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Friday, February 3, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Mullins for City Council

"Zizette is a person of high ethical standards; she treats others with respect and approaches matters in a balanced manner"

Letter to the Editor: Pickwick Housing Development Will be a Blessing to Rancho District

"Unfortunately, as I predicted, all the residents of Burbank will be required to foot the bill for the City Council’s foolish actions".

Letter to the Editor: Resident Upset With Response From Councilmember

"I think anyone who makes such an unAmerican and unpatriotic statement should not hold public office and definitely should not be the mayor of an American city".

Letter to the Editor: Resident Says Zizette Mullins Deserves Your Vote

"I have known Zizette for nearly 35 years and can personally attest to her dedication, tenacity, energy, and amazing work ethic."

Letter to the Editor: Former Mayor Endorses Two for Board of Education

"As a retired person, I am concerned for our future citizens. Selfishly, I also want our schools to be the best they can be."

Letter to the Editor: Developer is Thanked for Work With Horse Trail

"I wanted to personally thank the Developer for his willingness to have a protected horse trail as part of his development plan to keep our equestrian community safe"

Letter to the Editor: Mental Health Issues Need to be Addressed, Not Discussed

"I heard a lot of promises to provide more housing to address the situation, but I think there is a giant disconnect happening here."

Letter to the Editor: Educator Says a Reset is Needed for Public Education, Starting...

"As my tenure and run in my current district comes to an end, I have reflected much on my hopeful positive impactful time as a public educator"

Letter to the Editor: Don’t let the Grinch ruin Burbank Pride

"...I experienced how City Staff creates obstacles for community organizations who want to have events in Burbank."

Letter to the Editor: Organization Wants You to Know About Who You Volunteer For

"Every nonprofit must disclose financial information publicly and these annual IRS 990 forms are available online"

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Verdugo Recreation Center Renamed Mary Alvord Recreation Center

Alvord is a lifelong resident of Burbank and had a career working for the City, which spanned 38 years before retiring as the City Manager

In A Tight Affair, Burroughs Girls Hoops Beats Burbank 40-33

Burroughs defeats Burbank by seven points in a Pacific League girls' basketball game.

Burbank Boys Soccer Edges Host Burroughs 1-0

The Bulldogs score the game-winning goal in the 63rd minute by Garik Kirakosyan.