burritos in town, they may just have a great burger too. Even though I think there are better breakfast burritos in town, I was still intrigued with the suggestion And, yes, I do read the comments, both good and bad.

corner 4When we got there it was pretty empty inside except for a person sitting inside and outside even though it was 1:00 in the afternoon.

Looking at the menu, there was a special for a double cheeseburger, but I always want to try the standard burger when it comes to review. I also saw they had chili cheese fries which I thought would be a nice try to see how it compared with Larry’s.

What was amazing is that you can get all of this for under $10. This was actually going to be amazing or you get what you pay for. We waited with anticipation.

corner 2The burger came in about 10 minutes. They give it to you on a plate which is nice but the burger looked a little strange at first.  You could see there was something there all wrapped up with lettuce and condiments spilling out but you really had to look to find the most important part – the patty.

The condiments were everywhere with lettuce, mustard and ketchup all falling out everywhere. The patty however, was nearly MIA (missing in action). Believe it or not, I think you get a larger patty when you order a regular cheeseburger at McDonald’s. This patty was tiny and when taking my first bite, it was nearly impossible to taste.

corner 1Once I took the wrapper off of the burger I made a strange discovery, the bun looked as though it was not round, but somehow it was shaped nearly square. This looked really strange (I had to take a picture of it because it was really hard to explain.

While the top bun was compressed, the bottom bun was as thin as a cardboard box. It was round, but extremely thin. The only thing going for it was the fact the patty was on top and the condiments below or that bun would have self destructed in seconds.

Once we got into the burger about two or three bites, it was really hard to taste the burger at all, the mustard and ketchup were really overpowering and in all honesty, the thing was not real big.  It was about the size of a McDonald’s cheeseburger as well. I was done with it in a minute and did not feel full in any way. Maybe this would be a good diet burger?

corner 3I did feel at the end that I got what I paid for and little else.  For a place that wants you to believe that they are the best in town making a breakfast burrito (maybe 20 years ago I would agree), they care nothing about the quality or experience of their cheeseburger. When you are a small business like this you really should take some pride in the product you put out.  If you want to focus on Teriyaki Bowls, that’s great – just take the burgers off of your menu and save people the time and energy of actually ordering an inferior product.

Side Notes: I also ordered the chili cheese fries to try them in comparison the Larry’s. I asked for the fries well done so they would stay crisp in under the chili.  In all honesty, the chili cheese fries were the hero of the day. The fries were cooked perfectly and the cheese and chili were good.  There was nothing special with the chili, just restaurant store bought and it left a little grease, but I would actually go back and order those chili cheese fries again – if Larry’s was closed.

Corner Cottage is located at 310 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank – corner of Victory and Verdugo. 818 843-2567. Open M – F  6 am until 3:40 pm, Saturday 7 am to 11 am– closed Sunday

Corner Cottage receives: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

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    1. CC is not one of the best breakfast burritos around or in Burbank . It’s highly overrated and way overpriced .
      It’s 90 percent potato and extremely dry . Prices have risin tenfold over the last five years and the lines to
      Wait here are horrendous . Only good thing here is the green freshly made daily green chili hot sauce and
      The burgers are marginal . Larry’s chili dog has Better BB and burgers . Also norms on magnolia has very
      Good BB as far as Burbank goess. See anyone can be a review guy .

    2. I don’t know about you BD, but I know I’m in for disappointment when I see shredded lettuce on a burger. To me that is the first sign they are mailing it in.

    3. Well that’s unfortunate. Thanks for saving me some cash…I owe you one. In the replies last week someone also mentioned the Phillys Best burger for a review. I think I can save you a few bucks now. My wife and I walked over last week and she dove in head first. The burger lasted about 3 bites before exploding right through the bun on her plate. She said she’d never order it there again.

      I grilled some burgers last night, came out great…it shouldn’t be this hard.

      Looking forward to next weeks review as always.

    4. Burger dude should really sign up to take an english class. Every review reads as if it were written by a fifth grader.

    5. Well it sounds like Philly’s Best is out, how about the Alameda Liquor store? I know it sounds crazy but they advertise selling Burgers and for all we know it might be a diamond in the rough. At worst you can get have a few extra beverages to make the burger Tops.

      • Alameda Liquor Store is good for one thing- Fish and Chips- but eat them quick before the steam makes them soggy in the styrofoam.

    6. At one time, The Smoke House had a pretty good burger. Might be worth a look, but probably on the pricey side.

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