Letter to the Editor: Former Mayor Endorses Two for Board of Education

"As a retired person, I am concerned for our future citizens. Selfishly, I also want our schools to be the best they can be."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Says No to Marijuana Storefronts

"They are fortresses, with no windows and armed guards."

Letter: Burbank’s Budget Problem Discussed

Burbank faces a financial crisis over the coming years

Letter to the Editor: Council Member Wants You to Not Overlook School Board Election...

"But possibly the most overlooked race could be the election of two Burbank Unified School Board Members."

LETTER: Burbank Councilman Reports Out to Citizens

Councilman Will Rogers give residents a way to track his activities between council meetings

Letter to the Editor: Burbank Businessman Requests NO Vote on Proposition 15

"What I don’t understand is why local school advocates would support Prop 15 because what it guarantees is so little in new funding to the BUSD as to be ridiculous."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Opposes Opening of any “Pot Stores’ in Burbank

"This city is one of the finest in Los Angeles County and has one of the best school districts in all of California."

LETTER: New Bikeway Unifying Factor for Community

By completing this project, the City will be taking a step closer to realizing the vision set forth in the Bicycle Master Plan

Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants Police Commission Reduced in Numbers

"I am expressing an emphatic “no” to hiring additional candidates for the Police Commission"

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Laz Parking Takes Over Burbank’s Parking Enforcement as of June 1

The decision comes as part of the city's ongoing efforts to enhance parking compliance and ensure smooth traffic flow throughout the community

UMe Super Awesome Scholarship Awards Two College-Bound Seniors

Since its founding by local educators, UMe Credit Union has proudly supported Burbank-area teachers and students as they make their communities smarter and stronger

“Back Porch” To Debut At The Victory Theatre Center This Friday

"Back Porch" premieres at the Victory Theatre Center on Friday, June 2, and will have weekend showings through July 9.