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Sunday, April 18, 2021
UMe Schools

Jordan Middle School Wins Burbank Business Partners’ Support Our Schools Award

The school’s “Cougar Vision” program enables students to develop technical, performance, and social skills through its weekly video broadcast

Election Sign Theft Isn’t Just Stealing

Burbank Review by Stan Lynch, Managing Editor The recent court case, in which a campaign worker was fined for taking a couple of signs belonging to...

Dare I Say It: Merry Christmas

  Burbank Review By Stan Lynch At this most joyous time of the year, when everyone is supposed to be filled with the “spirit of Christmas,” I...

Watching The Space Shuttle Over Burbank

While the Space Shuttle Endeavor flying over Burbank was a sight we’ll never see again, it also served as a reminder of what great...

Remembering Frank Pawluc

Burbank Review by Stan Lynch My friend Frank Pawluc, who died April 1, was quite a guy.  He was always involved in some worthwhile activity or...

Everybody Loves A Parade

There is something about Burbank On Parade that makes it one of the highlights of the year in our city, and this year’s parade...

Why All The Hatred Towards Walmart?

By Stan Lynch Why are some folks so opposed to having a Walmart in Burbank?  Their vehement hatred for the retail giant seems to be...

A Merry Christmas To All

The Christmas Spirit is eveywhere in Burbank.

BurbankNBeyond 2.0 is Here!

BurbankNBeyond 2.0 is finally a done deal and on the web. Read the story behind it and the future ahead.

We Lost a Lot, But Never Our Memories

Some events are more important than others and some are more national than local, yet they all still leave an effect on those involved.

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When Nature Kicks Up Its Heels, Burbank Water and Power Kicks Into High Gear:...

Dawn Roth Lindell, General Manager, Burbank Water and Power, talks about how BWP will continue to deliver during emergency situations

Burbank Baseball Wins Its Second Game Against Pasadena, 6-3

By Rick Assad There were several high moments during Friday afternoon's 6-3 Pacific League victory by Burbank High over...

Burbank Football Takes Back Bragging Rights

It was a game that just a week ago some pondered if it would even take place.But after nearly a year and...