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Letter to the Editor: Takahashi Give Reasons for City Council Run

"The more I got to know Burbank, it became very clear we have quite a lot going on in our "urburban" town."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Touts Candidate’s Environmental Activism

"To better advocate for changes in Burbank, Tamala often attends coalition meetings of other environmental groups to be aware of what’s going on in other cities.

Letter to the Editor: African American History is More than Black History Month

Since my daughter has been in this district she has barely learned anything about African American history, and that is not productive for a well balanced education

Letter to the Editor: Councilman Wishes Burbank Well

As this year comes to a conclusion, I would like to wish everyone happiness and good health in the new year

Letter to the Editor: Commissioner Expresses Her Discontent With City’s Lack of Respect for...

"we joined voices of the community that overwhelmingly wanted to save the Little Theatre at Izay Park. Yet the final report shows plans to raze it and build a “multi-purpose room”. A multi-purpose room is not a theatre."

Letter to the Editor: Burbank Mayor Wants Your No Vote on Measure RC

Measure RC will cost Burbank almost $6 million to set up a bureaucracy that operates outside our city government structure, imposes what can be described as a non-voter approved tax, and reports to no one

Letter to the Editor: Resident Thankful for the Council’s Denial of the Pickwick Project

"I believe the Council’s action was correct, is supported by the City’s planning documents, and is in the best interest of the City"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Takahashi for Council

"...she was already proving her commitment to the families of Burbank."

Charlene Tabet Has Earned the Opportunity

A Letter to the Editor authored by very well-known community members in January discussed the importance of the school board election. The letter stated...

Letter to the Editor: Reader Tired of Opinion of Letter Writer

"...the baseless assertion that Burbank is completely overrun with meth addicts, and just general nonsense that is easily debunked 99.9% of the time."

Burbank Softball Falls To Canyon 1-0

The Bulldogs were edged 1-0 by the Cowboys.

Burbank Crime Log, February 29 Edition

Reported to Crimemapping by the Burbank Police Department

While Rainfall Everywhere, Burbank has NO Legal Right to Collect It

While individual residents may collect rain water, the City of Burbank is barred.