Burger Review: Olive’s Bistro

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

While on vacation last week I stopped into the hotel restaurant for a quick bite and thought…”We have hotels in Burbank too! And I bet they have restaurants”.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)
(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The first one I thought I would try is Olive’s Bistro. I have driven by it for years and wondered how it was and now I had a reason to stop in.

Yes, it is a high scale hotel and it has that look both inside the lobby and the dining room. It was not crowded at all – in fact we were the only ones there – but after our experience at Buchanan Arms, I remained hopeful.

olives bistro 1I went with the “Anabelle Build a Burger” which is a half pound beef patty ($12) with your choice of cheese, bacon, avocado, jalapeno, grilled onion or mushroom for $1.50 each.  After asking me how I wanted my patty cooked I also requested cheddar cheese, avocado and mushrooms to be added.

Once the burger came I was a bit in awe and a little scared. In awe because the extras I ordered were plentiful and absolutely worth the extra $1.50 each.  The scared part was because once I put this thing together it was HUGE and I wondered how I could get my mouth around it.  BTW, I heard that, you said I already have a big mouth so there should not be an issue….the Burger Dude hears all!

olives bistro 2The bun was toasted well and also fit the patty. The condiments were fresh. They gave me a half avocado and a pile of well sauteed mushrooms along with a strong helping of cheddar cheese.

Of course, it still has to pass the taste test.

The patty was juicy and well seasoned. All of the flavors exploded in my mouth. I did lose a few mushrooms during the munching of the burger but no worries, that is why they invented forks. It tasted as good as it looked.

Yes, it is a hotel restaurant, but the quality and freshness is a real winner and while it is a bit pricey, it still is definitely worth a trip when you are looking for non standard burger.

olives bistro 3Side Notes: We always love the appetizers and they had some great ones here. We ordered the Spinach and Artichoke Dip which was awesome, they also had pineapple cole slaw that was creamy and probably the best cole slaw I have had in years. We also tried the crab cakes (not pictured) that were great and came with a chipotle aioli sauce that I actually used as a spread for my burger also (highly recommended). Even had a nice piece of cheesecake for dessert and why not, the Burger Dude always hands myBurbank the expense receipt!

Olive’s Bistro is located at 2011 W. Olive Ave – Located inside the Coast Anabelle Hotel.
818 845-7800. Open 6:00 am until 10:00 p.m. daily. Happy hour from 6 to 8 pm in the Lounge.

Olive’s Bistro receives: Tops in Town

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