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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Resident Gives Reasons to Elect Clark for City Clerk

"I know Kimberley to be genuinely caring, highly responsible and responsive, as well as a diplomatic and collaborative problem solver."

Letter to the Editor: Former Mayor wants Accounting of Pickwick Legal Actions

"...that the Pickwick Project was not qualified under SB35 and the project should not be built and be denied, that position failed."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Touts Perez for City Council Seat

"We are choosing three City Councilmembers who will be tasked with guiding our local economy to a full recovery"

Letter to the Editor: Pair Throws Their Support Behind Helligar for City Council

"Carmenita Helligar understands the importance of reaching out to all of Burbank and to have everyone’s voices be part of the many decisions that need to be made"

Letter to the Editor: Former Mayor Endorses Three for City Council

"I have followed Zizette Mullins’ work as our City Clerk over the years and have seen how well she runs her department."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Endorses Board of Education Candidates

"They are focused on keeping academics, facilities, and finance at the forefront of the agenda of the Board of Education"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Mullins for City Council

"Zizette is a person of high ethical standards; she treats others with respect and approaches matters in a balanced manner"

Letter to the Editor: Pickwick Housing Development Will be a Blessing to Rancho District

"Unfortunately, as I predicted, all the residents of Burbank will be required to foot the bill for the City Council’s foolish actions".

Letter to the Editor: Resident Upset With Response From Councilmember

"I think anyone who makes such an unAmerican and unpatriotic statement should not hold public office and definitely should not be the mayor of an American city".

Letter to the Editor: Resident Says Zizette Mullins Deserves Your Vote

"I have known Zizette for nearly 35 years and can personally attest to her dedication, tenacity, energy, and amazing work ethic."

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