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Reader Wants Public to Get Involved in Airport Decisions

A little more that a year from now, I expect screams of outrage may roll through Burbank.   It will ignite area politics, enrage residents,...

Letter to the Editor: Burbank Landlords Could Use a Lesson in Civil Discourse

"...based on their remarks and behavior at last night's council meeting, it would seem that many Burbank landlords could use a lesson not only in comedy but also in humanity."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Gives His Praise for Living in Burbank

"I love the small-town feel of Burbank combined with the endless opportunities for entertainment and recreation"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants Council to Get Back to Meaningful Issues

"The past City Councils also spent their time on lazy and self-serving agenda items that did nothing to improve the cost of living and quality of life for Burbank residents"

Burbank Coordinating Council Campership Program

Coordinating Council requests the public's help

Reader Has Some Advice for Mayor Gordon

At two recent council meetings (April 22 and May 13) I used the "public comment" podium to run three videos refuting Mayor David Gordon's...

Letter to the Editor: Resident Feels City Should Not Fund Renter Relocation Assistance

"...it is not the duty of the residents of Burbank to pay higher sales taxes and fees to help those persons with relocation assistance"

Burbank Police Log: March 25 – March 31

The men and women in blue keep the community safe.

One of Burbank’s Most Hazardous Elevators to be Replaced

Of 83 calls for people trapped in the last 14 months, over 20 came from city-owned elevators

Adoptable Pets of the Week: Salt and Peppa

This dynamic duo are both high energy and clever. Salt is a little older and plays a little rougher, while also being super smart and curious. Peppa is younger, smaller and goofier, with a stronger attraction to people.