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Letter to the Editor: Mother Says That BUSD Has Failed Her Son

"It is very disappointing how BUSD verbalizes their support in fighting bullying when in fact very little is done to correct the problem"

Letter: Burbank’s Budget Problem Discussed

Burbank faces a financial crisis over the coming years

Reader Shares Good Side of Burbank’s Youth

Reader tells how local youth came to her aid after a fall in Verdugo Park in Burbank

LETTER: Burbank Association of Realtors Endorse Candidates

Burbank Association of Realtors endorse candidates for both City Council and School Board

LETTER: Councilman Frutos Gives Thanks

Burbank Councilman Sends Thanksgiving message to Burbank citizens

Letter to the Editor: BUSD Parent Wants No Vote on Measure QS

I am Voting NO on Measure QS, as are many other Parents, Property Owners & Measure S Supporters

Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants to See Enforcement Presence

"...the City of Burbank needs 24-hour, highly-visible police patrols to discourage unsafe driving and enforce traffic laws."

Letter to the Editor: Open Facebook Group to All Citizens

Being among many residents whose requests to join have gone unanswered, I want all Burbank residents to be granted equal access to this group

Will Rogers Thanks Voters for City Council Seat Win

Councilman-Elect thanks voters and sets direction

Bob Frutos Thanks Burbank Supporters

Thank you to Burbank Supporters from Bob Frutos

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2024 myBurbank’s Best Winners

After a record amount of votes this year, here are the winners of the 2024 myBurbank's Best contest. Congratulations to all the winning businesses!!

Conquer All Things Founder, Joshua Yakes, Defies His Disability with Fitness

Conquer All Things Fitness is a personal training gym in Burbank built on the philosophy pillars of enduring, overcoming, and conquering; something Founder Joshua Yakes has experienced firsthand by not letting his disability define his story.

Legendary Hollywood Costume Warehouse Closes, Sale Attracts Crowds

Incredible deals to be found on vintage and modern clothing and unique costumes.