UPDATED: Reports of Campaign Signs Being Stolen as Election Looms

A unidentified man can be seen allegedly removing signs from in front of a Burbank business on February 11

For the second time in this current election cycle, campaign signs have once again been reported stolen.  This time, the alleged thief was caught by security video.

Both reported instances to BurbankNBeyond have involved candidates for the Burbank School Board.

Last month, Steve Ferguson announced through Facebook posts that he had several signs stolen one night.  He replaced the signs later that week.

The latest theft occurred Monday night when a business on Magnolia had two campaign signs for Charlene Talbet at approximately 6:50 pm on Monday night.  The theft was reported to BurbankNBeyond through a Twitter post Tuesday that also included a photo.  Later Tuesday night, the business involved also sent a copy of the video of the alleged thief as he collected the two signs and fled.

Unidentified man seen leaving the scene after allegedly taking Charlene Talbot campaign signs
Unidentified man seen leaving the scene after allegedly taking Charlene Talbot campaign signs

Sgt. Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department said that as of this time no one has filed a complaint or a police report of campaign signs being stolen, but the department was interested in the photos and video.

The campaign signs have become a tradition in Burbank during election time with businesses and residents encouraged to display signs on their property.

Click on the link below to watch the short video

sign theft video

UPDATED Feb. 13  – another reader has sent in a video of his campaign signs also being stolen and he claims that he did call the police.

These signs were stolen on Feb 1 and included campaign signs of Zizette Mullins, David Gordon, Bob Frutos and Juan Guillen from his Jolly Drive home.  The homeowner said that Burbank Police were called after the theft.

Here is the video below of the theft.

Signs stolen from residence