Letter to the Editor: Reader Tired of Opinion of Letter Writer

"...the baseless assertion that Burbank is completely overrun with meth addicts, and just general nonsense that is easily debunked 99.9% of the time."

Letter: Burbank’s Budget Problem Discussed

Burbank faces a financial crisis over the coming years

Letter to the Editor: Councilman Wishes Burbank Well

As this year comes to a conclusion, I would like to wish everyone happiness and good health in the new year

Letter to the Editor: Rancho Residents Should Invest Their Money Instead of Depending on...

"...the City would be sued by either the Rancho residents or the developer, and Council decided to side with the residents"

Letter to the Editor: Residents Support Measure QS

One of the things that makes Burbank such a great city and a wonderful community is the public school system

Letter to the Editor: Harnessing the Power of Knowledge Through Civic Discourse

"Knowledge is power and Burbank residents have been harnessing that power through recent community engagement efforts"

Letter to the Editor: Tragic Incident on Campus Shows Need for Review of Protocols

"The District’s Facilities Team is understaffed and thus incapable of addressing safety concerns raised by the sites in a timely fashion"

Letter to the Editor: Resident is in Favor of Opening Cannabis Dispensaries in Burbank

"I recommend visiting dispensaries in neighboring cities to actually see how they are run."

Renovated Stadium Brings Pride to Burbank Community

On Saturday, February 25th, I had the pleasure of attending the Dedication Ceremony to open the new Memorial Field at John Burroughs High School....

Letter to the Editor: Former Mayor Gives Reasons for Working on Pickwick Settlement

"The Pickwick Settlement Agreement represents the conclusion of a lengthy, constructive negotiation that reached a resolution that contains community benefits that would not have been achieved otherwise.

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Adoptable Pet of the Week: Amarantha

Meet the enchanting Amarantha, an incredibly sweet and loving cat who was found alone on the street with her newborn litter of kittens.

Consulting Practice For Nonprofits Opens in Burbank

Access Impact, a new consulting practice for nonprofit organizations has launched, serving Burbank and beyond. Access Impact is aimed at providing affordable and accessible solutions to nonprofit organizations.

Citizens Flock To Witness Burbank’s Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Burbank City Hall held their annual Tree Lighting Ceremony last Saturday.