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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

New Empire Project Construction Information and Closures

Caltrans has released more information for next week construction activities and closures that will hit Burbank motorists

Reclaimed Water Becomes Unclaimed Water

Reclaimed water pipe valve fails sending a gusher high into the air near Disney Studios and shutting down traffic on Buena Vista during rush hour

Burbank On Parade ‘City of the Future’ Entertained Thousands

Everybody loves a parade and this year's Burbank On Parade brought smiles to everyone's faces

Downtown Burbank OktoBURfest Announces Burbank Staycation

Complimentary tickets are valued at $55 each, for a total of $110, and will be available at the check-in booth when they arrive at the Biergarten.

Crime Reports For April 2012

(Warning: Some of the items listed below can be graphic in nature)Updated:  5/4/12Man With A Gun Jumps Through Backyards On April 29, when officers responded...

Just What are Those Public Works Employees Up To All Year?

Annual recognition picnic for Burbank's Public Works Department Employees proves that there is a reason why Burbank services remain strong

Mike Gatto Introduces Legislation to Prevent Evidence Destruction at Gun Buy-Back Programs

Assemblyman Mike Gatto introduced legislation, AB 2662, to ensure that evidence surrendered to the police at gun buy-back programs is properly tested and identified

Residential Burglary Reported On Richards Street

Victim returns home after several days away to a house turned upside down and inside out, with the total loss still being determined from this residential burglary.

City Council to Take Up Open Seat April 24

Under the City Charter, the Council has 30 days from the occurrence of the vacancy to fill the Council seat

Book ’em Danno: Hawaiian Arrested for Burglary

McGarrett did not get his man this time but Burbank police did after a missing man from Hawaii was arrested for a residential burglary and resisting arrest

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Providence Saint Joseph to Host Blood Drive

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center is hosting a Red Cross blood drive on Wednesday, Nov. 30, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the hospital

Giant Dinosaurs in the Valley

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Burbank High IMA (Band & Orchestra) Sounds of the Season

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